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"Your Sacred Space is where you can find yourself again and again and again." -Joseph Campbell
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Magical Manifesting Mandala
Wow, can you believe it is the end of November already?!
I've been busy developing a ton of new programs and offers to add value to your life...some that you will be able to do anytime and in your own home!
And you know how time just flies when you are excited about something!! Well, that's been me! I'm so excited with all I have planned for 2016!!
I have a new website too!! It is still under development as I bring all this great new stuff forward, but I'm really excited about it!!
If you'd like to read some of the story of how it came to be, and how a peacock ended up being on the header, check out this blog post! It's all about trusting your intuition!

Enhance Your Immunity This Winter…Naturally!

The Flu may not be a “Season”, but may just be our body’s inability to adapt to decreased Vitamin D from sun exposure, combined with increased sugar and the stress of excess emotional baggage of the holiday season.

Let’s Create Better Health and Kick the "Flu Season" to the curb!!
Two natural methods I incorporate into my life are Acupressure and Nutrients. I’m happy to say I’ve not had a bad cold or flu for years now!

Stress creates traffic jams in the energy systems of the body.

Acupressure strengthens natural resistance to colds and flus by opening the natural energy flow to the organs allowing them to function at their highest level.
Fall and Winter in TCM is related to the Lung, Large Intestine and Kidney Meridians so we can enhance our resistance by keeping these meridians open.
Make sure to check out the valuable acupressure point below that you can do yourself to enhance your immunity. And watch for a PDF of a full Self-Acupressure routine of 4 points that will be available on my new website soon!

Message me to book for a full customized balancing session of the Lung, Large Intestine and Kidney meridians so you can go into the Winter season fully nourished and strong with a balanced immune system! (And check out this months special can get up to 3 customized 90 min sessions at last years prices!!) Make your Self-Care a priority!

Nutrients to Support Your During the Winter "Flu Season"

1. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is vitally important to good immunity. Vitamin D levels fall rapidly in the Fall, especially in areas in the Northern Hemisphere, and in areas of lower sunshine. Some studies have shown that there is a link between vitamin D levels and the risk of getting the flu. People who have low vitamin D levels may have a higher chance of developing the flu. I always up my Vitamin D intake in the Fall, and my favorite Vitamin D can be found here.

2. Honey and Cinnamon
Daily use of honey helps fight bacteria and viral diseases by strengthening the white blood cells that engulf and destroy bacteria and viruses. You can prevent and help chronic coughs, cold and clear the sinuses by taking one tablespoon of lukewarm honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. Just make sure your honey is local to you. Farmers Markets are a great place to get local honey.
3. Turmeric
Turmeric contains several anti-bacterial components that may help our body fight colds, cough and flu.  You can add turmeric to your meals…sprinkled on roasted veggies or eggs or to the cup of ginger tea or warm milk.
4.  Thyme and Oregano
Thyme and oregano are great natural additives during cold and flu season. They are thought to be antiviral, anti-bactericidal, anti-fungicidal, antibiotic, and antiseptic. As well as killing microbes, they benefit the immune system by encouraging the formation of white blood cells, increasing the immune response to invading organisms. I add fresh herbs to all my cooking and have year round oregano in my garden. My spaghetti sauce always has a big handful of oregano in it, and I always keep oil of oregano on hand to use if I feel the slightest hint of a tickle in my throat.
5. Adequate protein
It takes good amino acids in protein to create antibodies to fight viruses! So make sure to avoid excess carbs and sugar and use a good highly assimilated protein. I start my day with an organic whey protein shake….also good for getting your metabolism going!
 6. Avoid excess sugar
Eating or drinking too much sugar suppresses the immune system cells that attack bacteria. My secret weapon to banish cravings of all kinds has added amino acids to increase serotonin and dopamine that will help you release that sugar craving!
7. There are many other vitamins that play a role in enhancing immunity….including  Vitamin C and Zinc. I’ve used this Zinc spray for many years…especially when I travel. And I love this Vitamin C as it contains minerals, 3 forms of Vitamin C as well as other antioxidants including Quercetin.

December 2015 Special Pricing Purchase...and a Surprise Too!

It might be time for an "Emotional Tune-Up" if you are experiencing any of the following below.

-Depression/or on Anti-Depressants
-Frequent Anger

-Cry Easily and Often
-Suffer From Anxiety/Panic Attacks
-Find it Hard for You to Make Decisions
-You Worry Alot
-Are You Under Alot of Stress
-You suffer Frequent Mood Swings
-Negative Events from the Past Continue to Bother You Today

To help you with your Emotional and Physical Self-Care in 2016, I am offering Pre-Purchase of Up to 3 Sessions at Last Years Prices!! These sessions must be paid for by Dec 31, 2015, and must be used between Jan 2016 to June 2016. The sessions can be used for yourself or you may gift them.
Message me if you have any questions, or if you would like to purchase your 3 sessions!.

The holidays are a Stressful time for many. A Customized, Personal Jin Shin Do Acupressure Session can assist you to release energetic blockages and stagnation, along with releasing the above conditions, as well as assisting you to Relax, Reduce Stress, Release Pain, and Gain Insight & Clarity.
Book Your Session Here.

For those of you who aren't near enough to come for an in person session, I am now also offering Energy Coaching with great results. If this is something you would like to experience, Message Me to set up a Free 20 min Introductory Call and let's Squash Your Stress!
I've also created a Private "Stressed to Blessed" Facebook Group and would love to have you be a part of it! You can join here.

