Stutzman Summary - April 2015 highlights Verna's upcoming trip to Cameroon. This newsletter features links to two videos. To view the pictures, please choose "Show remote content in this message".
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Robert's Work

Robert continues to edit Translator's Notes. Currently he is working on Acts chapter 14. In the example above, he has added the text in red. In many languages, clauses require subjects, making passive constructions difficult to translate. In verse 9, the phrase "to be healed" is a passive construction. Robert has given two possible examples of how this construction can be translated. If the language allows passive constructions, a translator may add the explicit information that the healing is done "by Jesus". If the construction needs to be translated as an active verb, it could be translated like this, "he had faith in Jesus to heal him". 

Verna's Work

Verna has been invited to Cameroon to facilitate a Rapid Word Collection workshop for the Kemedzung language community. She will be leaving Dallas on May 22nd, flying to Washington, D.C., then on to Brussels for a 6 hour layover and finally to Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, where she will spend the weekend. Monday morning she will fly to a small regional airport on a JAARS flight where she will be picked up for a 4 hour road trip by Jeep to the final destination of Misaje. 
The Seed Company is translating the scriptures in a cluster of six languages. Verna will train the language workers in this first RWC workshop on the strategy of collecting words to make a dictionary and then later they will hold RWC workshops in each of the other five languages in this cluster project.
One of Verna's colleagues, Doug Higby, facilitated a Dictionary workshop in Togo, Africa a few months ago for Bible translators. He has created a short video highlighting the reasons the Togo Bible translators gave for participating in the creation of a dictionary. Bievenu Sambieni stated, "To better understand the Bible, we need the dictionary next to it."  Léonard Gorgagui added, "For all forms of translation we need to have a reference - a document that we can refer to - to do our work of translation. You may watch the video here.
Verna was asked to present the progress Dictionary & Lexicography Services has made in providing services at the SIL International Quarterly meeting on May 22nd. When she realized that she couldn't attend that meeting because she would be on a plane that morning to go to Cameroon to provide a service-a Rapid Word Collection workshop, she created a video presentation to be shown in her absence. In the video, Verna highlighted the workshop she facilitated in Nepal back in September 2014. If you're interested, you may watch it here. The video is 8.5 minutes long.

Thank you for your friendship, your prayers, and your financial support. Without you on our team, we would not be able to do the work Father God has called us to. We pray for you daily. May Father God continue to prosper you and keep you in health. May all your prayers be answered.

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