February 17 - upgrade (Phase 1) ; more coming
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SIL International ֍ February 2020


Language Software Development and Dictionary & Lexicography Services have teamed up to upgrade This upgrade will happen in several stages.

February 17/2020 - The first stage is to change the URL structure from using subdomains of to using a directory structure. This means that if the URL for the dictionary you are working on is, it will be after this change.

There are several advantages to making this change.

  • The site will be more secure as it will be behind a firewall.
  • It will be faster to access. 
  • It will help each of the dictionaries to be more search-friendly and have a higher search ranking as all the traffic to each of the dictionaries will be combined under a single domain.

This process will take around 1.5 hours and should be completed by 9:30 CST on Monday. During the process, you will see a message on Webonary, saying that the site is down for maintenance. Please check back later.

When the URLs have been successfully transitioned, please inform all the people who regularly access the dictionary site you are working on. For a period of time, using the old URL will result in you being redirected to the new site.

I will provide information regularly as we transition through the stages. We will try to keep any inconvenience to you to a minimum. Please sign up for the DLS newsletter in order to receive future notifications, here:

Thank you.

210 dictionaries published on

Online training materials for
Dictionary-making and Lexicography

DLS has begun developing an online course to teach Dictionary-making and Lexicography principles. Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx) and are the featured applications for the training materials. Currently, there are nine lessons on the Cornerstone Pilot site. If you can log in to, go to Browse...Browse for Training on the menu; then look for the curriculum, Dictionary-making and Lexicography.

If you have ideas for resources that would be helpful, or if you have time to volunteer your help, please send an email to

Uploading to

It is relatively easy to publish on if your lexical data is in FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) version 8.3 or later. On the File menu in FLEx, there is an item named Upload to Webonary. Fill in the appropriate information and click Submit. Webonary will send you an email when the data is finished uploading.

If you would like to publish a dictionary on, please fill out this application form. If you already have your dictionary on, but it has not been made public, please send me an email,

If you are using an older program like Toolbox or software that is not designed specifically for lexicography and you need help converting and importing your lexical data into FLEx, please fill out this application form.
Latest stable version: FieldWorks 8.3.12
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