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Is This Affecting Your Manifesting?
Sweet Full Moon Dreams! Are Anxiety or Insomnia a part of your Full Moon Experience? Help is on it's way! Or maybe you'd like to create a Full Moon Love Ritual. One small thing can help you with all of these, and much more!
Sweet Full Moon Dreams!!
Are Anxiety or Insomnia a part of your Full Moon Experience?
Help is on it's way! Or maybe you'd like to create a Full Moon Love Ritual. One small thing can help you with all of these, and much more!

Ylang Ylang is great for calming during the Full Moon, and really helps if you can't sleep during the Full Moon. I always keep Ylang Ylang oil on my nightstand
I was blessed to spend a magical Full Moon under a Ylang Ylang tree in full bloom in Panama a few years ago.....The scent was so blissful....intoxicating
I created this mandala, Sweet Full Moon Dreams from an image of the blooms on that magnificent tree to take me back to that blissful-ness.....and am sharing it with you for this Full Moon.
So just take some time today bask in the full resolution image, and read more about Ylang Ylang here.

And if you don't have any Ylang Ylang oil yet...what are you waiting for?? Make sure to get some for next Full Moon! Get it and many other amazing Essential Oils to lift your vibe here!

If you haven't read my "Where Most People Get Stuck Manifesting" about how important staying Calm, Peaceful and Relaxed is to Manifesting, you can read all about that here.

Ylang Ylang is calming and soothing for those with troubled minds and who find it difficult to like themselves very much, or forgive themselves, but who need to forgive and to find a place in their hearts to love themselves. Ylang Ylang aids us in looking at this wonderful world we have been given, with love and understanding that we are all beautiful and a part of it. Make sure to go and read all about Ylang Ylang...It is a powerful Manifesting Oil on many levels.

And PS...Did you know....Ylang Ylang is also useful for dilating the Cervix during childbirth...if anyone is planning their birth ritual. I had one client take a print of this mandala into the birthing room with her to focus on. You can order a small print or greeting card for your birthing day here.

Manifest Your Magical Life!
Special Pricing on Manifest Your Magical Life for Just a Few More Days!!

Now that I've taken a few Magical souls through my Manifest Your Magical Life Program....I've realized I have a ton of awesome-ness in it...too much for just 4 weeks!
So, I am changing it up a is going to be 5 weeks, and 5-1 hour calls with me instead of 4. I just have too much goodness in it for 4!
And, the price will be going $444.00 for the first 4, but will then be going up to $555.00...but anyone who gets it bought before I get a chance to change the webpage copy, page and price will get the 5 weeks for this current price of $367.00!!!
If you want we can chat and I can go over the program with you. You can book a Free 15 min Call here.
Imagine....5 weeks of magical, intuitive support...powerful practical and metaphysical tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.
So if you have been thinking of doing this program with me....the price will be going up by sometime next week, so now is the time to act!!
You can sign up here. And even if you don't want to start for a few weeks.....that is fine too...but you can still get it at these savings!
And this offer is only for the Magical souls in my Create Your Sacred Space Facebook Group and You, Magical Soul here, on my list!

Manifest Your Magical Life addresses Manifesting Change in Your Life on a Body, Mind and Spirit level....What this means is we will intuitively look at what may be blocking you on all these levels and give you techniques to work on each area...including a Custom...just for you Self-Acupressure routine to address Energetic Blocks!!

Change Your Energy....Change Your Life!

When you feel "up", with Joy, Peace and Gratitude, you are sending out energetic vibrations that magnetize good stuff to you. Fear, Worry, Guilt, or Shame send out lower vibe energies. Thus, what we think, is the way we feel, and is the what we vibrate, and is what we will attract!

Stress blocks our energetic pathways, or meridians leading to not only discomfort and distress but fatigue and disease. As a result, we have no energy or will to take action towards our desires.

Every emotion has an energy as proven by Dr David Hawkins in his book Power vs Force. So if we are frequently in Fear, Worry or Anger, this really affects your vibe and your Manifesting want that Custom Self-Acupressure Routine!! I am an Intuitive Empath and a Registered 5 Elements I can tap into your energy and design a routine forYOU!!..And that is exactly what we will be doing in Week 2 of Manifest Your Magical Life!!
Miracles happen when we can release Anger, Guilt, Fear and Worry, and step into Joy....Like attracts Like!

If you'd like to spend more time hanging with a Tribe of High Vibe Awakening Women who are Manifesting The Life of Their Dreams, and stay more connected, I invite you to join me  in my Create Your Sacred Space  Facebook Group if you aren't already there.

And PS...I'd love to hear how you made out with the Free Stressed to Blessed e-book. Which tips did you try, which ones did you like the best?
Love and Blessings,
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