Would You Like to Learn Some Secrets of the Ancients

Happy Fall!
As I await my home to sell and with the knowledge that I won't be around here as much, I want to reach out to you and find out how I can most serve YOU this Fall.

I'm planning some Self Acupressure classes for common problems this Fall....what problems would YOU like addressed, and would you be interested in attending?

Would you be interested in learning to do an Acupressure Neck and Shoulder Release? Once you've learned this Neck and Shoulder Release technique, it is easy to share it with loved ones, anywhere.

Would you rather do it in a group or just the 2 of you?
And if you were interested, what day would be best for you for a group class? I can arrange a location or if you get a group of 8 friends together at your home...the class is Free for you!!

5-Step Acupressure Neck-Shoulder Group Class- 2.5 hours
Learn to find key neck and shoulder points to help release stubborn tensions. Practice the relaxing Basic Acupressure Neck and Shoulder Release on yourself and others, holding 5 key neck & shoulder points bilaterally. This is a wonderful class for Couples, and makes a great Gift for your Sweetheart. Classes can be taught privately to just the 2 of you, or get a group together.

"Increasing Intimacy" Private Acupressure class for Couples -2 hours
This 2 hour class is for you if you want to learn Ancient Techniques with your partner to:
-Develop Deeper Intimacy
-Create a Complete Shift in Mood in 15-20 mins
-Deepen Your Bonds of Trust and Compassion
-Relax, Release Tension, Promote Healing
-Facilitate Heartfelt Communication
-Intensify Physical Pleasure
You will receive guided instruction to learn the points, a chance to practice with guidance from Alicia, and a handout to refer to as you deepen your learning on your own. This is a gift that will last. Here's what a participant of my couple's session had to say.....
" I could not believe the depth of my physical and emotional responses during the private couples session! It was the first time I have felt energy move through all my insides and force all those releases. It felt like dominoes falling all over inside me (no wonder I was quivering!) It would have been amazing enough if it had just been you, Alicia triggering all that but that it was my boyfriend, who has zero experience....amazing!!!"

So, I'd love to hear back from you, and look forward to your thoughts!!

Have a beautiful week!

Love and Hugs,
Akasha Bloom BodyMind Acupressure 3904 Royston Rd Royston, BC V0R 2V0 Canada