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"Your Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again and again." -Joseph Campbell
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Natural Cycles, Energetic Boundaries, Soul Mate Love
Are You Honoring Natural Laws and Cycles?
And what about Your Energetic Boundaries?
***And Important Information About My Cancellation Policy and a Price Increase*****

I've been in a Deep Yin Creative Mode these past months and wrote about it in an online magazine that I have been asked to write for. This time of year frequently takes me to a very deep and Yin time, which used to make me a bit crazy, because it sometimes seemed like “nothing was happening”.
But something is always happening and it is really powerful when you can honor these natural cycles. I share how to do this in this article which you might like to read here.

"If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want." – Kevin Ngo

Your Energetic Boundaries Affect What and Who You Attract Into Your Life!!

Read on to see where I wasn't honoring my My Energetic Boundaries fully and how the Universe delivered the message that it was time to address issues I'd "meant to" for awhile!

Energetic Boundaries are something I've had to do ALOT of work on, and I know whenever something happens that doesn't feel good, right or aligned that my Energetic Boundaries need a bit of attention!

Are you tired of attracting the wrong kind of relationships into your life?
Both personally and professionally? Having friends and clients and especially intimate relationships that just leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired, used up, resentful, and even angry?
One of the reasons may be that you have damaged Energetic Boundaries.
In fact, many have damaged Energetic Boundaries. Even things like financial problems can damage them. And especially inherited issues, beliefs or genetics can do damage. Feeling shame or abandonment, being abused physically, mentally or emotionally, witnessing your mothers going through intense emotions, and even spending time around those who don't deal with their emotions appropriately are just a few of the things that can damage your Energetic Boundaries.

When your Energetic Boundaries are damaged you are sending out a Love Frequency that will keep attracting the wrong kind of Love, and until you "repair" them you will never be able to attract that Soul Mate Love, Soul Mate Client, or Soul Mate Friend you long for and so deserve.

If you would like to check into your Love Frequency, and are ready to work on your Energetic Boundaries to Create The Love Frequency To Attract Soul Mate Love, I am doing some Free 20 minute Love Frequency calls right now.

You can book your Free 20 min LOVE FREQUENCY Session here:

So you may be asking how did it show up for me that my Energetic Boundaries needed a bit of attention...even after all the work I've done on them!

I have an amazing life: fulfilling work, 2 wonderful children, I've attracted My Magical Soul Mate Love.....
Well, last week I had 2 clients in one day cancel very short notice for their in person sessions!
I put alot of preparation and thought into all my sessions, I rent space, and drive to work in that space, and sometimes turn down other clients when I am full for the day.

For the longest time I've meant to put a cancellation policy in place to Honor My Energy and Energetic Boundaries, but I hadn't!
As well I've had alot of increases in the cost of running my in person practice, including a fairly steep raise for the rent of that space, and had meant to increase my prices at the beginning of the year, but hadn't...again not respecting my energy and Energetic Boundaries!!
Yup, The Universe decided to give me a bit of a message in having my day and time so disrupted! And not honoring my Energy and Energetic Boundaries enough!!

If you cancel a  session with less than 48 hours notice, you will be billed for the full price of the session. (Unless there are very extenuating circumstances!)
The price for an individual session for regular clients (more than 10 sessions with me) will increase to $135.00/90 minute session. For new clients, the price will increase to $165.00/90 minute session.

So, I'm curious...where are you feeling overwhelmed, annoyed, used up, frustrated, not nourished, always giving and not receiving, resentful and even angry?? Where are you not honoring your energy and Energetic Boundaries? And could your Energetic Boundaries need a bit of TLC?? I'd love to hear...please free to hit reply and let me know!!

I hope you are all doing amazing!! I have lots of new surprises coming that were birthed during this Creative Yin season, so stay tuned!!

Love and Hugs,

Are You Honoring Natural Laws and Cycles? Also, read on to discover where I wasn't honoring my Energetic Boundaries and how the Universe got my attention!!!

An Acupressure Point to Enhance Focus and Motivation

Location: Two-thirds of the way up from the upper lip to the nose. Press slowly but firmly into your gum and breathe deeply. Do this for a couple of minutes. The effectiveness of this point often increases by pressing it firmly each day over a period of several weeks.

Creative Benefits:  Although this point is also good for improving memory and concentration, its magic lies in its ability to bring you back into both moment and focus. Whenever you have an idea but are unsure about it or have doubts, this point will gently bring you back into yourself both increasing your creativity, centring and grounding you, especially useful if feeling a little spaced out. It helps you let go of worries and any creative doubt. GV 26 can also be used to relieve fainting and dizziness.

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