Weekly Newsletter #29  (4 December 2014)
Catalonia Votes

Debts, fiscal deficit and pending investments

The Spanish government uses infrastructure investments in Catalonia as a political tool      
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Left-wing independence leader wants separate lists in early elections and national unity government

Oriol Junqueras defines immigration and diversity as a treasure and a source of opportunities.  
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The Popular Party wants to recentralise powers and rejects granting greater home rule to Catalonia

PM Rajoy criticised Catalan self-determination demands on Saturday in Barcelona.  
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When will snap elections for Catalan parliament take place?

Three questions surround the snap elections for the Catalan parliament that president Artur Mas has proposed as a roundabout means to vote on independence from Spain.  
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Objective: find cases of corruption in Catalonia

The Spanish Ministry of Interior creates a special anti-fraud unit without judicial oversight.  
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Spanish Government and PP insist on comparing Catalan independence movement with Nazism

Catalonia has led the way in integrating millions of immigrants.  
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After Montreal and Rome, the debate on Catalonia reaches Vienna

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) organises open academic debates around the world to further the debate on the Catalan case. Read more

Who says What?

Paul Preston

English historian and Hispanist

“I think that people have the right to decide on their own future. Decisions must come after a civilised debate and this won’t happen until people are allowed to hold a vote. The fact is that everyone sees Madrid’s behaviour as antidemocratic. Until Madrid recognises the need for a vote, public opinion in general will reject such narrow-minded behaviour from Madrid.”   18.11.14                    Read more opinions


Is Spain the most decentralized country in the world?

Article by Marta Espasa, Professor at the Department of Public Economy, Political Economy and Spanish Economy – University of Barcelona (UB).
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I want independence because Spain doesn’t understand diversity

By Bonaventura Clotet, medical doctor and researcher. Read the text


Injustice, tax fraud, and lying in Spain

Article by Heribert Padrol, Catalan lawyer and former politician, State Finance Inspector and Delegate of the Spanish Tax Agency in Catalonia.   Read the text

Policy papers

Il futuro politico della Catalogna  

(in Italian)

Antoni Abat, Enoch Albertí et al. Coordinated by Laura Cappuccio and Gennaro Ferraiuolo. – Rivista di Diritto Pubblico Italiano, Comparato, Europeo; 26 November 2014.
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