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  • Kemberlee Kaye: "Cruz's funding was drying up, but I assumed he'd be able to last until the convention. Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee puts me and many others in a precarious situation. There is no longer any candidate running with whom I share similar beliefs, value systems, or principles. Should Trump leave Cincinnati with the Republican nomination, for the first time since I turned 18, I won't be voting for a Republican candidate for President. Sure, I'll vote Republican down ballot, but I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump or Clinton. Perhaps I'll vote Libertarian at the top of the ticket. As to the notion that refusing to vote for Trump makes me culpable for a Clinton White House? Bollocks. I'm not responsible for the actions of others. A plurality of primary voters chose Trump, I did not. No one is entitled to my vote. It is mine to spend as my principles dictate, not because a plurality demands it. Trump's inability to pull a consistent majority doesn't bode well for him in the general election. So toxic is he as a candidate, down ballot races are likely to suffer. Also worth reconsidering is the Garland for SCOTUS appointment. If Hillary is inevitable, should the Senate GOP push Garland through or hope Hillary appoints someone less liberal?"
  • David Gerstman: "Aleister blogged about a video asking Why there are still Palestinian refugees? He writes, "Despite involvement from the United Nations and funding from the U.S. and other countries to the tune of a billion dollars a year, there are still Palestinian refugees in a region made up of Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries." Of course it could be that it's because of the UN's involvement, not despite it that the problem has persisted and grown."
  • Leslie Eastman: "Sadly, the biggest fiscal beneficiaries of music legend Prince look to be the state and federal governments. I do not even want to start contemplating how these entities will squander the millions of dollars they will get from the musician's estate!  Hopefully, there is at least one responsible bureaucrat in the mix who will at least fund a music school in his honor!  I'd hate to think of it all going into platinum pension funds." 
  • Mary Chastain: "When will people finally stop Donald Trump from throwing around unverified accusations?"
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