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Schools OUT UK

(Charitable Incorporated Organisation 1156352) is a committee of 12 unpaid volunteers working to make all LGBT+ people safe and visible in the education environment


  • HM 2022 Badge Design Competition - Update
  • Working with the NHS to celebrate LGBT+ History Month
  • OTP 2021
  • We're Back On YouTube!
  • SOUK Government Consultation Responses

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Who Are We?

Schools OUT UK is the founding charity of LGBT+ History Month, an initiative which is:

Claiming our past.
Celebrating our present.
Creating our future.

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We're Back on YouTube!

by Andrew Dobbin


After a lot of swearing and  fiddling, I'm pleased to say that the official Schools OUT UK and LGBT+ History Month YouTube pages have been re-established.

When I joined the committee back in 2013 and took over the various media platforms we then had, I was aware that we had a YouTube page (LGBTHMUK, presumably to differentiate ourselves from History Month USA) but as is the case with many organisations run by transient unpaid volunteers, whoever had set it up had left without passing on the user details. So it sat, frustratingly inaccessible, while I was able to compile a sizeable archive of Schools OUT/LGBT+ History Month related video material. I was able to add videos to my own YT page, but this was not ideal.

So... we now have fifty-six videos available to you, on an official LGBT+ History Month YouTube page! Launch events, interviews, TV appearances and guest speakers, dating back as far as 1987 are all accessible now. There's even a link to the old page although I've transferred the majority of that content to the new channel.

The separate  Schools OUT UK channel  will also be added to over time.
For the History Month Channel, click on the logo below:

(NOTE: we are still LGBT History Month on the site, as the "+" was not allowed in the set-up process).
For the Schools OUT UK Channel, click on the logo below:

Body, Mind Spirit: 

LGBT+ HM 2021

'Body, Mind, Spirit' was launched in association with The British Library on Friday 6th November .The event was held online due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. A separate press launch is planned for 21st January 2021.

Freelance curator and Schools OUT UK patron Dan Vo acted as host alongside Chair Professor Sue Sanders, introducing speakers talking through the lives of 2021's five chosen 'Faces', as well as specially-filmed inserts.

Lou Engelfield, director of Pride Sports spoke about Lily Parr, the renowned women's footballer from the 1930s.

Cheryl Morgan of M-Shed and Out Stories Bristol spoke about Michael Dillon, a transgender pioneer, physician and practicing Buddhist.

Alan Butler of Pride In Plymouth spoke about Mark Weston. A successful athlete, born intersex, Mark competed as Mary Weston until retiring and undergoing confirmation surgery.

Kamara Dyer Simms of Haringey Vanguard spoke about American author and poet Maya Angelou.

Mike Jackson from LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners) spoke about Mark Ashton. Mark was the founder of LGSM, and was portrayed in the 2014 hit film 'Pride'. 

In addition, Amy from The Proud Trust talked through their forthcoming 2021 History Month education pack. The pack is available from the LGBT+ History Month website here.

The whole Launch event is available on our YouTube channel.

What Are You Planning For 

February 2021?

LGBT+ History Month sets out to celebrate our present. So we have an events Calendar for you to publicise your staff events. 

Afterwards, let us know what you did in during History Month, either as an organiser, participant or visitor (with JPG pictures please) and we can add them to our Your Events page
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Due to Covid-19, UK Pride celebrations and other events we would normally attend have been cancelled, severely impacting on our already limited income. Please visit our online shop and buy the 2021 badge variant and lanyards., as these remain our main source of finance. We welcome donation of any size (see further down this Bulletin). Thank you.
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2021 Virtual Festival

by Professor Sue Sanders

OUTing the Past, a Schools OUT UK-affiliated event, will be six years old in 2021 and we are very excited to have secured 19 venues and received over 70 offers of presentations, even though it is not clear if we will be able to have the festival in physical venues,

You can see the hubs and their dates on the timetable 
here. They have committed to hosting the festival regardless of whether it will be virtual or physical, but we have planned for a continuing virtual scenario, so the presenters the hubs choose will be asked to video their presentation, allowing us to proceed whatever the reality. If they choose, we will place the videos on the OTP website. We will be sharing the list of presenters with a short description of their presentation on both the OTP and LGBT+ HM websites in January.

The diversity of the presentations is amazing. We have several Irish stories which is excellent, given we have venues on the island of Ireland and the Irish community centre in New York. We have stories about LGBT+ organisations and campaigns, how to research LGBT+ stories and how to queer museums and archives, as well as specific lesbian, gay male, bi, trans and asexual stories. We will be exploring LGBT + issues from immigrants and from the Commonwealth, plus themes such as health, art, dance, and the courts. We will showcase perspectives from black, disabled old and young LGBT+ people. It is a massive tribute to our community that we have such a rich diverse list, and so many people have put precious time aside to create all these presentations.

We hope that when the list of presentations becomes available to everyone they will be chosen by other organisations, and that educators too will derive inspiration from them, contact the presenters and make their work accessible to their students. We trust that if you do book a presenter you will find ways to compensate them for all the hard work that has gone into producing such unique crucial history.

I urge you to get your diaries out and book your dates as soon as possible so you don’t miss the fascinating tapestry of LGBT+ stories coming in February. The sessions are all free and the beauty of them being on zoom means that you can join an event whether it is local to you or the other side of the country!

