Cultural Self-Inventory for Distributed Agile Teams 
Virtual Goody Bag

Our latest webinar, Cultural Self-Inventory for Distributed Agile Teams, featured panelists Elinor Slomba from Arts Interstices and Mary Brodie from Gearmark. We'd like to thank Elinor and Mary for their invaluable contribution to our webinar this week. We truly couldn't have pulled it off without them!

We hope you all came away with some valuable information from the webinar. We'd like to supplement that information by sending you this virtual gift bag filled with everything we discussed and more. If you were able to join us, thanks for your time! If you couldn't make it, we missed you and hope you'll find these resources useful.

Recording & Slides

As promised, please enjoy the webinar recording, as well as the slideshare presentation, featuring Elinor Slomba, Agile Consultant for Arts Interstices and Mary Brodie, Experience Designer and Agile Strategist for Gearmark.

Watch the Webinar
You can find more valuable information from Elinor on the Arts Interstices blog. Elinor has graciously provided an extensive list of resources for our webinar participants. These include ways to be Artfully Agile, ways to hone your Agile knowledge, and many tools to help the Agile team process. 
Elinor's Resources
View the Slideshow
You can find more valuable information from Mary on the Gearmark blog. She has curated a list of UX-specific resources for our webinar participants. These include popular TEDx Talks from industry leaders, a presentation to bridge the gap between US and Agile practices, as well as UX tools to visualize ideas. 
Mary's Resources
Don't forget! This year's Distributed Agile Teams conference—Flock 2015—is coming up November 19th & 20th in Berlin. Learn about the latest in Agile methods, best practices, and technologies, and start a new chapter in Agile history.
Don't miss it!


Resources for Distributed Agile Teams

Like we always say, tools are the foundation of a successful distributed team. That's why we put together a Postwire loaded with all the tools we love, including a section devoted to Agile. We've also been curating a massive list of resources for distributed Agile teams that we think you'll enjoy.

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As a final parting gift, we have a fun treat to share with you.
If you need a laugh to get through your day, check out this video all about the "Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say."
"Shit Bad Scrum Masters Say"
We hope you've enjoyed this gift bag jam-packed with awesome resources and information, and that you'll join us again next time. Stay up to date with all things Sococo on Twitter @Sococo, and let us know what you'd like us to feature on our next webinar by replying directly to this email.

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