DMC Update

July was another busy month for Destination Medical Center (DMC) and the Rochester community. The list below is a quick recap of some of the activities that took place:

  1. The DMC planning consultants were again on site with a packed schedule, meeting with multiple stakeholders back-to-back-to-back all day and into the evening.
  2. A joint Destination Medical Center Corporation/Economic Development Agency working session was held with the DMC planning consultants to discuss details on the preliminary DMC development plan concepts.
  3. More than 300 people attended the second DMC Public Forum to hear about and provide feedback on the preliminary DMC development-plan concepts.
  4. Plus, more than 50 DMC community presentations were given in and around the Rochester community throughout the summer.

August is gearing up to be another busy month as well. DMC planning consultants have been in Rochester the past few days (August 5–7) to meet with a variety of stakeholders. Watch for details on the DMC blog about future public meetings scheduled for September.


Are You a DMC Ambassador?

Originally, the DMC Ambassadors came about during the legislation phase of DMC. A handful of community members asked to meet on a regular basis to hear more details about the DMC process and wanted to help spread the word about DMC’s future. Now, with more than 125 ambassadors, the group continues to meet to stay informed. During meetings, the DMC staff members answer questions from the ambassadors and dive into details about next steps of the DMC development planning efforts. Ambassadors have also contributed to many community-engagement activities including DMC appreciation day at Thursday’s on First, the Festival of Trees and many others.
“It’s an exciting time to live in Rochester, and as a DMC Ambassador, I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people in the community who are passionate about the growth and well-being of Rochester. Plus, as an ambassador, I have the opportunity to have a positive impact in shaping the future of this city by sharing my ideas, insights, and time,” says Tia Calvert.
Two meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month to accommodate potential scheduling conflicts. Ambassadors can choose between the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) from noon–1 p.m. (typically room 337 in the upper floor of University Square) or Sontes restaurant from 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
The next meeting is Wednesday, August 30. Grab a friend, colleague, or family member and come to an ambassador meeting. We hope to see you there. 

If you are interested in learning more about the DMC Ambassadors, please email for additional information. 


Community Conversations—More Than Just Ideas

On June 12, the DMC Community Conversations event was held at UMR. These conversations are part of a series of community-engagement events designed to gather community input to help inform the DMC planning consultants as they build the DMC development plan. Anyone who lives, works, plays, heals, or learns in Rochester was invited to participate in the June 12 event. Ideas flowed throughout the evening, and they were captured in the DMC Community Conversations report.