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In January of 2013, Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast (PPGC) announced that they were going to build a new "Medical Office" building in New Orleans.  It was later disclosed that for the first time in Louisiana, Planned Parenthood would be expanding into selling abortions at their new location.  With much fanfare, they said that the new facility would be operational in 2014.  Well, that was then .... and this is now ....  Seven months after the City permit was granted, the site has seen little activity within the last month and is becoming overgrown with WEEDS!


Here is is a brief recap of events on the project:

  • Spring of 2013, local pro-life community organizes to protest building of new abortion facility
  • September, 2013 PPGC files for a building permit with the City of New Orleans 
  • PPGC begins attempts to secure a General Contractor for the project
  • December, 2013, City of New Orleans approves building permit
  • January, 2014 New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond reaches out to the construction industry with information on the moral imperative to reject involvement in the evil of abortion
  • After many months of contractors refusing to participate in the project, City of New Orleans records reveal the General Contractor - Barre McNeely Investments 
  • April, 2014, construction begins and steadily progresses
  • May, 2014 begins contractor outreach
  • The pro-life community continues to have a peaceful, prayerful presence at the site
  • June, 2014 City of New Orleans Safety and Permits Department inspects the site in advance of concrete slab being poured.  City website shows that the site FAILED inspection.
  • July, 2014 City website changes inspection status to PASSED.  Site is ready for concrete.
  • July, 2014 for nearly a month, no activity at the site

So what changed to turn this project from WORK to WEEDS???  In brief, the answer is YOU!!!  We know that contractors have become upset when they find out that this is not a "Medical Office Building" but a future abortion facility. Take for example, River Parish Disposal.  We reported in our last newsletter how they withdrew their equipment from the Claiborne Avenue site when they found out that abortions would be performed there.  But in a wonderful article in the New Orleans Clarion Herald, the company revealed that it was emails from concerned citizens that helped them make the final decision to withdraw :"...all of a sudden, the emails started coming in. First, a trickle and then a fire hose...But then these things started constantly coming in. The emails were just saying, ‘Please reconsider.’ ”    At that point, company owners decided  : "we need to walk away from this."

Thank you for being a part of this tremendous response.  But there is lots more for us to do.  Work at the site could resume at any time.   As far as we know, there is no reason why they cannot and will not pour concrete and continue on with the project.  For many months there was no notification on the site to indicate that this was going to be a Planned Parenthood facility.  There are now several signs for PPGC  saying that the facility will be open in 2015!  

Please continue contacting other businesses on the list.  Share with them in a respectful and polite way that this is an abortion facility.  Please be sure that you are calling and writing from the most current list and please share this information with friends and family, including social media.  If you receive a response from any of the businesses, we would appreciate it if you would share that with us on the Contact Us page of the website.  

And of course, there are these three things you can do to help stop this project:

Prayer - pray for the individuals and companies that are involved with Planned Parenthood and those businesses considering involvement. Because the project has been disguised as a "Medical Office Building", businesses unwittingly sign on to participate.

Presence - Consider going to the site (4636 S. Claiborne Ave. in New Orleans) and spending some time praying and perhaps informing workers there that they are participating in building an abortion facility.

Persuasion - Visit and review the businesses identified as working for Planned Parenthood.  Contact the individuals and companies involved and politely inform them that they are helping build a new abortion facility in our state.

Thank you to everyone who has been calling and writing to the businesses helping to build this facility. Please keep contacting these businesses and check the website often for any updates.  If you have questions or need more information, visit the Contact Us page on the website.

Please go to LA Coalition for Life to find out more about this project and to see what you can do to stop Planned Parenthood from performing abortions in Louisiana.

Click here to find out who is helping Planned Parenthood perform abortions in Louisiana

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