Spirit Animal Magic, Letting go of Fear and Anxiety

I am well into my saying Yess adventure and wanted to say hello to you all. We are now in Puerto Rico in the marina preparing for our sail across the Caribbean. We had a great time in Cancun and were there as the moon became full, and here the last few evenings have had a stunning view of that moon across the ocean. I started realizing I was having a bit of fear come up about this crossing's 7 days and nights on the open Caribbean Sea !! So I had a bit of a meditation around that and asked for a sign....And asked to be able to release the fear and step fully into the joy and excitement of this incredible manifestation I'm on.And so the next day....Something very magical happened. We walked a few km to get some marine supplies and on the way back to the marina what should appear but an egret one of my long time spirit animals that I have only seen in dreams before today <3 And not only one but a pair under a full double rainbow!!Part of the symbolism for the egret is about working at ease with the elements of Nature. Could there be a more perfect sign for sailing. Magic is real. We can always get answers for ourselves if we just ask and listen fully with awareness. We are powerful beings and Spirit, Sourse or whatever you call it wants to work with us , support us and let us know we are always protected and connected. I feel so blessed to be tapping deeper and deeper into my intuition and connection to Spirit these past weeks.Anyway...I wanted to connect, say hi and send Love and HugsSee you back in Canada in a few more weeks! I'll try to do another update or 2, but will within a day or 2 have no internet for 7-10 days! I'll be celebrating my 55th at Sea, so am excited for that too. What a way to celebrate turning 55 I say.Love and Hugs,AliciaPs If you want to follow my adventures more, you can see lots more Instagram photos on my Facebook profile or my akashabloom Instagram account.
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