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Spring is here, and following the spring equinox, when the Earth’s horizon is perfectly aligned with the Sun, the days begin lasting longer and the nights get shorter. That means you have more time in the day to get things done. So why not spring into action this season with your lives and personal goals with all this extra time?! Disconnect from negativity, and embrace a higher frequency into all you do. Give your mind a bit of a reboot!

Pay close attention to who you are spending time with, and how they might be influencing your thoughts. Our thoughts affect our emotions, which then influence the choices we make. Carefully pick people, films, books, and TV shows that lift your spirit, and tune out the negative ones this season. Do things that will make you feel better mentally and physically. Maybe now is a great time to finally utilize the added hours in yoru day to clean out that dreaded closet that is filled with cloths you never wear but ache to part with...Remind yourself, "if it hasn't been worn in the last year, and it doesn't make you feel happy to imagine wearing, DONATE IT or sell it at consignment", to earn some extra cash online at a site like ThreduP, or locally at Plato's Closet or Honeypot!

If you're an actor, use the extra time to refresh and improve your "product". Take a fresh look at your pictures and resume. Check your resume and make sure all of your sizes, credits, training, skills and classes are up to date. Ask your agent for any advice they may have for you going forward. Since the summer can sometimes be slower in the industry as far as auditions and bookings go, take that time to update your tools. If you're not already training with The Actor's Center of Asheville, make time to improve your craft and add more training to the resume. Training is the second thing that casting directors look at, after experience. Taking classes with well-respected teachers goes a long way to getting you in the door when you have no or few credits. We have some great intensives coming up this summer that we hope you'll take advantage of, so keep an eye out for announcements about that to come.

Our Beginner Fundamentals & Techniques class with LB Brown (as announced in our last newsletter) launched earlier this month, and is full of happy, enthusiastic new students who are loving class with LB! His class is almost full, with only a couple of spots left. So if you are looking to update those tools this Spring season, the sooner you contact us to join class, the better!
In addition to LB's Adult class, our six-week Young Adults class with Robert Dale Walker is in full swing as well, with a truly amazing and talented group of teens, all honing their acting skills while having a lot of fun. Our teen students will be showcasing their work to their family and friends after their last class on April 12th, which will be a lot of fun! The following Tuesday, April 19th our 6-week Young Actor's (For Kids Ages 9-12) will kick off. Like the Young Adults class, there are limited spots available, so we strongly encourage you to ensure your child's spot by registering in advance or contacting us directly with any questions.

The Actor's Center is also thrilled to share the addition of our
Education Outreach Coordinator,

Marisa Blake.

With a degree in Elementary Education from Warren Wilson College, Marisa taught locally in the public school system for 5 years, before deciding to pursue the art of Acting, Music and Voice Over Work full time. Marisa is also a member of The Actor's Center of Asheville family as a student. Some of you might recognize her from the Music Video Asheville Awards, where she has acted as the awards ceremony host for the last 3 years. Marisa also might look familiar from her work locally as the TV spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Sheild NC. And as if that isn't enough, Marisa currently works as the host/spokesperson, and as the sales, marketing & education outreach liaison for IamAVL. Continuing to be passionate about elementary education, and the arts, Marisa has joined our team to help connect the community of young artists, along with the parents & teachers who are interested in The Actor's Center of Asheville. Marisa will be helping to bring our kid's and teen acting workshop's to schools, and acting programs interested in working with us throughout the southeast. If you are a parent or teacher interested in bringing The Actor's Center to your child's school for one of our acting workshops, please CONTACT US or click Marisa's picture to the left to get in touch so that she can assist you & get the ball rolling!

e have some fantastic kids AND adult acting workshops to come this summer at The Actor's Center, that we will be announcing soon! So keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, let's give a few shout out's to our recent Actor's Center Bookers and Signers. Way to be about it friends!
TV EPISODIC                                                                        SAG LOW BUDGET FILM              
TV EPISODIC                                                                        SAG LOW BUDGET FILM              
     MULTIMEDIA MUSEUM PROJECT                                                             TV EPISODIC
  FEATURE FILM                                             MFA COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY STUDENT FILM  
       TV EPISODIC, SHORT FILM                                                          SHORT FILM, COMMERCIAL             
FEATURE FILM                                                                       TV EPISODIC (recurring)              
We are so proud of Skylar! Not only did she book a lead role in a short film this past year, she also just signed with Bold Talent Agency! Here's to many bookings to come Skylar!


Check out The Actor's Center Of Asheville Students Jennifer Trudrung, and Elisa Walsh's Original Short,  (in which they also star), Written by Jennifer Trudrung. Shot & Edited by The Actor's Center Of Asheville crew,
Kevin Patrcik Murphy, Lb Brown, & Kellin Watson. We love when our students begin to become more proactive by creating their own shorts. Jennifer & Elisa teamed up and created this comedic 3 minute short entitled, The Share. Hopefully this is the first of many other shorts to come from these ladies! Check out their vimeo page and enjoy!
TACA TIP OF THE MONTH: To all of our fellow North Carolinian Filmmaking Friends: Here are 20 different film festivals that happen in NC, that if you don't already know about, you should!

f you have Kids ages 9-12 interested in acting, or have friends with kids interested in acting, tell them about our upcoming Young Actor's Class for kids April 19th-May27th with Robert Dale Walker!
If you are an adult and interested in taking our Adult Class, contact us to set up your interview and learn more, and see below for more about these upcoming classes:

Contact Us if you are interested in Adult           
Beginner Techniques Class w/ LB Brown.


