December 2015 Vol 2 Issue 12
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The "B" Box

Helps Kids cope with boredom over the Holidays!

Winter School Break has begun...  I'd decided to spend the holidays at home relaxing, for a much needed r&r with my family. That's before I realized that we have 3 weeks vacation!  Yikes!!!  Naturally, the dreaded "B" word was spoken in hour two - 9:00 AM - of day one of our stay-ca... Josh, my Tweener declared,  "Mom, I'm boooooored!!"   Next was the incessant, "Can I watch TV?"... and the invariable tantrum, taunting his siblings, whining, you name it!

Thank goodness Abby, Case Manager extraordinaire from ACES paid us a visit that afternoon.  After listening to me vent about the situation, she said - "Let's help him make a Boredom Box before I leave."  

So... that we did!  We pulled many items, ranging from his many Lego pieces, to a Chess game. When an item was too large, he wrote the name on a sheet of paper. He also wrote the words "Use My Imagination" on a blank page and placed everything inside a box. He named the box his "B Box" and was placed in charge of decorating it.  With her experience and expertise, Abby coached Josh through pulling items from his bedroom to place in his box as well as writing a note for reference during times of boredom.  She used great imagery with perspective shaping, painting a picture of Mom's "bubble" of thoughts and feelings when he was nagging because of boredom.  She made him feel excited about navigating his world independently.  She was encouraging and supportive.  Josh was fully on board!  
Joshua wrote:  "My "B" Box.  I will occupy myself without asking Mom for TV.  I will use my "B" Box when I have finished all my normal tasks and feel bored.  I won't bug Mom and ask for TV.

P.S. I have the most amazing imagination in the universe... So I will use it with my "B" Box!"

Today was day one of Josh using his "B" Box. I checked in on him a couple times; served his meals.  Josh totally self-manged today.  He did not nag me once!  So far.. so good!  

So...  Here's to the "The "B" Box!  ... And Abby!  

PS...If you have not heard of it before, or need a refresher on the idea, google "Boredom Box" and you will find loads of images and ideas. I have copied a couple on this email!


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