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  • Happy LGBT+ History Month 2020!
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Who Are We?

Schools OUT UK is the founding charity of LGBT History  Month, an initiative which is:

Claiming our past.
Celebrating our present.
Creating our future.

Please continue to give us your support. Don't forget you can buy this year's badge (below) for only £3 from our online shop.

Happy History Month 2020!

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To mark this year's month, we have an article written by a member of the Schools OUT UK committee. Our Trans representative, Kate Hutchinson.

Inclusive Not Exclusive

I found school a struggle. Growing up as a child in the 1970s’ and 80s’ I knew I was trans but dare not tell anyone. Because the only time I ever saw visibility of someone like me back then they were always the object of ridicule and hate.  I hid it deep. I played up to all the stereotypes of being a boy I could to try and fit in.  The thing is, I never did.  I was always labelled as a ‘strange’, ‘weird’ and ‘over emotional’ kid.  No one ever figured I was trans but you can only hide so much of your true nature. I was bullied for being that young person who was different.

Why is it that difference is often used as a tool by some for discrimination against minority groups?  Difference is vital, it’s something we all have.  To be honest our differences make the world go around and I go on a lot about this. The diversity present in our world, the different colours, sounds, textures, cultures and opposing opinions are all equally important.  Our diversity promotes change and without change we just stop progressing and stagnate.  Recently I have felt like we have been at the point of stagnation or even regression as a society.

After an abortive attempt at coming out in the 1990s In 2012 I finally found myself in a place where I saw trans people starting to be positively portrayed and represented in society. This and a fantastic support network gave me the confidence to finally show my authentic self to the world. I felt free from all of the pressure of trying to fit in as something I was not.

Then one day while walking in a street in the village where I live I heard a 14 year old girl shout ‘F****ng Tranny’ at me.

That was just the start of the transphobia. But not at any single point did any of it ever make me doubt myself, my identity or my sexuality as a pansexual trans woman.  I am who I am and nothing will change that.  What does need to change is education and acceptance around our differences.

Over the last few years the trans community have faced increasing hostility from the media and groups of protestors opposed to trans people gaining the right to declare their own identity legally without being forced to go through an expensive and demeaning process of proving their identity to a panel of total strangers they will never meet.  The protests have spread to anti trans groups targeting schools with pseudo guidance that recommends that transgender students are not supported in their transitions by staff.  Advice that is harmful and with a 45% attempted suicide rate among young trans people, it’s potentially lethal. This is discrimination and bigotry, pure and simple. It uses the usual tactics of disinformation and fear to move its cause forwards.

As an educator who happens to be trans I’ve been told by anti-trans protestors that I shouldn’t be allowed to teach in school, I’ve been compared to pedophiles.  Interestingly enough these are similar types of language used to try and justify section 28.

Education is the key to fighting bigotry and discrimination.  It is key, and visibility of LGBT+ identities within education is incredibly important. This is the primary reason I work with Schools OUT UK. We need to continue to build inclusion into our schools and I have hope that new RSE regulations will help with this.  But we must continue to be visible and we must continue to share and openly talk of our history.  Sharing our lives, our stories and histories builds empathy and understanding of LGBT+ lives. That is why LGBT+ history month is so important.

Every child deserves the same opportunities to learn in an environment that is safe and supportive no matter what the child’s identity or attraction may be. Every school should be a school inclusive for all.
But please remember that currently there are parts of our community that are still fighting for their visibility and/or their basic human rights. We are LGBT+ and we are stronger together. Never let the bigots divide us.

Happy LGBT+ History Month! 
Website Updated!

Our deepest thanks go out to web technician Bethany Stanley, who has undertaken the mammoth task of updating and tidying up our sprawling History Month website and has made it more dynamic and improved its user-friendliness.. 
See for yourselves here and give us feedback
The Proud Trust's

2020 Resource Pack

Now Available!

LGBT+ History Month is celebrated in February in the UK. Each year, The Proud Trust teams up with Schools OUT UK and LGBT+ History Month to write a simple, easy to use, education and resource pack. Free to download on this page, we also have a limited number of printed packs available to buy through our online shop each year.

