Newsletter includes : Jerusalem Artichoke Kimchee is back,  Holiday Whole Radish Kimchee, Recipe for Kimchee Popcorn, Breaking News, Kimchee Harvest Kitchen, Farm Markets.

Curly Kale Kimchee Sunset

NEW to market this week, Jerusalem artichokes Kimchee. Crunchy, sweet, nutty and high pepper batch. 

Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) is an important native crop for small farms in the Northeast, with the virtues of  low maintenance and harvest windows twice a year, spring and fall. Native to the central regions of North America, several Indigenous North American  tribes used Jerusalem artichoke as food prior to the arrival of European settlers. 

In France, the artichoke is called "topinambour," although the word "Jerusalem" has several explanations. The artichoke became a staple food for North American pilgrims and was thought of as a new feed in a "new Jerusalem." A second theory is that the word Jerusalem is a twisting of the Italian word for sunflower-girasol. In Korea, the tuber is called 뚱딴지(dwaeji gamja) or pig potato. I know of a couple of theories why Koreans call the tuber a pig potato...some knobs on the tuber resemble a pig snouts!


ORDER your Radish Kimchee, ponytail style.  Spicy, crunchy, colorful, slow ferment 4 months.  

1/2 gallon $35. email or call 60326 6177. Please specify the market and day you wish to pick up. 

December 12-17th
Union Square GreenMarket 8am-5pm
Our location floats around the market, so look out for our little red tent and an enthusiastic Kimchee Queen
download the Union Square Producer App 
WEDNESDAY Dag Hammarskjold 8am-3pm , near UN

Fort Greene Park Greenmarket 8am-4pm
McCarren Park Greenmarket 8am-4pm
Tompkins Square Greenmarket 9am-4pm
Columbus Circle/ 79th Street 8am -4pm
Forest Hills Greenmarket 8am - 4pm

Kimchee Popcorn
A great salty, spicy, umami  snack!
1/2 C popping corn kernels
1/4 C Kimchee Harvest, juice squeezed out and reserved
1/4 C Vegetable Oil
1/4 C Kimchee juice
3 T Butter
1/2 t Gochugaru
salt to taste

Squeeze kimchi and chop
Place in large popping vessel with tight fitting lid with corn kernels and oil
Turn on high and cover
Place kimchi liquid in non-reactive sauce pan and reduce to nearly dry, add gochugaru and butter and melt. Turn off and set aside.
The corn will take longer to pop, be patient. When the remaining liquid in the  kimchi has cooked out, the vegetables will start to fry and then the corn will begin to pop, slow at first and then full speed. When the popping slows down again, turn the heat off and let it rest a few minutes covered.
Transfer popped corn to a large bowl and be sure to scrape the bottom of the pot for all the delicious crispy vegetable bits. 
Pour melted butter mixture over corn and add a little salt to taste. Be careful not to over salt it, the kimchi has already seasoned the popcorn some. Toss, toss, toss and enjoy!

Recipe from Chris Mcgee, The Mountain School

in Downtown Roxbury's Fermentation District
53470 NY-30, Roxbury, NY 12474
Saturday 11am-8pm Sunday 11am-6pm

RAMEN pork broth or vegetable miso broth with house made noodles.  Gluten free option is our brown and black rice blend. Ramen bowls this weekend served with 
ORDER TO-GO or eat with us. 
Drinks: hot apple/ pear cider, chaga tea, coffee, shots of kimchee juice

Breaking news:

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