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March 2017 Newsletter

Taking Care Of You

by Elisa Navarini, MFT

As therapists, we are commonly asked, “What is the best thing we can do as parents?” or “What is the best thing we can do for our child?” Parents are usually expecting a long list of “dos and don’ts,” but in my opinion, one of the best things you can do for your children is take care of yourself.  

Think about all you do for your children. Perhaps on the list is: making them dinner, taking them to sports practice, helping them with homework, and/or folding their laundry. The list can go on and on, and as the list grows it is easy to let your needs fall to the wayside. Parents sometimes forget to take care of themselves or feel guilty about taking time for themselves. However, neglecting to practice self-care will put stress on your mind and body, which can result in a weaker immune system, high blood pressure, depression, and anger. This can make parenting an even greater challenge!

When you are mentally and physically well, you are the best version of you. When you are at your best, you are likely more confident, positive, energetic, patient, and better at decision-making - all of which impact your relationship with your children and your parenting abilities.  

We all have different self-care needs. Some examples include: 

Physical: practicing healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, exercising, receiving medical care, getting a haircut

Emotional: finding things that make you happy, intimacy with others

Social: spending time with family/friends, setting boundaries

Intellectual: reading, learning a new skill, going to school, watching documentaries

Spiritual: spending time outdoors, visiting a place of worship, prayer, self-reflection

Artistic: writing in journal, enjoying hobbies, drawing

Especially with busy schedules, it may be hard to find the time to identify your own needs and take steps to meet them. A good way to start is by choosing one area of self-care and focusing on making a change there. Make it a priority.  

This may mean that you give up some time spent on something else to make room for self-care. For example, if you would like to journal more, dedicate 15 minutes first thing in the morning, at lunch, or before bed for that activity, even if it means waiting until tomorrow to answer some e-mails.

This may also mean asking for help from your spouse or friends. Ask a friend to accompany you on a weekly hike, or your spouse to watch the kids one night a week so you can take an art class. Have your children stay at their friends’ house for an evening so you and your spouse can have a romantic night out.

You can also include your children in self-care. Schedule a physical activity for each family member at the same gym at the same time (you can take a spin class while your teen takes yoga), or you can all take a class together. Take a family trip to the library or park, or make Sunday Church service with brunch afterward a weekly family routine.

By implementing even small steps toward self-care, you are not only benefiting your health, but you are also modeling to your children how they can respect and care for themselves.  

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About The Author

Elisa Navarini is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist seeing clients both in the office and in their homes as an In-Home Teen and Family Coach. She has advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Intervention and Management, and Strength-Based Treatment. Elisa has nearly a decade of experience in the non-profit, mental health sector. She previously provided services to high-risk teens and their families at Uplift Families Services, as well as 1:1 behavioral coaching to youth in a Level-14 residential treatment facility.

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Teen Groups

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  • Destress: The Anti-Anxiety Group
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