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August 2014

Conclusion December 2015

SHEE - Self-deployable Habitats for Extreme Environments

SHEE is a planetary habitat test-bed for terrestrial analogue simulations. To mitigate drawbacks and risks of human construction activity it is an imperative to apply autonomous construction methods. Therefore, self-deployable autonomous habitats are needed, in particular, in extreme environments and disaster zones.
Credit: SHEE Consortium, visualization: Space Innovations, 2014

LIQUIFER is the technical coordinator and leads the efforts for the Design Requirements, Design Development and Systems Engineering. LIQUIFER, therefore, is responsible for reviewing state-of-the-art robotics and architecture, developing and identifying the main concept for SHEE, and coordinating the engineering of the system and detailing of the design. Further, LIQUIFER is responsible for the interior design.
Credit: SHEE Consortium, building SHEE at project partner University of Tartu, Estonia, August 2014
This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312747.
Project partners:
International Space University ISU, FR
Space Applications Services N.V., BE
Institute of Technology of the University of Tartu, EE
Compagnie Maritime D’Expertises COMEX, FR
Sobriety, CZ
Space Innovations, CZ

CURRENTLY IN THE BIOLAB with mycelium, hydrogels, slime mould and algae
Conclusion November 2015

GrAB - Growing As Building

Project GrAB takes growth patterns and dynamics from nature and applies them to architecture with the goal of creating a new living architecture. The aim is to develop architectural concepts for growing structures. Three main directions are investigated:
  1. transfer of abstracted growth principles from nature to architecture
  2. integration of biology into material systems
  3. intervention of biological organisms and concepts with existing architecture

Image: Growing As Building 2014

LIQUIFER Systems Group co-leads the artistic research project with Petra Gruber (biomimetics and architecture). The ongoing research is conducted at the University of Applied Arts (associated with the studio of Greg Lynn) comprised of internationally established engineers, architects, biologists and students. GrAB is an extention of its precursor project BIORNAMETICS. The project commenced in June 2013 and will terminate in November 2015.

This project is funded by the FWF.

Collaborating institutions:
University of Bath, Biomimetics, Mechanical Engineering, UK
University of Freiburg, Botanical Garden, Plant Biomechanics Group, DE
Delft University of Technology, Participatory Systems, NL
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development, ET

Recently extended to January 2015!

SPACE - The Exhibition

The exhibition SPACE at the Technisches Museum Wien attempted to achieve a virtually impossible task: to cover the vast topic of outer space in spite of the limited space available in a terrestrial exhibition context.
Image: Bruno Stubenrauch, 2013

The entire exhibition revolved around the concept of travelling to worlds yet unknown - in images and imagination, real or imagined journeys. It tells the story of pioneering minds who teamed up with adventurers to try and achieve what seemed unachievable. It shows how incredibly simple and down-to-Earth most of their equipment and technology was; only true madmen could squeeze into this rickety lunar module in hopes of one day taking the very first human step on the Moon's surface. It recounts how some of the pioneers of space travel willingly succumbed to military interests, illustrating that bravery, madness and unscrupulous ambition can lie very close together indeed.

SPACE - The Exhibition opened 25.10.2013.



September 11th 2014    7pm Paphos, Cyprus

Workshop and symposium:

Guest speaker Barbara Imhof will discuss new ideas and concepts for future urban development in a world challenged by global climate change, limited resources and limited space. This lecture will address role models and paradigms from space specifically deployable, transformable and mobile architectural structures.




August 9th 2014    7pm Dresden, Germany
Barbara Imhof of LIQUIFER Systems Group discussed questions revolving around the human Mission to Mars; what must be planned for and why. The lecture was part of the exhibition OSTRALE´014 – MISSION 014, an Art & Space Exhibition (18.Juli - 28.September) organized by the artist group SPARTNIC / ‚Weightless Artists Association‘  founded by Max Grüter, Melanie Richter and Kay Kaul in order to continue the activities of art and space.

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