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Are you afraid?  (I hope so.)

As a writer, are you ever afraid?

If not, you're probably doing it wrong.  When you write, you put your words out there and sometimes, you do get hurt.  But sometimes, you create something new and incredible.

I want to tell you about something we did with our family.  
We jumped off a cliff last year.

Not literally, but metaphorically.  It really was just that HUGE.  
We jumped across the ocean and moved to Israel.  I'd dreamed of it for 20 years, but still - it scared the bejeepers out of me.

I was afraid we wouldn't make it.
I couldn't help asking...
- Will it be too foreign?
- Will we be safe?
- Isn't it just... well, NUTS, to pack up and move your family around the world?

Do you love books as much as I do?

Before we moved, I tried to find books to help with these fears.  But most Israel books are very blah, blah, and theoretical.  Either super-holy or super-dry.  They're Important, with a capital I, but not much of a party to read.

As writers, we know that good things can flow from our fears.  Sometimes, our best work.
Or, in this case, my husband's best work.  He moved to Israel right beside me (yay!), and now he's written a book I think you'll love.  

(I hope you have pictures turned on so you can see the gorgeous cover he made himself.)

It's the book I wish I'd had when I was so scared, back in Canada.

It's a book about facing fears head-on and diving into the stormy waves of... oh, wait, that's not a metaphor.  There's a lot of swimming in the book.

It's a silly book, and it's fun to read.  When complete strangers started asking for more of my husband's quirky facebook updates, I said he should turn them into a book.  Eventually, he agreed.

Here's why I think you'll love Welcome Home:  My First Six Months Living in Israel:
- Forget theory.  This book is hands-on and intimate (& funny, too).
- It's full of love for Israel, without the rose-coloured glasses.
- You'll laugh, you'll cheer, you'll scratch your head and say, "Huh?" (Israel does that sometimes.)
- You'll find out how we made it here and started building the life we'd always dreamed of living.

Want to have a look?

Welcome Home:  My First Six Months Living in Israel is $3.99 for Kindle ($8.99 paperback).  But we want it to get some reviews up front, so I'm giving it to you, plus one more ebook, free if you'll write a review.

Here's the deal:

1)  This email is going out exclusively to you, as part of my loyal "street team."  I hope you'll want to help (and peek at the book for free).

2)  Be among the first ten people to reply and I'll send you a free review copy of the book (.epub, .mobi or .pdf - let me know which you need).  You must already be an Amazon reviewer (send me a link to one of your reviews).

3)  BONUS:  Send me a link to your review (positive or negative; all I ask is that you describe the book honestly), and I'll send you another ebook free.  Pick one of my books for writers or my Jewish kids' books (see them all here), as long as it's available as an ebook

FAQ - What you need to know:

Q:  Do I have to be Jewish to love this book?
A:  No!  My husband didn't grow up Jewish and wrote this book mainly for his family.

Q:  Is this book all boring and religious?
A:  No!  Religion is important, but this is not a serious book, by any means.

Q:  Why would anyone pack up and move to Israel?
A:  Read the book and maybe you'll have a better idea.

Q:  What makes this book unique?
A:  It's the only book about Israel that you will read that contains the word "fricken."

(If you're offended by the word "fricken," sorry.  It's only in there once.)

Q:  This book looks great!  Will you professionally edit / format my book?
A:  Sure!  (or if you need a professional book cover, contact my husband directly)

Keep on facing your fears - and living your dreams.

Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod
Write Kids' Books

p.s. Upcoming Kindle freebie this weekend:
- Nov 30-Dec 1:  Now You Know:  Israel for Kids.  Kind of related, actually.  Beyond dry geographic facts, this book shares all about Israel, the ups and the downs, and what it's like to actually live here.

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