A free "workshop" presented by Sundance Institue for filmmakers. With the support of John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Carolina Film Community, Sundance Institute will be presenting CHARLOTTE SHORTSLAB –  an educational master class that will be held in the city for the first time.

The goal of the half-day educational workshop is to empower the next wave of emerging artists in the Carolinas by giving them first-hand insight into the basics of developing their idea, making  their film, and getting it seen by audiences.

Focusing on narrative short-form storytelling, the event will feature panels, discussions, and screenings with a mix of filmmakers and industry professionals and will conclude with a reception to network with fellow shorts filmmakers.
Wednesday, April 6
(Date subject to change.)
12 PM - 4 PM
Reception immediately after.

420 S Tryon St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Please be sure to share the event with other filmmakers in the area that may be interested. For more info:


Iconic actor Kevin Spacey has created an online class that teaches students his unique approach to the the craft of acting.



Take it's Kevin Spacey...why not, right?

The Talks
March 2, 2016  

An Interview with Oscar Award Winning, Brie Larson

Short Profile
Name: Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers
DOB: October 1 1989
Place of Birth: Sacramento, California, USA
Occupation: Actor

Ms. Larson, what is your ‘coming of age’ story?

It’s an ever-changing, life-long process to continue to break away from the shackles that bind us and the things that we are born with. We are born with a connection to our family and being brought up a certain way and a certain community that we live in and certain part of the world that we live in. It takes our sense of curiosity to continue to push forward and break away from those things. I still have moments when I close myself in, but I wouldn’t be on the path that I am with the career that I’ve had if I didn’t have a deep understanding of the sense of my inner freedom.

Because acting requires making yourself vulnerable?

Yes and it’s a huge peace to allow yourself to be that vulnerable in front of so many people. You gain a sense of freedom and understanding and forgiveness for being human. You realize how difficult being an adult can be. Instead of trying to control things and make it the way I want them, you have to be more open to what it is and be curious about what it is and curious about the time when we feel that rub, when we feel frustration. There is great Ramdev quote when he says “That thing that you are feeling is your life.”

...Click here to read the full article...
(as well as many other great interviews with actors)
If you are reading this newsletter and you're still not inspired yet...then here is a handy little infograph for those of you feeling like you're in a creative rut, and need a visual little jump start into your Spring reboot!
1. Celtx (Free!)

This might be our favorite app in a while. Celtx is such a great tool for creating your film, short, video etc. It's one of the most popular screenwriting softwares on desktop. This allows you to write perfectly formatted scripts right from your phone or tablet, as well as collaborating with others. You can also backup all your scripts for free. Even if you've never written a script before, it's okay, this app guides you through the entire process.

2. Sun Seeker ($9.99)

One of the most important aspects of shooting outside is understanding where the sun is going to be. Through use of reflectors and shade you can create extremely powerful images. Using this app will allow you to know where the sun will be at all times of the day. While it does cost $9.99, the precision and reliability of this app, could make it worthwhile, not to mention that it might just save you time & money in the long run when it comes to shooting with a low budget and limited time on your hands!

3. Off Book (Free!)

Off Book! is an app designed by an actor for actors.This app was designed to assist in script memorization for actors. We need all the help we can get, especially when the app is FREE!

4. Balanced (Free!)

This is app is just great for anyone, but especially visual, artistic minded folks like us, that need a little help getting our priorities in order from day to day! "Balanced helps you to stay motivated & focused on what's really important in life." It's like a to-do list app on steroids. It allows you to add an activity, then assign cute little icons to each activity place it in order of importance, set a timeline and projected deadline, and sends you reminders to help you stay on track. We all need to make better use of free apps like this one. 

5. Indi (FREE!)

While we have yet to try this one out for ourselves yet, it looks like it could be a fun app to look a little closer at. is an online talent discovery destination that rewards passionate performers with prizes and career-making opportunities based on votes from viewers and celebrity judges. You enter video challenges to win prizes and career-making opportunities, while also getting to be the judge to vote for the top talent from all over the world in categories like, Music, Comedy, Acting, Cooking, Poetry, Fashion and more. has partnered with celebrity judges and industry insiders to spot talent and help aspiring artists, & actively seeks and supports top talent through their own recording label and industry relationships. Sounds like a fun app!

6. Postagram (FREE!)

Postagram allows you to select photos from your phone or computer, add a personal message, and then transform it into an actual glossy postcard. They then mail it for you, and it only costs $1(and $2 for addresses outside of the US)! Everyone loves getting real letters from loved ones in the old fashioned mailboxes now and again! Even more importantly though, ACTORS can use this app to mail their headshots & agent or personal contact info if they don't yet have an agent to casting directors to introduce themselves! For only $1, we're sold!
Coming up in April...
That's right, The Actor's Center is gearing up for another student scene night! Our students will be performing their scenes for family, friends, and whomever else wants to observe what some of our students have been working on in class! Dates, times, and location will be announced next month! Stay Tuned for that...
The Actor's Center Of Asheville's Six Week "Young Adult" Intensive Showcase!

Our teen students will be performing their work for friends and family at The Actor's Center on April 12th!The Following Tuesday, our kids six week installment, "Young Actor's Class" will begin. If you haven't yet signed your kid up for this exciting 6-week course, be sure to do so asap to guarantee your childs spot in class!

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