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Jana's Recovery from Severe Food Sensitivities
and other Chronic Illnesses

Jana had suffered from severe food sensitivities, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic pain, fatigue, constant headaches and migraines, anxiety, depression, extreme low blood sugar, textile sensitivities, skin/scalp issues including eczema, and trouble sleeping. The tipping point started in 2006 after her first child was born. 
Jana was diagnosed with low blood sugar since the age of four but this did not interfere with her quality of life.  But in her twenties, depression, anxiety and sleep issues started to set in.  After her second child was born, migraines started to occur daily.  Her body started to constantly hurt and she found herself wanting to sleep as much as possible to alleviate the pain.  As you can imagine, this was very challenging for a mother of two young girls.  In fact, Jana could not even hold her precious young daughters on her lap due to the pain in her back and hips.
As the illness progressed, she started to become more reactive to scented products like perfumes and laundry detergents, and even natural products like vinegar and essential oils. Jana started to wear a mask to prevent the pending migraines that these products brought on.  
Additionally, Jana’s food sensitivities were escalating and she was eliminating foods by the day.  Jana and her husband went so far as to buy property and farm their own food.  She eliminated gluten, dairy, corn and soy and other foods.  She worked tirelessly to avoid cross contamination.
Despite trying several other approaches to healing, Jana was still suffering and decided to order the Dynamic Neural Retraining System DVDs, hoping it would help her overcome chemical sensitivities and maybe even chronic pain, she thought.  Today, she says she got much more than what she could ever wish for.
After working with the DVDs, Jana noticed a decrease in symptoms while feelings of joy and energy started to increase. She also booked coaching for added guidance and support.
Jana with her childrenAfter only one month of seeing tremendous progress with the DVD series, Jana quickly signed up for the five-day DNRS Neuroplasticity boot camp program in February 2014.   Within a couple of weeks of attending the program, Jana was able to hold her girls on her lap for the first time without any pain.  “I would cry happy tears when I held them.  For my following birthday, I asked for a rocking chair so I could rock them.  What a special and meaningful gift I received that day: the ability to soothe and comfort little souls.  I cannot explain how touching and redeeming this was - a buying back of something that I thought was lost forever”.
One by one her conditions started to decrease.  Her sensitivities to chemicals and textiles vanished within four months along with her pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression.  During this time, she noticed her limbic system calming down and inflammatory responses were also decreasing. 

Jana enjoying mud pie desert!Her ability to process and digest food was returning to normal for the first time in several years.  “ I began to feel authentic hunger and satiety so I let the hunger grow”.  Jana turned her attention to working on re-introducing foods in her diet.  “Once I conquered the first few foods, I just kept going from there.  After several months I was adding more grains and packaged foods and eating in restaurants without any symptoms at all!”
In just over a year from starting the program, Jana was ready to celebrate and decided to go on a family vacation to San Diego.  Jana was able to fly on a plane, stay at a hotel, and eat out. “We did the theme parks, the beach, and meals in homes of college friends.  I felt like I was in heaven - tears of gratitude sprung up every day of that trip”. 
“I am incredibly grateful for how my heart and life have changed because of DNRS, and how it has impacted my entire family” Jana wrote on the DNRS Community forum.  “I give thanks to my daughters and my husband Matt.  You are a consistent source of encouragement and Matt, you never once complained about the load you carried.  You were gracious in my time of need and sacrificed a great deal to serve me and the girls.  You supported my recovery 100%, and I am honoured to be able to give life and love back to you.”

Jana and her family today
Jana’s recovery story is just one of countless stories that we see on our DNRS community forum all the time.  It all starts with either our DVD series or by attending our In-Person program. 
If you would like to kick start your recovery process, please join us in Naples, Florida November 15 - 19 at Shangri-La Springs.  There are only 3 spots left at this time!!!  Organic meats and vegetables as well as gluten-free options are available and included in the program price. The chef is very skilled with catering to those with food sensitivities and you will be asked to complete a dietary request form to ensure your dietary needs are met.
Visit the following link for more information about accommodations and the venue.
To start the registration process, click here:
Registration closing date is November 1st so act now to secure one of three remaining spots!
We look forward to seeing you in sunny Florida!
Yours in Good Health,
Annie Hopper
and the DNRS Team

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