We are thrilled to bring you the LGBT+ History Month Resource and Education Pack for 2020, in conjunction with 
Schools OUT UK. This year, the whole of LGBT+ History Month has been dedicated to Lyra McKee, the journalist and LGBT+ activist who was shot dead during rioting in Northern Ireland in 2019. With that in mind, we’re grateful to Sara Canning, Lyra’s partner at the time of her death, for writing the foreword to this years pack.

The theme this year of Poetry, Prose and Plays provides us with rich pickings in terms of activities for young people. We hope you will enjoy delivering the four sessions, one on terminology, then one of each of poetry, prose and plays. This pack will help you bring LGBT+ awareness into your youth groups or classrooms, and could be delivered as part of PSHE, English, drama or history!

Also included in this years download package is a very fun “Queering Cinderella” assembly or tutor time PowerPoint activity – enjoy!

Download the pack


Brexit Hate Crime Increase 

You may have seen this letter ('Happy Brexit day) put on the wall of a council block in Norwich. Some brexiteers burnt the EU flag on the day we left. 

This is the link to report hate crime

I would also suggest we continue to check on the wellbeing of our students by asking them how they are and if they know where to get support with their settled status. 

Finally I would encourage you to celebrate LGBT History Month this month (February)
The theme for this year is Poetry, Prose and Play, very appropriate for ESOL I feel. 

There are so many activities that can be done as part of an ESOL class , writing a love poem for Valentines's day would fit within this theme as Love is Love  so it ticks several boxes. 

Film screenings, book reviews, guest speakers , so many activities leading to language development and skills that could be contextualised within an LGBT context.  It's very hard to guess someone's sexual orientation by just looking at them.  
In many countries getting married and living the heteronormative life is a survival strategy. 

I am happy to help if you need support with LGBT+ activities or teaching resources. 
here are some I made earlier 

part of the Rainbow Pilgrims Project 

I am in the process of updating my blog so bear with me .... it will have loads more free resources. 

Below is an extract from my talk on Holocaust Memorial day. 

Today it is still illegal to be gay , lesbian bisexual or transgender in over 73 countries around the world and punishable by death in 12. Children today , right now are being held in concentration camps away from their parents and carers. 

Maya Angelou, said History, despite its wrenching pain cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.

Everyone has the right to live a life free from abuse and violence.

We all have multiple identities with differing needs and barriers. We all have a race and ethnicity , a gender , a religion or belief, we all grow old and get sick. If we get cut, we all bleed. Our differences complete us rather than divide.
Diversity makes us better, Inclusion makes us more compassionate , equality makes us greater.
by focusing on our commonalities rather than developing animosity towards differences…. we can become a more compassionate and caring society

It is everyone’s responsibility to stand up to homophobia, biphobia , transphobia, racism and all forms of discrimination and prejudice

Standing together means to continue to welcome and support migrants and refugees
We must become allies to people who are different from us
To report hate crime
It is our responsibility to challenge discrimination where ever you may encounter , see it , say it , report it
Local authorities and central government need to continue to fund events such as today which celebrates diversity and support community groups

Authentic equality , real equality can only happen when we are kind and accepting of everyone without exception. 

Love and kindness towards all beings is the only way forward

Thank you!

Laila El-Metoui  (she/her)
Education Consultant Stonewall Award Winner 2020 
Chair person for Proud London Councils, the Pan London Forum for LGBT+ staff network in local authorities

Ulster Turns Queer!

Tonight (2nd February 2020) we launched the first LGBT+ History exhibition of Northern Ireland Queer Activism, at the Free Derry Museum. It was a very moving event on the weekend of that marked the 48th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Analogies were made and recognition of how hard it was to be out and proud during the troubles and how LGBT+ people proved allies to the larger human rights agenda/cause.
We met with the Lord Mayor in the resplendent Guildhall where she offered to write to all the local school Heads and encourage them to bring their students to the exhibition. We suggested that the teachers might need some basic training and resources to enable then to feel confident to tackle the issue.

