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LIQUIFER Systems Group is a trans-disciplinary platform engaged in designing our future on earth and in space. We engage in INNOVATIVE RESEARCH AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT for space and space related habitation and technologies.  Currently LIQUIFER Systems Group comprises of Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, Susmita Mohanty, Norbert Frischauf, Stephen Ransom, René Waclavicek, Bob Davenport, Chris Gilbert, Molly Hogle



July 2015


June 12-14, 2015 - University of Vienna


FutureLab was an exhibition at the University of Vienna that looked at the world in 50 years from the perspective of leading researchers at the institution. The exhibition was part of the three-day event organized by the University, in celebration of its 650th anniversary. 
The event, titled Raising questions since 1365, was open to the public and hosted over 33,000 people. Over the course of three days, more than 1,200 people were recorded to have visited the FutureLab exhibition. 
The exhibition featured an innovative media installation that invites visitors to become immersed in a future world. A probing question was posed to each of the twenty, featured researchers; in return, exciting answers were given that suggest the potential of science and scientific driven developments that have potential to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Questions led with the preamble, ‘In 50 years…’ and addressed topics such as;
… will there be an artificial replica of the human brain?    
… will there still be national borders?   
… will there be long-distance travel to Mars? 
The larger than life printed panels in the exhibition represent a look onto two cities, Vienna and New York City, at a factor decreased by two million.  A city so small, that one could only recognize it under a microscope.  The images are artistic interpretations in the form of computer simulations that reveal Vienna and New York under the scanning electron microscope, then rebuilt from countess silica spheres, each with a diameter of approximately 300nm. The first district of Vienna would thus fit on one square millimetre.


Concept: Bertram Schütz
Editors: Bertram Schütz, Daniela Martos
Design, screen design & videowall development: Julian Roedelius (, Andreas Pawlik (dform) Max Fabigan (Design diagrams)  
Technical realization: Moritz Lochner, Christian Manser (dform)
Scenography: Barbara Imhof, Molly Hogle, Waltraut Hoheneder (LIQUIFER Systems Group)
Panel concept and visualization: Damjan Minovski
Movie: Drahtwarenhandlung Film & Animation 
Photography: Bruno Stubenrauch

link to 650th Anniversary celebration University of Vienna


June 2015 - SHEE Workshop in Marseilles, France

Image credit: SHEE Consortium, photo: Bruno Stubenrauch, 2015

In June 2015, the SHEE consortium met in Marseilles, France for the finalization of the construction and outfitting of the SHEE habitat in preparation for the testing now currently underway at the International Space University (ISU).  All operating systems and interior furnishings were sucessfully integrated within the exterior shell.

Image credit: SHEE Consortium, photo: Bruno Stubenrauch, 2015

Autonomous, Deployable and Transportable

SHEE - Self-Deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments, has been designed for a crew of two persons to live autonomously for two weeks.  It is transportable as a standard Euro shipping container and can deploy automatically to double its compact configuration. The SHEE habitat is a testbed for conducting scientific research on the affects of long-term confinement and for testing space-related systems and technologies.

link to time-lapse movie (25x speed up) of the SHEE folding test
Credit: SHEE Consortium, time-laps: SPIN, 2015

Image credit: SHEE Consortium, photo: Bruno Stubenrauch, 2015

Overall Design and Interior Furnishings
LIQUIFER Systems Group was designer of the overall SHEE habitat concept and for the interior furnishings. LIQUIFER oversaw the manufacturing and installation of the elements.  The components of the design define spaces within the habitat, which include two sleeping cabins, an work space for two, a multi-functional common area, hygiene compartment and a small workshop. Elements have been designed for flexibility and can be re-configuration for different use purposes. 

Image credit: SHEE Consortium, photo: Bruno Stubenrauch, 2015

This project has received funding from the European Union's
Seventh Framework Programme for Research,
Technological Development and Demonstration
under Grant Agreement no 607346.
Consortium members:
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), DE
Compagnie Maritime D'Expertises SA, (COMEX), FR
Space Applications Services N.V., BE
NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS  -  Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Space (CIRiS), NO
Instituto Nacional De Técnica Aeroespacial Centro de Astrobiologia (INTA-CAB), ES


On June 22nd, at the WiA-Europe General Assembly 2015 in Munich, Germany, Barbara Imhof was confirmed as participating board member of the international organization committed to highlighting and expanding women’s opportunities in the aerospace sector. 
Imhof now serves as the Director of Corporate Identity within the organization which is headed by Simonetta Di Pippo, current Director of the Office for Outer Space Affairs at the United Nations.


link to WiA-Europe organization
RECENT:  Conference

Humans in Space Conference, Prague, CZ

The International Academy of Astronautics’ 20th Humans in Space Symposium (HIS), was held, June 29 to July 3, 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic. The event was organized by the Czech Space Office under scientific governance of the IAA’s Space Life Sciences Commission.
The week-long symposium offered scientists, researchers, graduate students and instrument developers from across the world to 'present and assess the latest developments as well as future outlook in exploring effects of spaceflight environment on the human body and how life supporting measures may vary depending on the mission profile.’
Waltraut Hoheneder of LIQUIFER Systems Group presented SHEE – Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments as contribution to the symposium. 

link to Humans in Space Symposium
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