November, 2014    Vol 5
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The Greatest Morning of them All!  
I love mornings like these...  The kiddos are in a GREAT mood!  They had a Halloween party yesterday from evening 'til night-time and some friends came over and celebrated with them!  The party was a tremendous success!  There were several contributing factors... a) We held a total of four Family Meetings, two of them facilitated by my nineteen year old daughter - the party was her vision - and details were planned down to the minutest - including the critters on the table!  b) Everyone was Primed and was able to Practice their role or script - down to my son's saying "Welcome to our Haunted Home.. Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo!"  c) A 'Swanky Brainer' Social Story was written about how to invite friends and follow up with them to make sure at least one or two actually showed up at the party.  Each child had guests show up!   What was HUGE about that is that Mom had absolutely no role in that process...Except to help send a text for my four-year old and print invitations for my nine-year old!  I also checked their progress periodically during our Chat with Mom sessions. d) Then the menu consisted of food they would each like as well as their guests!  This was Pre-Planned and they each were asked to find out some information about their friends.

So, this morning as everyone was in the kitchen preparing their own breakfast while
Managing their Schedules, the two older kiddos were singing "Fruit salad; yummy, yummy..." as they placed their check-marks on the Fruit/Veggie Chart... They were laughing-out-loud at me as I was frowning at all the noise around me.  I live for these mornings!   "The greatest morning of them all."  When we can wake up and celebrate accomplishments! 

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At Swanky Brain, Inc. we are setting a goal in our first year to develop a Safety Plan for our kids.  We are starting a Task Force and invite you to become a part of this effort!  You will only be asked to give feedback on various ideas... everything will be done via e-mail.  We are looking for four (4) volunteers. If you are interested in lending your voice, giving a suggestion or simply want to now more, please contact us.  Email: and reference:  "Task Force".
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