The launch of the exhibition itself was a success with both local LGBT activists and people from Belfast, Mid Ulster, Donegal, Germany and England. The exhibition will be at the Museum of Free Derry until Saturday 7th March. 

by Sue Sanders
OTP 2020 - Choose Your Hub

Date Hub/Venue
Saturday 1st Feb OTP Stockport:
Stockport Central Library, Wellington Road South, Stockport SK1 3RS -
Click here for more info
Sunday 2nd Feb Londonderry/Derry Launch:
LGBT HM & Queering the North Exhibition Guild Hall, Londonderry/Derry BT48 7BB
Wednesday 5th Feb OTP London @ Bishopsgate:
Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH -
Click here for more info
Thursday 6th Feb OTP London LSE Library:
LSE Library, LSE, Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HD -
Click here for more info
Saturday 8th Feb OTP Leeds:
Leeds City Museum, Millennium Square Leeds LS2 8BH -
Click here for more info
Saturday 8th Feb OTP Charleston:
Charleston, Firle, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6LL -
Click here for more info
Saturday 8th Feb OTP Manchester:
People's History Museum, Left Bank, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3ER -
Click here for more info
Wednesday 12th Feb OTP Stratford-upon-Avon:
The Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6QW -
Click here for more info
Thursday 13th Feb OTP London:
Royal Museums Greenwich Greenwich, London SE10 9NF -
Click here for more info
Saturday 15th Feb OTP Bedford:
The Higgins Bedford, Castle Lane, Bedford MK40 3XD -
Click here for more info
Saturday 22nd Feb OTP Brighton & Hove:
Theme: Obscured Histories (small stories hidden behind big narratives)
Royal Pavilion & Museums, 4-5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton BN1 1EE -
Click here for more info
Sunday 23rd Feb OTP Brighton & Hove:
Theme: On the front lines of revolution
Royal Pavilion & Museums, 4-5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton BN1 1EE -
Click here for more info
Saturday 22nd Feb OTP Liverpool:
Museum of Liverpool, Pier Head, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool L3 1DG -
Click here for more info
Saturday 22nd Feb OTP Cork:
Millennium Hall, Anglesea St, City Hall, Cork City,
Saturday 22nd Feb OTP Birmingham:
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3DH
Saturday 29th Feb OTP Bolton:
Bolton Library and Museum Le Mans Cres, Bolton BL1 1SE -
Click here for more info
Saturday 7th March OTP Londonderry/Derry:
Museum of Free Derry, 55 Glenfada Park, Derry BT48 9DR
Tuesday 10th March OTP Leicester:
LGBT Centre, 5 Wellington St, Leicester LE1 6HH -
Click here for more info
Saturday 14th March OTP Belfast:
Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI), 2 Titanic Boulevard, Titanic Quarter, Belfast BT3 9HQ
Friday 20th March OTP Dublin:
Kilmainham Gaol Museum Kilmainham Courthouse, Inchicore Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8.
Saturday 21st March OTP Dublin:
National Gallery of Ireland Merrion Square West, Dublin 2
Sunday 22nd March OTP Dublin:
National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7
Saturday 4th April OTP New York:
New York Irish Center, 1040 Jackson Avenue, Queens, New York 11101
Sunday 5th April OTP Boston:
Irish Cultural Centre, 200 New Boston Dr, Canton, MA 02021,
Thur & Fri 21st 22nd May OTP Festival Conference Gathering:
Queens University Belfast, University Rd, Belfast BT7 1NN

DONATE to support our Project

Song in the City is happy to collaborate with soprano Alexandria Wreggelsworth on this upcoming project.

Charles T. Griffes is one of the influential members of American musical history, but rarely do many musicians in today's age recognise or even know who he is.

A group of Guildhall School students have decided to take up the task to reacquaint today's musicians with this prolific composer. Over the course of the coming weeks they will be recording all of his art song repertoire, and putting on recitals in April 2020 in both London and New York, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death.

We need £6000 to make this dream a reality.

To find more information about the project, go to:

'Butterfly' at The Vault

Undiscovered stories from across British queer history are being revealed in a brand new stage play - butterfly - playing at VAULT Festival from 26th-28th February 2020.

It’s 1742, and Mary - a teenager who is falling for her childhood best friend, Anne - is knitting a beard from her own pubic hair.
It’s 1895, and Morgan - given a necklace for their sixteenth birthday - escapes, and must evade the search party for who they once were.
It’s 1943, and Dennis - an 18-year-old drag queen fighting in World War II - must literally lip sync for her life.
It’s 1988, and Frances - a tone-deaf university student with nowhere to go - is singing in a band in the bin room of the local council offices.
It’s 2003, and Sabina - a Punjabi-speaking Muslim girl with a secret - must make her parents understand who she really is, by translating the untranslatable.

