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Mercantile Center
June Newsletter

Building Updates & Notices

These are extremely challenging times for all of us, and we are sensitive to how difficult this is for our tenants and their employees. Please know that our efforts regarding re-entry into your workplaces have a focus on making the transition back into your workplaces as easy as possible for you.

We are closely following advice from government authorities and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while also continuing to diligently consult with various entities for their expert opinions on products and processes as prepare our buildings re-entry into a safe environment.

For those of you who attended our Webinar last month, we hope it was informative, and we want to remain available for any of your needs. As a courtesy to all of our newsletter subscribers, the initial measures and procedures for the re-entry of our buildings is shared in full below:
Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines
  • We require that all tenant employees wear face masks or coverings while inside public areas of our buildings, as face masks may be helpful in common areas where social distancing is a challenge.
  • 6-foot social distancing must be maintained at all times whenever possible.
    • Mercantile Center’s in-house employees will be provided face masks/covering; however, tenants are responsible for ensuring their employees have proper protective coverings, and abide by these guidelines when traveling through common areas.
  • Tenants are to maintain proper hygiene by frequently washing hands (with hot water and soap for 20 seconds, as recommended).
  • Touch-free hand sanitizer stations will be readily available in all public spaces and common areas.
Safe Use and Occupancy of Elevators Guidelines
  • We will be implementing best social distancing practices for all elevator occupants:
    • All elevator occupants are required to wear a mask at all times and are to abide by recommended social distancing practices whenever possible.
  • To assist with elevator traffic, signage will be placed in elevator lobbies to reinforce social distancing measures. (Relevant example signage shown below).
  • All access to elevators must be through the 1st floor lobby.
  • Access to the 2nd floor elevator by tenants and the general public is prohibited for entry and exit of the building, with the exception of handicapped and temporarily disabled persons only.
  • To further ease elevator traffic and wait times, we will be opening stairwells.
    • As a result, we are planning for more frequent and more thorough cleaning and disinfecting of stairwells and handrails in response to increased stair traffic.
Common Areas and Amenity Spaces Guidelines
  • Where applicable, we will be eliminating lobby furniture to support social distancing. 
  • In cooperation with third-party contractors, we will be keeping applicable amenity spaces such as the fitness area and Lucian’s café closed for however long is recommended by (state and local guidelines and mandates) following re-entry.
  • After fitness areas (where applicable) have re-opened, social distancing protocols will be implemented to maintain distance between guests, and proper cleaning will ensue.
  • As previously noted, there will be touch-free hand sanitizer stations in all common areas, lobbies, elevator lobbies, mailrooms, near restrooms, Lucian’s café, as well as by all entrances/exits.
Restricted Use of Shared Equipment, Supplies and Space:
  • Tenants will need to provide their own supplies and protocols for their spaces, and we ask that you help us ensure best practices are followed.
  • Tenants are encouraged and expected to follow CDC guidelines, and to determine appropriate social distancing and personal protection measures within your office space whenever possible. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Face masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective measures made readily available for employees to use in both their personal workstations and common areas.
    • Partitioning individual workstations if possible.
    • Limiting both the amount of people and the distance between people in common areas such as reception areas, conference rooms, etc. 
    • Discourage employees from sharing office equipment such as phones and computers. In the event equipment is shared, it is the tenant’s responsibility to clean and disinfect between uses of such equipment.
    • We advise that those working within common areas (reception desk, for example) use masks, gloves, and other protection.
  • We ask that all tenants update Mercantile Center management on their plans and protocols within office spaces, including but not limited to protective measures, reduced or staggered work hours/shifts, etc.
Security and Building Access:
  • Security personnel will be positioned in common areas where social distancing may be more of a challenge to ensure building guidelines are being met.
  • Clear, subscribed and consistent signage will be distributed at key locations where social distancing may be more challenging. (Relevant example signage shown below).
  • Mail Delivery / Truck Tunnel / Service Elevator:
    • All personnel entering the truck tunnel, and service elevator occupants are required to wear a mask at all times and are to abide by recommended social distancing practices whenever possible. 