I wish you an exciting, inspiring, educating month discovering the wonderful unique LGBT+ history that awaits you.

Full details of times and programmes:


Schools OUT UK -

Government Consultations

by Sue Sanders


The Government  set up some consultations in 2020, on hate crime and the Gender Recognition Act. Schools OUT UK has been working with governments, local authorities and the Criminal Justice Panel on hate crime for over 30 years in a variety of roles, so we were pleased to put in a submission, which you can find here.

We also responded to the consultation on the GRA endorsing in the main the Proud Trust submission, which you can find that here

Working with the NHS to celebrate LGBT+ History Month 2021

by Dr. Abtin S.


image by Ian Capper

With all the challenges facing people this year, the theme for LGBT+ History Month 2021 (Body, Mind, Spirit) seems more relevant than ever. I joined Schools Out UK in June this year and over the past few months have been working with NHS trusts and organisations to start planning for LGBT+ History month in February 2021. As an NHS doctor working on the frontline and member of the LGBT+ community, the theme resonated with me. In addition to the physical and mental health challenges facing patients and staff due to COVID-19, research has shown that the LGBT+ community may be disproportionately impacted. As well as being more at risk of contracting COVID-19 when compared with the general population, members of the LGBT+ community are also less likely to access healthcare when they need it. Therefore it is the perfect time to work with the NHS to raise awareness of LGBT health inequalities and celebrate LGBT+ History month.

The idea started when Sue Sanders (Chair of Schools Out UK) mentioned in one of our first virtual meetings that the LGBT+ network at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) had named a dessert in her honour during a history month event last year. This lead to us reaching out to GOSH and working with them to start planning their events for February. Over the past few months, we have connected with a number of trusts across London including Chelsea & Westminster, Imperial Healthcare Trust and Guy’s and St Thomas’. Of note, Chelsea & Westminster trust, world renowned for their contributions to LGBT+ sexual health and the largest supplier of NHS PrEP in the UK will hopefully be presenting some their fantastic work.

The Care Quality Commission (independent regulator of all health and social care services in England) has also reached out to us to help plan their activities for LGBT+ History Month. This adds a really interesting dimension to the discussion, in particular looking at how healthcare services are assessed for meeting the needs of the LGBT+ community. They have already put together an exciting set of events, including a presentation from Dr Tommy Dickinson, the author of the book ‘Curing Queers’. An in-depth look into the lives of those who were institutionalised in British mental hospitals to receive 'treatment' for homosexuality and transvestism between 1935-1974.

Finally, there has been a lot of interest in discussing the NHS ‘borrowing’ the rainbow flag during the COVID pandemic. With recent media exposure (including Paul Hollywood’s comments on the Great British Bake Off in October), this seems like a great topic to draw people from outside the community into discussions about LGBT+ history in an accessible and current way. We would love to host a group discussion around this during history month and any volunteers to speak would be very much appreciated.

2022 Badge Design

Competition - Update 

by Andrew Dobbin

As of the 18th December, Stage One of the competition (Expressions of Interest) has ended, and as of 31st December we have sent out the Rules for Stage 2 (the design stage) to 21 institutions.  

While the majority of interest has come from secondary schools, we are pleased to say that all year groups will hopefully be represented. Entries are by Key Stage rather than institution, so for example a secondary school may send in its best KS3 and KS4 designs and so  have two shots at winning. 

We're also delighted to say that Tony Malone, who designed our first badge way back in 2004, will be part of the judging panel.

The deadline for entries is Friday 12th March 2021.

Big Gay Adventures In


by Sue Sanders

This is a new book compiled by the co-founder and director of LGBTed Daniel Tomlison-Gray. In it, 23 LGBT+ teachers reveal their experience of being out in education. The inspiring stories in the book are essential reading for LGBT+ teachers and allies.

Let's be the role models we needed when we were at school and show our students that they can be successful and happy as an LGBT+ person. My chapter chronicles my experiences of being out in the classroom since the 1960s. 
 I thank Jeanne Nadeau, my in-house editor.

Faces of 2022 - 2025

nominate your heroes and

your icons!


2022: Art & Politics  
the arc is long

2023: Art II  
behind the lens

2024: Schools OUT UK is 50!

2025: History Month is 20!
For each year we would like you, our supporters, to nominate the LGBT+ Faces who will represent queer contributions to the various chosen art forms and topics. Our only specification is that your nominee is now dead. We are particularly keen to expand the list of BAME LGBT contributors to the UK. If possible, please also let us know the source of your evidence - hearsay and rumour are not enough.

So if you have a name who you believe has been forgotten, straightened or even deliberately misrepresented by history in one or more of the above subjects, let us know:

Contact Andrew Dobbin, Promotions Officer for Schools OUT UK here

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With your continued support, we can realise our dreams of more lessons posted on The Classroom, LGBT HM in every school in the UK, a festival hub in every major town in the UK, and a National Museum of LGBT Heritage.

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For decades, Schools OUT UK, and before that The Gay Teachers' Group, has survived - and thrived - as a purely voluntary organisation, with a small income based mainly around the sale of our annual History Month badge. None of the committee receives any income for the work they do.

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