Manifesting Beautiful Lives!
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Manifest Your Magical Life Makeover
Hello Beautiful Souls!!

Happy Spring!! Apologies for being Missing in Action for awhile.
I've been deep in Creation Mode...Creating Magic! And I'm here today to share some of that magic with you!
This email will be a bit different than my usual ones...but not as long :-)
For so long I've had requests from those who didn't live near me to be able to work with me....Well, finally that day has come!

While I was away on my 5 week Sailing and Writing adventure, not only did I get engaged on my 55th Birthday, and do alot of writing on my Treasure Your Tatas Breast Health program, but I was also inspired to write another program about all the tools I used to Manifest my Beautiful Life! I realized I use a mix of Metaphysical, Spiritual and Practical tools, and I wanted to get them all written down in a format I could share! And then I developed a program that includes these as well as 4 hours of Intuitive Energy Coaching.

What was born was my 30 day Manifest Your Magical Life Makeover . I'm SO EXCITED about it, and wanted to take time today and let you know about it...and just in case you haven't seen it on Facebook.... I have a contest going to Win a spot in the program!

I wanted to share with you of all the amazing-ness you could win!
And to give you the 3 easy steps to make sure your entry is complete!

As well, I had said the contest was open till end of day Monday, but I will keep it open an extra 24 hours for YOU! So it is now open till midnight Tuesday!

I’ve found it is essential to work with the Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment to create lasting change. Having worked for 30 years as a Medical Scientist and 8 years as an Intuitive Bodymind Acupressurist I know how to look beneath the surface of what appears to be going on, and blend Science and Intuition to find very unique solutions. It’s time for you to Step into the Power of Conscious Creation and I am here to be your Manifestor Mentor and Guide. (Yes, I'm still available to do Bodymind Acupressure too!)

Manifest Your Magical Life Makeover Includes:
              -4 Weekly 60 min Energy Coaching Calls Intuitively Customized

-Unlimited Email/Messaging During Office hours

-Private FB Group Accesss for Comments and Questions during Office hours

-Weekly Worksheets and Handouts

-A Manifestation Mandala with Your Top 4 Intentions embedded Into It

Week 1: Create Your Sacred Life “Mind”

This week will be focused on The Mind and Manifestation

-Use the “Wheel of Life” to discover where in your life you want to Create a Makeover

-Set Powerful Unique for you Mantras for your 30 Day Intentions

-Tools to Connect to Your Intuition/Energy on a daily basis

Week 2: Create Your Sacred Life “Body”

This week will be focused on the Body and Manifestation

-A check in to see where in your body stress is blocking your Manifesting

-A look at what beliefs your body is holding that don’t serve you

-Ancient techniques to release stress and anxiety, release old stuck energy and to give you a good boost of energy and endorphins

Week 3: Create Your Sacred Life “Environment”

This week will focus on your Environment…

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

-Everything is Energy, Food, Clothes; Rooms…are you and your space aligned? Is your space a reflection of who you are becoming?

-Creating Your Home to Enhance Manifestation

-Creating Sacred Space in YOUR Daily Life

-Use of Symbols and Metaphors

-5 Elements and Feng Shui

Week 4: Create Your Sacred Life: “Spirit”

This week will focus on “Spirit” or “Soul”…and putting it all together

-Noticing shifts

-Importance of celebration

-Finding the Gifts (even when it appears there are none!)

-Manifestation Mandala PDF with your top 4 intentions embedded into it


You can read the full description of the program here.
And here's the 3 Simple Steps to make sure you are entered to win Manifest Your Magical Life Makeover.

1. Join my
Create Your Sacred Space Facebook Group

2. Share this Pinned Post about the contest that is on my
Manifesting with Soul Mandalas Page anywhere you a Group, on your personal page, wherever with one reason why you would like to work with me. Please tag me in that post either with my name or #TheManifestorMentor hashtag...or both! Or take a screen shot and past it in our group. And make sure the post is Public, so I can find it!!

3. Come to the
Create Your Sacred Space Group, and in the Pinned post there for this Contest, at the top of the page comment on the post telling me where you shared it, why you would like to work with me, and one thing you would like to manifest.

That's it!!
If you have any questions you can post them in the Create Your Sacred Space Group, or just hit reply and email me.

PS, I have also finally gotten my Custom Mandala Journey properly written up, so you can take a look at it here too if you want!
Happy Manifesting!

I'm looking forward to playing with you!
Love and Blessings,
Manifest Your Magical Life Makeover
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