My clients have been experiencing amazing's what one of my regular clients had to say about her session last week:
"Today's JinShinDo session with Alicia Kent was a highlight one for me. They are always helpful but this one was over the top energizing. I felt like my body was very connected to me and light and was much more mobile than usual.
I live in stiffness but it was not there. Even my shoulder was limber. Thank you so much Alicia."

PS...I'm making my list and checking it twice to see who my most frequent 3 clients in 2015 were, and I have a very special surprise in store for them to reward them for their commitment to Self-Care!! There is still time to get in on the action, as I will not do my final tally until Dec 31st!

Treasure Your TaTas


I'm really excited that my Treasure Your TaTas Leggings and Tees are being modeled by this gorgeous Goddess and Yogini and have made it to an art exhibit in New York!! And that my Treasure Your TaTas program is being promoted at that event!

My "Treasure Your TaTas" is an experiential and energetic experience that will delve deeply into the Emotions, Energy and Epigenetics of Breast Health.

This course will empower women to a new level of Breast Health and Breast Health Awareness using Science, Intuition, and Energywork as well as “Secrets of the Ancients” to unblock energy blockages in the Chest and Breast area. It will combine knowledge of my life's work, as a Medical Lab Scientist, Acupressurist, Energyworker and Intuitive Artist and is going to be life-changing!

We will explore common emotions such as Guilt, Shame, Worry, Anger, Fear, Overwhelm, and Anxiety, and how they each affect a different area of the Breast and Chest, and learn how these emotions block the energy flow into the Chest and Breast area. You will learn powerful energetic tools to work with, process and release these powerful emotions that block energy. Working with and Releasing these emotions rather than repressing them will not only shift your vibration, but will open up access to powerful new energy to bring into all areas of your life and will assist you to step into fuller awareness of Health as well as a deep sense of Joy!
One of my biggest gifts is assisting healing the physical with the metaphysical, and empowering you to learn to take health and healing into your own hands! Stay tuned and watch for it! I'm really excited about creating this class.
I've created a special place at this link to sign up to be one of the first to be notified as soon as all 9 modules are ready!!
This e-course is taking me much longer to create than I'd planned...only because it is a much bigger topic than I'd realized! I'm so excited to bring this to the World!

Meanwhile, Let’s Create a Movement of Breast Health Awareness!!

Get Your Treasure Your TaTas Tees and Leggings now!

I feel that bringing this work to as many women as possible is a part of my Soul's Purpose and work and so need your help to reach as many women as possible. Please forward this email to all the women in your life that you care about.

Kidney 27 Self-Acupressure Point to Enhance Immunity

Kidney 27
is an immune-boosting super star, and very helpful for people who are prone to upper respiratory flu symptoms. It reinforces immune system functioning by strengthening the entire respiratory system. The Kidney meridian is said to grasp Lung Qi, meaning it helps distribute the air that enters the lungs throughout the rest of the body. When this doesn’t happen properly, shortness of breath and cough can occur as well as fatigue because your body is not getting adequate oxygenation.

Kidney 27 is easily found, about one inch from the midline on the lower border of the collarbone, in a small notch. This point is great to use to get relief from coughing, sore throat and chest congestion too!

Self Acupressure to Enhance Immunity
MANIFESTATION MAGIC; Mandalas, ancient and modern, frequently offer beautiful examples of radial symmetry and contain elements of Sacred Geometry. They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness, and so can assist us to manifest our dreams!


Mandalas speak to the unconscious in a powerful way. The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to "magic circle" or "sacred circle.

Mandalas, ancient and modern, frequently offer beautiful examples of radial symmetry and contain elements of Sacred Geometry. They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness, and so can assist us to manifest our dreams!

After some powerful insights around manifestation last week...I had to create one of my Soul Mandalas with that power and insight embedded into my latest mandala was created as a Manifesting Mandala. I made it 8 sided rather than my usual 6 Number 8 symbolizes abundance. Number 8 is a very lucky number in China. In China eight is homonym for prosperity.

I was drawn to use a photo I took last summer of an artichoke in full bloom...and was amazed to find that The “artichoke” symbolizes hope for a prosperous future, and at the core of an artichoke is what?…….A heart.

And if you have ever seen an artichoke in full floral bloom...that alone is so abundant!!

In Feng Shui, purple is the best color to stimulate and increase your abundance. Historically-speaking, purple was the hardest color to make, so only royalty wore purple to show that they were wealthy. Another money symbol in Feng Shui is green, since money is green!
Gold is another wealth color in Feng Shui. So it was wonderful to have the purple and the green of the plant in this mandala.

I customized this particular version for my guy...for his birthday...and made a copy to put on our joint vision board. This particular version is for manifesting the boat of our dreams..The Helia you will find images of the boat embedded in well as the Helia name in Gold. This mandala can be customized with your images embedded into it!

What would it look like for you to have your 2016 vision embedded in a powerful Magical Manifesting Mandala?

When we step into a newer paradigm...i.e. living life from our Intentions and Visions takes a bit of practice. A mandala with your Core Values that is in your sight daily will assist this paradigm shift quicker.
Let's work together and create the perfect Manifestation Mandala for you!

This is also a valuable tool for Coaches to add value to their packages.
Message me with your ideas or questions...I'd love to chat!

PS: There is FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the World on all my Mandala Prints (canvas, metal and framed), phone cases, shopping bags, cards and more...TODAY, Nov 30 only. Go here to Browse and Order Yours!

“A healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life.”
– Andrew Matthews
Self-Care to Kick the "Flu-Season" to the Curb.
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