This newsletter introduces the new Google site for the Dictionary-Making and Lexicography online course.
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SIL International ֍ April 2020

Dictionary-Making and Lexicography
Online Course
on Google Sites

DLS is continuing to develop the Dictionary-Making and Lexicography online course with Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx) and as the featured applications. 

The DLS team is very excited to introduce our new platform for the course: Google Sites ( We are encouraged by this new way to publish content, as it requires a minimum of effort on our part, thus making it available to you more quickly than is possible with Cornerstone. In addition, publishing on Google Sites gives us a feature that we felt was lacking to this point, namely that you can pick and choose the lesson(s) you need at any given moment. There are currently 11 lessons available, but we have plans for many more, so check this site frequently!

For now, we have suspended development of the course on Cornerstone. Our intention is to pour our energies into developing the course on the Google Site, then when there is sufficient content to merit publication on Cornerstone, we plan to duplicate the content there. Our desire is to ultimately have the course available on both platforms, with the one on Cornerstone providing certification upon completion and the Google Site serving as a resource for those who are interested in the content but not the “diploma”.

Let us know what you think! If you have ideas for resources that would be helpful, or if you have time to volunteer your help, please send an email to


The upgrade to Webonary is proceeding nicely. One of the benefits of switching from using subdomains ( to folders ( in the Webonary structure is the ability to use Google Analytics for the complete site, not just the parent site. In the past five days, there have been 11,690 visitors to or one of the published dictionaries. That is an amazing number of visitors.
A list of all the Webonary sites which have had 500 or more pageviews in the past five days. Number ten on the list reflects the number of visitors to the main landing page,
A list of countries that had more than 100 users visiting Webonary sites in the past five days.

220 dictionaries published on

Uploading your lexical data to

It is relatively easy to publish on if your lexical data is in FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) version 8.3 or later. On the File menu in FLEx, there is an item named Upload to Webonary. Fill in the appropriate information and click Submit. Webonary will send you an email when the data is finished uploading.

If you would like to publish a dictionary on, please fill out this application form. If you already have your dictionary on, but it has not been made public, please send me an email,

If you are using an older program like Toolbox or software that is not designed specifically for lexicography and you need help converting and importing your lexical data into FLEx, please fill out this application form.
Latest stable version: FieldWorks 8.3.12
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