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Lifehacks To Enhance Immunity, Reduce Stress & Make 2017 Magical
Have You Been Feeling It??

Many are reflecting back on 2016, and are just plain tired!!
Many are acknowledging that it has been a pretty intense year for themselves and many they know.
Many are sharing stories of relationships ending unexpectedly, death of loved ones, the death of famous ones that affected many deeply, the loss of jobs, financial struggles, mental health struggles and so many just plain unexpected events have popped up for many!
What was your biggest challenge of 2016? What was your biggest victory?

Personally my 2016 was very expansive. But I found many times with all this expansive-ness the desire to retreat came along with it. But I'm so glad I didn't. I moved forward in so many amazing ways and was blessed to experience so much amazing-ness and to witness so many incredible journeys with clients both online and in person. Stepping outside my comfort zone allowed me to connect with and help so many more this year.  But was it ever a bit uncomfortable at times!! I think many of you can relate as I've been witness to so many stepping outside their comfort zone.

Many of my clients are feeling alot of overwhelm, chaos, anxiety and stress and with the holidays kicking in it is making it even many social events, difficult family relationships, shopping, baking, and so on! Mix all of this together and most absolutely can't wait for 2016 to end and for a fresh new start in 2017!

So if you have been feeling this way know you are not alone!!
I am here to offer you some support through the stress of the season to keep you healthy....that's most often where stress hits us during this season is we get sick!
And to offer you some great ways to Make 2017 Magical!!
So stay tuned! And please Share with anyone you know who is feeling a bit Tired and Stressed. 2016 has been challenging for so many, lets support each other!

I'm sharing LifeHacks for Modern Mystics daily right now in my Create Your Sacred Space FB Group, so if
you would like support more often come and join me and a very supportive tribe of other Awakening souls here.
If there is a particular issue you need help with this holiday season, or stepping fully into your Power for 2017...come on over to the group and ask for help.....or send a reply back to this email. I'll be doing a few more emails before Christmas and I've got lots of plans to help in even more ways in 2017 and I want to tailor them to your issues! Family gatherings making you Anxious? And you'd like a self-acupressure point to help...let me know and I'll get to as many as I can.

Enhance Your Immunity This Winter…Naturally!

The Flu may not be a “Season”, but may just be our body’s inability to adapt to decreased Vitamin D from sun exposure, combined with increased sugar and the stress of excess emotional baggage of the holiday season.

Let’s Create Better Health and Kick the "Flu Season" to the curb!!
Two natural methods I incorporate into my life are Acupressure and Nutrients. I’m happy to say I’ve not had a bad cold or flu for years now!

Stress creates traffic jams in the energy systems of the body.

Acupressure strengthens natural resistance to colds and flus by opening the natural energy flow to the organs allowing them to function at their highest level.
Fall and Winter in TCM is related to the Lung, Large Intestine and Kidney Meridians so we can enhance our resistance by keeping these meridians open.

Make sure to check out the valuable acupressure point below that you can do yourself to enhance your immunity.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1 to Make 2017 Magical
It's time to take action towards all you want to create in 2017!
I've been creating my 2017 plan and I want to assist you all to make 2017 your Most Magical year yet!

Self-Awareness is key to stepping forward into your Soul's work and Manifesting the Life Your Desire and Deserve!
One of the best ways I've found to tap deeper into that awareness is working with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records can be used for your business, personal life, healing, and so much more. Also known as “The Book of Life” or “Book of Knowledge”, the Akashic Records contain information about every soul and its journey through all of its lifetimes. A an infinite data base or record of everything that was, is and will be.....
Aligning with your Soul level gifts is the best way for you to find confidence and success in life and your business, and to step into all that is YOU on a whole new level.

The Sacred Information that comes through has such Divine Beauty...and that is powerful!! Click the link to get started!!
As soon as I receive your payment, I will send you a link to book a time for your Akashic Records session!
Regular Price: $179.00; Until Jan 1, 2017, Only $99.00!
You can get it now and use it once all the holiday busy-ness calms down! But it is the time to make a commitment to yourself!! And to Creating Your Most Beautiful and Aligned Life!

I'm sharing these Beautiful words I received from an Akashic Records Reading I recently did. From using the Sacred information from her session she was able to release a big block that was holding her back, and the next day wrote a new offer using the information that came forward from her Akashic Records!!

"Thank you so much for the Akashic reading, it was so accurate and healing. It was confirmation of what I need to do to clear the way to get to where I want to be. It makes so much sense, the Universe won't let me skip a step ;) Also to have the "permission" to go into my feelings was so helpful. I've already taken huge steps! You are so gifted in sharing Akashic readings with such clarity, flow and precision, I am so grateful for you."

Exploring these ancient records helps you explore your Soul's Purpose and Energies, to become more aligned with your Soul energy,  to bring the wisdom from you past lives, clear negative energies around you, offers steps to move forward, and can even assist with healing energies that are no longer serving you. It is a magical, beautiful Inner experience of sacred energies.

Special Note for My Comox Valley Clients:
I am spending the holidays in the Comox Valley and still have a few spots open for in-person hands on stress relief Bodymind Acupressure in December. Book your session by sending me an email here or by phoning 250 703-1670.

Please stay connected and watch for more Lifehacks for Modern Mystics coming your way soon!

Love and Blessings,

Kidney 27 Self-Acupressure Point to Enhance Immunity

Kidney 27
is an immune-boosting super star, and very helpful for people who are prone to upper respiratory flu symptoms. It reinforces immune system functioning by strengthening the entire respiratory system. The Kidney meridian is said to grasp Lung Qi, meaning it helps distribute the air that enters the lungs throughout the rest of the body. When this doesn’t happen properly, shortness of breath and cough can occur as well as fatigue because your body is not getting adequate oxygenation.

Kidney 27 is easily found, about one inch from the midline on the lower border of the collarbone, in a small notch. This point is great to use to get relief from coughing, sore throat and chest congestion too!
Go into the points gently at first as they may be tender...then gradually increase the pressure and hold for 2-3 mins each day. I incorporate acupressure into my morning ritual. You can use it more often if you are coughing or having symptoms.
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