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November's Inspiration and Information!


98,833 - This is the number of Perseverance.
I would like to introduce you all to my old laptop. I've had it since my sophomore year of college. I still have it. This laptop got me through school, and equally important, this is the laptop I wrote my first book on.

While writing From Nothing to New York, I couldn't afford to purchase a new laptop. Honestly, I couldn't even afford to purchase a new computer charger back then. This was around the time I was living off of ramen noodles and pancakes.

My laptop couldn't hold a charge. If the charger wasn't plugged in, it wouldn't turn on. Somehow, my laptop also contracted a virus and would unexpectedly shutdown without a moments notice. I remember one time I lost 4 hours of "work" (pages of my book) while typing on this computer. I literally had to save my work every other minute because of its sensitivity. But guess what...98,833 words later...I DID IT!

I didn't let my eyes stop me from seeing my vision through. This is the true definition of perseverance. Despite the challenges, I chose to persevere and GET IT DONE. I was working multiple jobs (in retail, production, and catering) just to be able to continue living in New York. Not to mention, in addition to freelancing like crazy and taking on random jobs, I was also working as someone's assistant FOR FREE.

Needless to say, going to the library wasn't really an option.

I would come home from working a 10-12 hour shift in catering (not including my 2-hour commute both ways), take a shower, and whether it was midnight or 3 o'clock in the morning, I made it my PRIORITY to persevere and write at least one word a day. Yes, you read that correctly. It was my goal to write at least ONE WORD of my book every day. Sometimes I would only write one word. Other times, I would say I'm only going to write one word and would end up with paragraphs.

I learned many things about myself, my focus, and my drive during the process of writing, editing, and self-publishing From Nothing to New York. I learned that once I make up my mind, no person or thing can change it. I learned that once God speaks or reveals something to me, nothing can stop me from doing my part to manifest it. I learned the depth of my determination. The width of my passion. And the length of my perseverance.

Ninety-eight THOUSAND, eight hundred and thirty-three words later, I learned that I didn't know my own strength.

Make perseverance your priority.
There are 60 days left in 2017. How long are you willing to persevere to see your vision come true?

Passionately Written,
              Cassondra Lenoir



Pray at all times.
Resist the devil and all temptations.
put forth Effort.
Seek God first.
remain Steadfast in your faith.


1. CELEBRATE: Today is National Author's Day! Support your favorite author by purchasing my first book, From Nothing to New York. If you already have your copy, the holiday season is upon us and it's a great gift for all ages and genders!
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2. REMINDER: Tonight, Wednesday, November 1, 2017, at 9p EST Janelle and I will be hosting our next Youtube live stream for Blessed & Busy. This week's conversation is entitled, "Trust the Process." 
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 For those who weren't able to call into October's Monthly Prayer and Bible Study Conference Call last Sunday, please check out the playback below. You can also use the below link to download the audio for free!
4. RECAP: Another successful weekend to add to the books!

Friday, Oct. 27th, I had a speaking engagement for my FIRST corporate client, Greyston Bakery! Greyston Bakery's mission is to provide all individuals who want to work with the opportunity to do so, without regard to any past indiscretions they may have. The cornerstone of Greyston’s success is their team of bakers that make brownies every day for customers such as Ben & Jerry’s and WholeFoods. Through their Open Hiring Model, Greyston fills jobs without asking any questions, in hopes of demonstrating how businesses, communities and local governments can work together to everyone’s benefit. They strongly believe their mission can help generations of poverty and unemployment be reversed, inspiring hope in families, neighborhoods and among local businesses. We all know their mission aligned PERFECTLY with my message! This opportunity was indeed an honor! The keynote I delivered to their 150 employees and board members was entitled, "Passion is Pursuit." I'll be sending out the recap video in the next newsletter. It's only up from here!!!
Saturday, Oct. 28th, I hosted another phenomenal Vision Board Workshop and it was life-changing! I've been receiving emails and tweets from individuals interested in me hosting another one in NYC before the year ends. I will fit another one in this month (November) if I receive enough feedback, so if you're interested please let me know! St. Louis, I'll be hosting a Vision Board Workshop for you over winter break. It's fun for all age-groups! See you in December.

Finally, Sunday, Oct. 29th, I brought forth the Word during service at Crenshaw Christian Center New York. My message was entitled, "It's DUE Season: Elevation!" You can watch the rebroadcast via Periscope by clicking HERE. Following service, I accompanied our young adult ministry to the Brooklyn Nets game! I absolutely adore being the Youth Director over this ministry and teaching ages 16+ every Sunday. If you're a young adult looking for a new church, visit us!

5. ON THE SCENE: TD Jakes, Tasha Cobbs, and Me! 

On October 10th, I was blessed and able to sow into my Spiritual Dad's life!! Gifting Bishop TD Jakes a copy of my book, From Nothing to New York," at his, "Soar," book signing was indeed a highlight of my October! But of course, the month only got better! On October 19th, I had front row, VIP seating to Tasha Cobb's NYC concert at BB Kings.
October was indeed game-changing for me. November will only be better.

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