A Quick Hello

Here we are at September again!
I always feel like it's a time of reset every September. And with all the Energetic Shifts this Summer I'm feeling that more than ever!
I'll be writing more details soon, but my home is for sale and I'll be stepping into a whole new adventure once it sells!
So with that in mind, I wanted to give you a quick notice that I will be taking off on some extended sailing travel once my house sells and will likely not be around for the winter months to offer BodyMind Acupressure sessions in the Comox Valley!

So, if you have been experiencing a lot of shifts this year and would like some assistance processing and integrating these shifts through the magic of BodyMind Acupressure, now is the time to get your session booked!

I've not found any other modality that assists integration of change as well as assisting the release of physical and mental pain as well as BodyMind Acupressure!!
And it is so relaxing and just plain feels good!

Just hit reply, and let's get a session booked soon! I look forward to connecting!

Love and Hugs,
Akasha Bloom BodyMind Acupressure 3904 Royston Rd Royston, BC V0R 2V0 Canada