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If you are not a tenant of Mercantile Center,
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The Ugly Sweater Contest Rules

Decorate a sweater or sweater vest with your materials of choice; as long as it's over-the-top and ugly, you're good to go. We want to see the holiday sweaters you can purchase or create!

To be eligible as an Ugly Sweater Contestant:

  1. See FAQ #2 below for SIGN UP INFORMATIION.
  1. You must wear a holiday-themed sweater to the event.
  1. You may add to or alter your sweater however you like. Have fun and get creative ... Felt, yarn, LEDs, plastic ornaments, buttons, etc.!
          - Any separate additional items such as hats, jewelry or other festive
           attire will not be considered when voting.

  1. No group entries! Your sweater must be unique in comparison to other contestants.

You can be disqualified from the Ugly Sweat Contest
for the following

  1. Your sweater was purchased/created to be intentionally similar to that of a participating co-worker. 
  1. If your sweater does not have a Holiday Theme, or you are not wearing your bib number.
  1. Removing your sweater or bib number before the Winner for each category has been announced.

The Ugly Sweater Contest FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can anybody participate in the ugly sweater contest?
        - No, you must be a Mercantile Center Tenant
  1. How do I enter the Ugly Sweater Contest?
        - You can sign up by emailing
         with your First/Last name and company.

        - A bib number will be assigned to you once you have confirmed your
          participation, and further information will follow regarding bib pick-up.
          The purpose of the bib number is to signify to attendee voters, who our
          contest participants are, using the bib number as their vote.

        - You must sign up no later than 5:00pm sharp on Monday, December 9.
          If you do not reach out to the above email address, you will not be
          provided a bib number.
  1. What are the different Categories contestants will be judged on?
All Around Ugliest   |   Most Festive   |   Funniest
  1. How will the Ugly Sweater Champion be determined?
          - Confirmed contest participants (those who signup by 5:00pm on
            Monday, December 9)
will need to attach their bib number to the back of
            their sweater during the event.  

         - Contestants’ are allowed to vote, but are not allowed to vote for
           themselves. Please abide by the honor system.  

         - For each category, voters will submit the bib number of who they think
           wears the winning sweater.

         - The votes will be counted, and winners will be announced at 12:15pm.  

Note: If there is a tiebreaker in any given category, Mercantile Center Management will determine the winner.



Remember, it is all in good fun!

Be creative! Be competitive!
But most of all, have fun!


We Value Your Feedback!

As valued tenants, we are interested in your feedback as well as any suggestions towards activities and programs that you would be interested in seeing at Mercantile Center.

Please feel free to send any suggestions or inquiries to
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