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"Your Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again and again." -Joseph Campbell
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Happy Fall!
Crisp Days, Bonfires, Puddle Walking, Warm Spicy Foods, Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Pie.
Oh So Much To Be Grateful For!
Stepping Into Fall, Enhance Your Immunity, Two Fall Specials, Up Your Vibe with Color, and Breast Health Awareness Tees for October!!
Fall "Nature Spirit" Mandala
Fall "Nature Spirit" Mandala

Meditation Mandalas

Mandalas are perfect for creating a Sacred Meditation Space in your home, or they are available on phone cases for "Meditation on the Go". They are also great for unique branding of businesses or products.

Go here to see a product label I recently created a mandala for!


Purchase Mandala Prints, Cards, and "Meditation on the Go" Mandala Phone Cases!!


Welcome to October!!
Gratitude, Letting Go...Into Fall, Self-Care to Enhance Immunity, Two Fall Specials, Colorful Fall Fashion to Up Your Vibe, and Breast Health Awareness Tees!

Happy TGIF!! Have a great weekend!
As we come to October I always start thinking even more about how grateful I am for all the amazing things in my life. I've had such an amazing journey these past years!
I am very blessed to have amazing clients who are self aware, and who have the desire to take responsibility for their health and healing. You can read some of their wonderful testimonials here. I'm excited to now be working with more online clients too which has been a dream of mine for awhile! I love assisting clients in their transformations, and feel honored to be a part of their beautiful journeys. I am looking forward to honoring clients old and new with my Two Fall Specials, below!

I really believe what we focus on expands! So with that said...
Many focus on October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I say let's focus on health and healing and focus on Breast Health Awareness for October! Make sure to check out below for how I am doing this. I hope to create a movement! Please share this information!

And make sure you check out the Beautiful Naomi below modeling my "Dancing With the Sun" leggings!!

As we flow into October...We are now heading into the time of Fall and the Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is important that we go into this time with our energy strong, well balanced, open and flowing to keep those winter cold and flus to a minimum. I've already seen lots of Lung stuff starting to happen. The Metal Element is associated with The Lungs and Large Intestines...the organs associated with elimination...and commonly the ones affected by colds and flus.

Fall and its Metal energy help us to let go of the old and stale in our lives, leaving us ready to renew. Like trees letting go of their beautiful leaves, it's time for us to let go of the old clutter; toxins, pollutants, emotions, regrets, attachments, intellectual and spiritual garbage. 

When we are unable to let go and move on from stressful experiences, we will often experience sadness and depression. These emotions often lead to a dysfunction in the lungs manifesting as chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and frequent colds & flus. The large intestine can be equally affected as well. Constipation and/or diarrhea can result from unexpressed sadness and grief.

Good energy flow in these meridians leads to high functioning of the Lungs and Large Intestine to assist detoxification. This will move the old toxic burden out and purify your body, providing maximum support and strength for your immune system to help shield you from viruses, bacteria and fungi. The best protection against diseases comes from within, not from vaccines!

Opening the energy meridians using acupressure allows them to function to a more optimal degree.

Empower yourself this Fall!! Check out these 4 great self-acupressure points on my webpage here to assist you with detoxification and enhancing your immunity. (One of them even assists with holiday hangovers!) You'll also find information healthy foods for Fall  and a couple of recipes including a squash soup I love. And if you didn't get to read it a few weeks's the link to the Curried Chanterelle Mushroom Butternut Squash Soup...perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving.
Or you can read this previous Lung Love newsletter for one really good Lung Acupressure point.

A personal, customized Jin Shin Do Acupressure session can find where you are carrying energetic blockages that may keep your immunity from functioning as well as it could....and to assist you to release them, opening the flow of energy that will enhance your immunity.

Message me to book your personal, customized session.


Fall Specials

1.Core Values Special

What are your intentions for this Fall 2015? Are you ready to finish 2015 Powerfully? Would you like a new tool or two to assist you in making decisions?
Your Core Values are the driving force behind your joy and and your pain. Whenever you are feeling happy, one or more of your core values is being honored. Whenever you are feeling sad, frustrated or stuck, one or more of your core values is not being honored. To increase your happiness and well being, you must understand your Core Values. I learned this technique several years ago, and it is like a "Life Compass" to help you make decisions. In recent years when faced with some difficult decisions in my life, having this tool has been "priceless".

