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April 2017

Art of Change 21 Full Speed Ahead

After a thrilling start to the year with 15 workshops in 8 Belgian cities, our race continues on with the Paris Marathon, complete with our actions to engage runners and citizens for the climate and against air pollution. Art of Change 21 understands that these issues are particularly pressing to North Americans and is responding by identifying the US as its priority: Maskbook will be present and active during Climate Week in NYC this September. Another exciting and upcoming event is the second Conclave of Art of Change 21. This international, eco-creative meeting will gather a remarkable group of 21 people. Artists, social entrepreneurs, and key players in sustainability will have a meeting of minds culminating in the creation of a new action, to be announced at the COP23 in Bonn, Germany
Art of Change 21 is off to a running start, with support from its main partner the Schneider Electric Foundation, and with the UN Environment

To Your Masks, Set, Go!

Today we’ve got our Veja sneakers on and we are dashing off to the Salon du Running at the Porte de Versailles to take on the Caire Game wheel’s challenges and to reduce our CO2 emissions. The training continues at where, over this Marathon weekend, you can enter the special code « lifeison »  to win more points!
Then, on Sunday, it’s at the finish line of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris where the action is at: you can act for the climate by expressing your solutions at the 
Maskbook workshop.

More information on our 
Facebook event page

25,000 Euros to Fight Fuel Poverty
Thanks to Caire Game and Carbodons

Carbodons is an action implemented by Art of Change 21 and the Young Economic Chamber of Tours. Its premise is to transform CO2 saved by Caire Game players into actions against fuel poverty. Carbodons allowed for 25,000 euros to be paid towards fuel poverty programs, giving 5,000 euros to 5 French households in need.
Caire Game lets you reduce your CO2 emissions via one-time actions that are based on the principle of solidarity.
The Success of Maskbook in Belgium
An ambitious program with PointCulture from 17 February to 30 March 2017
8 Cities 
15 Workshops
More than 500 masked portraits including 18 celebrities
4 Exhibitions
1 Masked night
Supporting the Climate with Our Friends in the States
Upon hearing about the US environmental budget cut, Art of Change 21 decided to leave on a mission to the States, lending a hand to civil society and helping make the case for sustainable development and the environment. Art of Change 21 events and workshops will be held at various locations in the city as well as at the UN headquarters during Climate Week of NYCSeptember 18-24th, 2017, which is guaranteed to be a huge moment for US commitment to the climate.
A Second Art of Change 21 Conclave of Eco-Creation
After the success of the first Art of Change 21 Conclave at the Gaité Lyrique in Paris in 2014, Art of Change 21 has the pleasure to announce a new Conclave that will take place this Autumn 2017. The casting will include 21 “accelerators of change” : engaged artists, social entrepreneurs and eco-innovative youth. Over the course of two days in Paris, the “21” from around the world will collectively conceive of  an original and powerful action supporting sustainable development.
The Importance of Positive and Optimistic Communication
Art of Change 21’s Board has the pleasure to welcome Marguerite Courtel as General Secretary. In the Art of Change 21 team, Marguerite Courtel develops the cultural dimension of the association and drives the communication strategies. Welcome Marguerite ! 
Yann Toma, Flux Radiants, 2016 ©Yann Toma/ADAGP.
Art of Change 21 is the first non-profit association for sustainable development and the environment that combines art, social entrepreneurship and youth. It carries out the MASKBOOK and CAiRE GAME actions aimed at mobilizing the general public for the environment. Art of Change 21 has as partners The Schneider Electric Foundation (main partner) and the UN Environment.
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