In a subterranean network of tunnels deep beneath London, a band of real-life queer misfits from across time have gathered. These are people you’ve never heard of, with extraordinary stories they’ve never shared. But now - through monologue, dance, music, glitter and lots and lots of noise - they’re raising the roof. They’re creating vibrations which they hope will reverberate up through the thick, muddy layers of time, into the right-here-right-now. “Deeply moving yet extremely funny” (Inter:Mission), butterfly is a show full of laughs, goosebumps and wonder in equal measure.

Bedlam Chorus is a Bristol-based theatre company. Described by Epigram as “a real creative powerhouse”, we find stories that the world hasn’t heard before but can’t live without. We bring together different voices: dancers, musicians, actors, poets... we throw them together and work out how each story demands to be told. We get our kicks from creating theatre spaces where the stage is always messy, the room is always cold and the music is always two notches too loud. Think bedroom dancing, not ballroom dancing.

Media & in-kind supporters of butterfly include actor/comedian Matt Lucas, Chickenshed Theatre & UK LGBT+ History Month. Tickets can be purchased here

DIRECTOR Sam Arbor (formerly Sam Jones). Filmmaker turned theatre director, won ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ (BFI), nominated ‘Best Narrative Short’ (BAFTA qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival), featured on BBC. Film credits include, with Channel 4, with music by Underworld (Trainspotting, London 2012 Opening Ceremony). Theatre credits include Bird (in a secret disused warehouse in Bristol), Butterfly (Loco Klub, nightclub in tunnels beneath Bristol). As Assistant Director: CHAOS (Bristol Old Vic Studio).

CO-WRITERS Clodagh Chapman. Writer, dramaturg and theatre maker, won ‘Bristol Outstanding Award’ (Bristol Futures) and nominated ‘Best Production for Young People’ (Off West End Awards). Writing/co-writing credits include Butterfly (Loco Klub), Postscript (Tobacco Factory), Sharing Stages (Chickenshed) and Playlist (BBC/Chickenshed). Devising/workshop credits include Dreams of Freedom (Royal Albert Hall/Amnesty International) and The Monstrum (National Theatre). Sam Arbor (as above).

PRODUCER Benjamin Orr. Producer, won ‘Best New Writing Award’ (International Gay Theatre Festival). Credits include Fudge, Marmite and Ginger Beer (Limerence Productions).
2020 Badge Design Available to Download

Don't forget, you can download all of our resources for free, including the new 2020 Badge. Just follow the link below where there are JPG and PDF versions available
Affiliate Links

Voices & Visibility

Voices & Visibility is a project to develop LGBT+ history resources. In 2015 the project produced a wallchart (available here) celebrating LGBT+ lives and the contribution they have made to life, learning, equal rights and society in the UK. This campaign is raising funds to develop a digital interactive version of the wallchart. 

The response to the wallchart has been overwhelmingly positive. It is available for free and is still in demand with over 3000 downloads in 2017 alone. 

Your donation will enable the digital interactive resource to be developed. All the information will be developed by a team of dedicated volunteers. All the information will be accessible for those with a sensory impairment. For those developing their reading skills there will be short summaries, written in plain English. The resource will be hosted on the LGBT History Month website alongside the current wallchart. It will be free and open to all.

Click here to link to our fundraising page. 
Proud Trust

The Proud Trust is a life saving and life enhancing organisation that helps young people empower themselves to make a positive change for themselves and their communities. We do this through youth groupspeer support, managing the LGBT Centre for Manchester, delivering of training and events, campaigns, undertaking research and creating resources.

Links to support them are available here. 

Support Us

Schools OUT UK is an ambitious organisastion. 
We need your help. 

For decades, Schools OUT UK, and before that The Gay Teachers' Group, has survived - and thrived - as a purely voluntary organisation, with a small income based mainly around the sale of our annual History Month badge. None of the committee receives any income for the work they do.

We have done so much and we want to do so much more. A one-off donation of £20 (less than £2 a month) would help us. A regular donation would be amazing.

With your continued support, we can realise our dreams of more lessons posted on The Classroom, LGBT HM in every school in the UK, a festival hub in every major town in the UK, and a National Museum of LGBT Heritage.

Or to donate via cheque, BACS or direct debit click here

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