I even use my Core Values to make food choices! One of my Core Values is Vitality. One is sometimes it is a conscious choice of will this bring me so much Joy that I can "ignore" the Vitality part, or sometimes it reminds me that Vitality is so important to me and the short-lived Joy (of that ice cream, pastry, etc) isn't worth it...but it gives me a great tool to work with.

I wish I'd had this tool earlier in my life...I think it might have helped me pick my earlier romantic partners better!
Because I feel this is such an important tool, I have put my Core Values Session on Special Pricing to assist you with your Life and Fall Planning!

I even created a special mandala for myself when I first learned my Core Values. I placed it in numerous places to remind myself of my Core Values so that I would make sure to honor them....and my life has been so much smoother since then.
Now, Imagine....this "Life Compass" combined with the power of your Personal Magical Mandala!

The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to "magic circle" or "sacred circle". Mandalas, ancient and modern, frequently offer beautiful examples of radial symmetry and contain elements of Sacred Geometry. They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness.

Yes you can take this priceless tool and combine it with Intentional Mandala Power upping the Value and Power even more. When we step into a new paradigm...i.e. living life from our Core Values takes a bit of practice. A mandala with your Core Values that is in your sight daily will assist this paradigm shift quicker as it will be connecting directly to your Unconscious Mind!

1. Core Values Session Only
Regular $145.00 Saving of $68.00!
2. Core Values Session with Mandala Magic
Your Core Values embedded into one of my already created Mandalas that resonates with you...delivered as a PDF to You.
Only $99.00 Regular $222.00 Saving You $123.00
You can view my mandalas here.
Then pick the one you would like, book your Core Values Session Your Core Values will be embedded in the mandala you choose so that they are always speaking to you and reminding your Unconscious to work from that place.
3. The Ultimate Core Values Session includes a Channeled and Custom Designed Mandala that is created just for YOU! And the Core Values Session. And Your Core Values embedded into Your Mandala!
Only $333.00 Regular $478.00 Saving You $145.00!

Email Now to Book one of these sessions. Sessions can be done via Skype or phone, or combined with a Custom In Person Jin Shin Do Session. Special Pricing valid for booking made during the month of Oct 2015 only.

2. Gratitude Special
October and Thanksgiving always has me focusing deeply on Gratitude. A big part of this is thinking about how special all my clients are. I wanted to do something to honor you all, and to reach more clients who would enjoy and appreciate my work. Being such ideal clients for me, I though you might know other ideal clients for me. I want to work with more individuals just like you! So, I am wondering, do you know of anyone that I would enjoy serving through my work? And would you consider an email recommendation introduction to those people? I want to honor and thank you by offering a 10% discount to you on any session for each person you refer to me, who comes in for a full Jin Shin Do session before Dec 21, 2014. Can you please copy me at when you send out an email to any potential clients, so I can keep track of your discounts! You can refer them to my website client testimonials if you wish. Refer 10 people who come for a session, and you would get a full FREE session! Get more than 10, and I will apply it to multiple sessions. Thank You so much for your generous help in helping me grow my business.

Have a Healthy and Happy Fall!!

Supercharge your immune system

An immunity support spray that instantly delivers natural, immune health-supporting compounds like zinc, echinacea and bovine colostrum.
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Up Your Vibe with Color...and Mandalas

Most of my mandala designs are now on fun capris and leggings!
I've been getting great feedback on these. "Dancing with the Sun" modeled here by the beautiful Naomi, have been very popular as have "Peacock Power". They are a perfect antidote to the dull fall and winter days. I've also got many of my designs on mandala silk scarves here.

Learn more about benefits and uses of mandalas, in particular a personal mandala created just for you!

Dancing with the Sun Leggings
Breast Health Awareness Month
October and Breast Health Awareness Month

I know for many October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I say let's focus on health and healing and focus on Breast Health Awareness for October. After all, it's been shown that what we focus on expands, and that when a group of people focus on the same thing the energy expands even more!!
As Mother Teresa said "I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me." It is far more powerful to focus on what we want rather than what we don't want!
So join together and focus on Breast Health Awareness, and share this message with one of my Treasure Your TaTas mandala Tees!
You can check out all the styles and colours and get yours (and maybe one for a friend) here.