Dynamic Neural Retraining System Newsletter | June 2015
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Embracing a New Paradigm 
in Healing


One of my major influences in developing the Dynamic Neural Retraining System was Canadian psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Norman Doidge.  In his first book "The Brain That Changes Itself" I was introduced to the principles of neuroplasticity and read stories about people who had remarkably recovered from illnesses that the medical system had deemed "incurable".   This book not only gave me hope, but it gave me a new approach to recovery!  I’m thrilled to report that his new book, "The Brain’s Way of Healing" is equally as transformative!

In his new book Dr. Doidge discusses Dr. Moskowitz' work with chronic pain and the idea that chronic pain itself can be the result of faulty brain wiring.  He goes on to say "When the neurons in our pain maps get damaged, they fire incessant false alarms, making us believe the problem is in our body, when it is mostly in our brain."  

 Doidge goes on to say: "Research on neuroplasticity shows that intense focus is generally required to alter the circuits and make new connections. So casual distraction must be resisted, because it allows the pain to run unopposed. Thus, even if the pain seems mild, letting it go unopposed may mean it gets stronger next time. Relentlessness means: every time pain is detected , push back, with full focus, and with the specific intention of rewiring the brain back to what it was before the chronic pain began. No exceptions. No negotiations with pain.”  Dr. Moskowitz's work holds great promise for a new understanding of pain and treatment for chronic pain that is completely in alignment with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System.

Likewise, in other chronic conditions, even when the initial injury has been treated, like the underlying bacteria in Lyme disease, or a virus associated with chronic fatigue or detoxification measures associated with multiple chemical sensitivity, the brain can get stuck in a disease pattern where ongoing symptoms appear to be coming from the body.  But oftentimes the symptoms are due to misfiring in the brain itself.  Many conditions may have a variety of contributing factors, however addressing limbic system function is a key component in the recovery process and is often overlooked.

The next logical question is "How do we remap our brain for optimal health?"  The answer - with knowledge, elbow grease and a huge amount of dedication.   It's not enough to understand this information - knowledge is only useful when it is applied.  Remapping the brain is an experiential process that takes great focus and consistent effort.   
When we apply this strategy for chronic pain to a number of other illnesses that are also related to limbic system dysfunction, we first need to have a clear understanding of the various expressions of dysfunction so that we know when we need to intervene.  

 We need to understand that symptoms of limbic system impairment in the brain can arise on all levels, not just the physical level and we must be prepared to intervene at any moment.  Truly understanding what this entails and how to change these deep neural circuits requires an open mind and consistent dedication to make the changes that are necessary.
Dan Ross Before and After DNRSJust ask Dan for instance.  Dan had been diagnosed with a number of different conditions that are related to limbic system dysfunction such as multiple chemical sensitivity, electric hypersensitivity syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, food and environmental sensitivities, allergies, leaky gut syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, brain damage, heavy metal toxicity, adrenal fatigue, low testosterone/DHEA/Thyroid Hormones and slow intestinal motility. 

Dan had already exhausted many other forms of treatment and yet, was still severely disabled.  Understanding that the brain itself had been damaged though chemical trauma and that healing the brain would resolve his symptoms made sense to Dan on a deep level. 

Dan was also a navy veteran and embraced the Dynamic Neural Retraining System like he did boot camp training.  In his video, you can visibly see the difference that remapping his limbic system has made in his life.  Dan's story and before and after video can be found here on our website.
Recovery through neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change) demands that we embrace remapping the brain as our way out of suffering.  This represents a completely different focus as we shift our attention away from the outer environment or body symptoms and turn our focus inwards, towards changing the neural circuits in the brain that facilitate healing.  
If you would like to take control of your health and fully embrace this new paradigm in healing, please join us at our next neuroplasticity boot camp training on August 30 – September 3 in Hockley Valley, Ontario.  Register by June 30th to secure your spot and take advantage of special early bird prices! Prices are in Canadian funds. US residents can save several hundreds by locking in at today's exchange rate!


All of our live programs are 5 days. Meals and accommodations are included. Hockley Valley Resort continues to garner praise from our past participants!   The resort is top notch. Hardwood floors in each luxurious guest room. Also, the food is fantastic and the staff are well versed at meeting special dietary requirements.   

Hockley Valley Resort
(one hour north of Toronto Ontario)
August 30 - September 03, 2015
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We look forward to seeing you at the Hockley Valley Resort!
Yours in Good Health,
Annie Hopper
And the DNRS Team


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