We will continue to provide you with timely updates on new building policies and procedures that will be implemented when a re-opening date is set.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions and/or concerns.
We are pleased to take your questions in writing by emailing Michelle Dionne

Thank You,

Mercantile Center Management
(Relevant example signage):

Spectrum News covers
Mercantile Center's reopening preparations!

In an interview with Spectrum News, Chip Norton, Managing Director of Mercantile Center touched on building re-entry plans as well as the estimated timeframe currently expected. "Larger tenants are going to phase in slowly,” said Chip. "Some are not going to start until the week of June 1 or the week after, and 25% or less is kind of the norm we're hearing. Our current expectations right now are to be up and running probably full steam by the end of June."

We Look Forward to Seeing You When We Return!

Current News

Worcester Together: Central Mass COVID-19 Fund

We are pleased to announce that Franklin Realty Advisors, in conjunction with Mercantile Center and the Worcester Business Center, have made a generous $15,000 contribution to the Worcester Together: Central Mass COVID-19 Fund.

The goal of Worcester Together is to address immediate and long-term needs, complementing the work of public health officials and expanding local capacity to address the impact of this public health crisis on the region’s vulnerable populations. Grants will target organizations that have deep roots in the community and strong experience working with residents without health insurance and/or access to sick days, people with limited English language proficiency, healthcare and gig economy workers, the seniors neighbors, and communities of color, among others. 
While this pandemic is unprecedented, Worcester Together's highest priority continues to be serving the needs of the community. The Foundation, the United Way, the City of Worcester, local officials throughout the County and other donor and philanthropies are all collaborating to give the Fund the optimal reach and exposure.

CLICK HERE to learn more, or if you would like to make a donation.

Congratulations to Chip Norton! 

WBJ Power 50 Class of 2019 & 2020

For the second year straight, Chip Norton, Owner and Managing Director of Mercantile Center, was selected as a member of the Worcester Business Journal's Power 50!

CLICK HERE for Chip's Full 2020 Power 50 Bio!

Congratulations to Jim Umphrey! 

WBJ Power 50 Class of 2020

Jim Umphrey, President of Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates, Inc., was selected as a member of the Worcester Business Journal's 2020 Power 50 as well!

About the WBJ Power 50

WBJ's annual Power 50 gives us an opportunity to examine who wields influence in the Central Massachusetts economy, understand who is making power moves and their reasoning for doing so. Back in 2018 when the Power Players feature expanded to 50, the WBJ made the conscious decision to look beyond who held the most power in the region. If this change hadn’t made, the list simply would be the 50 people in charge of the 50 largest organizations in Central Mass. and wouldn’t change much each year. Instead, by understanding who is exerting their influence, we can see how the region is being shaped now and for the future.

Those named to the list must not only hold a significant amount of power, but they must wield it in a way to have an outsized influence on the community. Members of the Power 50 can be CEOs, small business owners, college presidents, nonprofit leaders, volunteer heads of community projects and anyone who can use their influence to make change in Central Massachusetts.

SOURCE: Worcester Business Journal, Brad Kane, editor

Peregrine Falcons spotted above Mercantile Center

"WORCESTER - Not everyone is social distancing these days. Two peregrine falcons were hanging out above the Mercantile Center, 100 Front St., Friday morning. They were seen diving near window washers who had lowered from the top of the office building. The falcons apparently live and hunt in downtown Worcester. They have become a regular sight in the past few months."
Mass Wildlife was alerted to a nest with loose eggs on the rooftop, and with the help of Mercantile Center property owner, Franklin Realty Advisors, a box nest has been installed on the roof to help keep the falcon eggs safe!

Remember, June is...

June is Men's Health Month, and in particular, Men's Health Week is June 15 - 21, 2020.

The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys on an international scale.

Men's Health Week gives health care providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. The response has been overwhelming with hundreds of awareness activities in the USA and around the globe

For more information on men’s health go to the Men’s Health Network



Please Be Mindful...

Mercantile Center is a smoke-free, e-cigarette-free, and vapor-free property.

We thank you for continuing to be considerate of our exterior "No Smoking" signs and building-wide policy.

We Value Your Feedback!

As valued tenants, we are interested in your feedback as well as any suggestions towards activities and programs that you would be interested in seeing at Mercantile Center.

Please feel free to send any suggestions or inquiries to
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