4 Tips for a Healthy Summer
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Watermelon is a great food for summertime heat.

4 Tips For Summertime Wellness

Follow These Strategies to Warm Weather Wellness.

1. Get Some Sun!
Studies have shown that moderate, incremental sun exposure allows your body to respond gradually by increasing natural protective pigments in your skin, notably, melanin. Your body will benefit from increased Vitamin D production and a sense of well being. Aim for at least 15 minutes a day of sun exposure for your body to benefit. For extended sun exposure, plan ahead- apply broad spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and seek shade when sun intensity is strongest, from the hours of 12 - 2 pm.

2. Cool Off With These 5 Foods!
Choosing certain foods will replenish moisture lost to hot weather as well as to remove excess heat from your body. Watermelons, Raw Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Mint and Mung Bean all will cool the body and relieve symptoms such as heat fatigue. Mung bean is particularly effective when cooked with water and taken with some liquid and sugar to cool the body from hot and humid temperatures. Choose Jersey Fresh tomatoes and enjoy them with basil leaves and mozzarella or make a gazpacho- a delicious mediterranean tomato soup!

3. Take Advantage of the Warm Weather to Exercise Outdoors.
Choose to walk in the mornings or evenings for 30 minutes. Walking several times a week for 30 minutes each time will regulate your blood pressure, improve your sense of well being and deliver increased oxygen to your tissues.

4. Relax!
Take a moment out of your day to be quiet and pay attention to your breathing. Take 15 minutes to sit or lie quietly and allow your mind to gradually focus on your natural breathing rhythm. Practicing this simple exercise of paying attention to your breathing will relieve stress and provide you with a space to relax. This is a simple meditative practice which will benefit your heart, mind and lungs.

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