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Is This Affecting Your Manifesting?
Where Do Most People Get Stuck Manifesting?
And What the Heck Does Stress Have To Do With It??

Did you know Stress could be keeping you
from Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams?

When was the last time you truly experienced Peace and Joy?
If you’re like many of my first time clients, it may be difficult to recall.

We can all feel depleted at times, distracted by physical ailments, the stresses of balancing jobs, family, finances and expectations. Many feel totally at the mercy of their life, jobs, family, etc. And feel stuck!
For so many, this stress leads to feeling Anxiety, Fear, Anger or Worry on a daily basis.
As a Scientist, I believe there is strong evidence supporting that we are all surrounded by energy, both seen and unseen that influences the natural world we live in, and the realms beyond our immediate five senses. There is energy in hope, in faith, promise, and potential just as there is energy in sorrow, resentment, and disappointment. The weight we feel in times of distress is an emotional gravity as real as the physical gravity we experience every day.

As an energetic being, which we all have a frequency that you vibrate at - sometimes high, low, or in-between. You know that feeling when you walk into a room where an argument has just occurred...well ya, that!  Energy is attached to your thoughts.

Change Your Energy....Change Your Life!
When you feel "up", with Joy, Peace and Gratitude, you are sending out energetic vibrations that magnetize good stuff to you. Fear, Worry, Guilt, or Shame send out lower vibe energies. Thus, what we think, is the way we feel, and is the what we vibrate, and is what we will attract!

As well, Stress blocks our energetic pathways, or meridians leading to not only discomfort and distress but fatigue and disease. As a result, we have no energy or will to take action towards our desires.

So a great first step is to find a way to find Joy everyday.
When I was going through a very challenging and stressful time in my life I decided to find or create Beauty....Every.Single.Day!!
No exceptions! This is actually why I started my Instagram account. Beauty brings me great Joy, and I thought if I could find Beauty, and be In-Joy every day I could keep my vibe high! And it worked!! So much shifted once I made this daily change!

Every emotion has an energy as proven by Dr David Hawkins in his book Power vs Force. So if we are frequently in Fear, Worry or Anger, check the image below, and you can see how this could affect your vibe as compared to Joy.

So starting can you find Joy every day? It can be something small...just start! Miracles happen when we can release Anger, Guilt, Fear and Worry, and step into Joy, and the first step to this is to "Act As If" a few minutes a day! And pretty soon it will just be a part of your natural vibe! The most important thing is to just feel good....Like attracts Like!

If you'd like to spend more time hanging with a Tribe of High Vibe Awakening Women who are Manifesting The Life of Their Dreams, and stay more connected, I invite you to join me (and share some of your found or created Beauty) in my Create Your Sacred Space  Facebook Group if you aren't already there.

And PS...I'd love to hear how you made out with the Free Stressed to Blessed e-book. Which tips did you try, which ones did you like the best?
Love and Blessings,
Scale of Consciousness
Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD developed this “map” of the levels of human consciousness (also called the Scale of Consciousness) which describes the energy of certain moods and emotions.
Where do you spend most of your day?? And how could that be affecting your Manifesting? How can you find Joy each day?
Creating Beauty & Joy
I love Creating Beauty in all my rooms.
This is a small alter on my bedside table.....some fresh flowers in an old tequila bottle vase, an Auralite crystal, some candles, a photo of a shell heart I made on the beach one day. Creating beauty can be simple and easy, and allows you to Create Magic in your Life!

I'd love to have you join me in my Create Your Sacred Space Facebook Group, and share a photo of Beauty you have found or created...or tell us how you have created Joy in your life!!
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