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December 2014 Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Los Gatos Teen Therapy!

We are excited to kick off our first monthly newsletter, and aim to send you a couple of helpful tips each month. We understand that December can be busy and stressful with the holidays, so we thought we'd share some suggestions around how to make the most of this special time with your teen and family. We wish you a joyous holiday season!

5 Tips For Parents To Enjoy The Holidays With Your Teen

The holiday season is often envisioned as being a time for family bonding, special moments to remember, and happiness. But it can be so easy for the holidays to become overshadowed with stress, conflict, and upset feelings. Here are a few tips that can help make your holiday season more enjoyable:
  1. Prioritize what is meaningful to you and your family. Ask yourself and each family member what the most important aspect of the holidays is for him / her. Teens respond well to being asked for their input and opinion. What may be important to one family member may not be important to another, so be sure to make everyone's holiday special by acknowledging what is important to each person, including yourself.

  2. Schedule ahead and be clear with your family about the events you would like the whole family to attend. Your teen likely has his / her own plans for holiday break, such as spending time with friends and sleeping in. Teens flourish under a schedule that is balanced with family commitments and free time, especially when the expectations are clear.

  3. Let go of perfectionism. When we focus on making everything perfect, we set ourselves up for taking on too much and reacting strongly when things don't go as planned. You will be a good role model to your teen if you are able to show flexibility, problem solving, and the ability to adapt.

  4. Ask for help from your teen. Make it more enjoyable for your teen by asking for help not only with routine chores, but also with fun activities that you can do together, such as baking and decorating. Let them know how much you need and appreciate their help. It's appropriate to ask your teen to help out first before being given permission to go out with friends or play video games, as long as you have made this clear ahead of time.

  5. Be present-focused and savor the little moments. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there will be special moments of shared quality time, relaxing, laughter, and enjoyment. If we are focused on our upcoming commitments or responsibilities, we will miss out on actually enjoying these special moments. Give yourself the gift of the present!

About The Author

Joy Linn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Los Gatos Teen Therapy, with 10 years of experience working with troubled youth and their families. She truly enjoys helping teens overcome their difficulties. She has sought extensive training in a broad variety of therapeutic models and continues to be fascinated with different modalities and mental health issues. Joy is especially effective by combining her clinical expertise with genuine caring for her clients. She believes that everyone can benefit from working on their self-improvement and puts this mindset into practice in her own daily life.

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