June 20, 2016 Solstice Full Moon Newsletter
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June 20, 2016 Solstice Full Moon Newsletter 

Cynthia with Boudhnath ETV ~ Photo By Carroll Dunham
Dear Friends,

Happy Solstice Full Moon — both falling auspiciously together this year. I have been on a three-month personal retreat since the Equinox, enjoying the deep quiet and welcome stillness of an extended time out and so grateful for the gift of such a rejuvenating, fulfilling and illuminating time of writing, reflection, and practice – with daily dog walks and watching the garden go from cold dry dirt to blossoming flowers and ripening fruit! Some amazing ETV developments have unfolded during this time that I want to tell you about.

But first…Please join me in person on Sunday June 26th for a ETV meditation-ceremony with the next ETV to be dedicated to a WISE USA and planted in the heartland of America in KANSAS on June 29thCome meet Gaiafield Project/Wise USA co-founders, David Nicol and Leslie Meehan and assist in the activation of this ETV. More on this story below. 

Please RSVP to this email if you would like to attend the ceremony on Sunday June 26th at 7pm at Open Way Sangha in Chupadero. Be sure to bring a meaningful offering for the vase in support of a WISE USA to be rooted in Kansas, the heartland of the USA. Also bring a contribution of food or drink to share after the ceremony. I look forward to seeing you!
The Great Stupa of Boudhnath, in Kathmandu, Nepal
The Great Stupa of Boudhnath Receives an ETV
During my three months in retreat, the answer to some deeply held prayers was realized when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself to place one of our ETVs inside the Great Stupa at Boudnath!! The great Stupa is a powerful repository of blessings for the world and due to earthquake damage is currently “open” for reconstruction.
Carroll Dunham with Boudhnath ETV 
For more on Carroll see: and
On the full moon of April, my dharma sister, Carroll Dunham, who was visiting New Mexico from Kathmandu where she lives, joined me in retreat to practice together and make offerings into the Earth Treasure Vase which she had offered to take back to Nepal for the Great Stupa. I gathered sacred offerings from all the locations in the Global ETV Mandala, as well as numerous other sacred places around the world and with tears in my eyes, together we made prayers for our next little ETV whose job from inside the Great Stupa of Boudhnath – that great beacon of awakened compassion – is to hold a connection to all the other ETV locations and radiate blessings out to the whole Earth!!  It was an emotional ceremony during a time of deep quiet in my “cave” but the process of collecting all the offerings for the Vase provided a powerful opportunity to review the path, reconnect with the beauty of this epic journey anew, and be inspired beyond my wildest dreams. I find it utterly amazing what a life of their own these little vases have!

There are many more offerings being made into the Stupa than it can hold, but most people want recognition for their offerings whereas we just wanted to get the ETV in. So through Carroll’s friend, Mani Lama, a photographer who is documenting the reconstruction process and whose family lineage has been to care for the stupa over many generations, it was done!!  Mani knew the workers well, so Carroll gently handed him the ETV, called a “bumpa” in Tibetan, wrapped in a white kata which he placed in his backpack and as she circumambulated the stupa from below, he climbed up the scaffolding to the open top with bamboo spires sticking out where about 20 men were working. 
“It couldn’t have worked better!” Mani told Carroll. “There was a Nyingmapa lama up at the top overseeing the construction. We chatted and he pulled out a statue of Thangtong Gyalpo he was consecrating and putting in. I told him I had a "bumpa" with Guru Rinpoche relics and blessings from all over the whole Earth for world peace and asked if he would consecrate and put it in with his statue?” He was most happy to. Prayers were recited, the vase was wrapped in plastic (all the offerings are) and nestled next to the statue, secure in a bed of brick powder mixed with lime.
From Carroll: “The ETV was placed above the womb shape of the stupa, in the square part where the eyes are traditionally drawn before the 13 spires, on the western side next to the "tsok shing” which is the stupa’s spine – its central channel so to speak, where its life force resides and links earth and heaven. So it is very auspicious — the closer to the tsok shing, the closer to the central axis mundi of the stupa. And on May 9th, before noon, during the month of Wesak, the Earth Treasure Vase was firmly placed in the Great Stupa of Boudhnath. Emaho! Stealth compassion at its best." 

Next ETV Going to Kansas for a WISE USA
This Solstice Full Moon we are dedicating the next ETV, which has been stewarded by the Gaiafield Council, to support a WISE USA. Regardless of where we live, the results of the US elections are likely to impact us all, due to the influence of the US on world affairs. This year's US elections are clearly more volatile and polarizing than ever. Good-hearted people everywhere can play an important role to steady these waters by coming together to cultivate an intention for the highest and best outcome to emerge for the benefit of all life. No matter where we stand politically, we can unite in calling forth wisdom and compassion from the field. To support this intention, on this Solstice Full Moon wherever you are, please direct your ETV meditation practice for a WISE USA to the next ETV which will be buried in the heartland of North America in KANSAS. 

AND ON SUNDAY JUNE 26th PLEASE JOIN US for an in-person ceremony with the WISE USA KANSAS ETV. Come meet Gaiafield Project co-founders, David Nicol and Leslie Meehan who will be present for an ETV meditation with the WISE USA ETV. Please RSVP to this email if you would like to attend the ceremony on June 26th at 7pm at Open Way Sangha in Chupadero. Be sure to bring a meaningful offering for the vase in support of a WISE USA to be rooted in Kansas and a contribution of food or drink to share after the ceremony. 
The next day a small group including Cynthia will join David and Leslie on an ETV pilgrimage to Kansas where we will be hosted by Pam Bjork, (who has traveled on ETV pilgrimages to Australia and South Africa) and is coordinating the ETV ceremonies in Kansas. The ETV will be planted outside Wichita, Kansas on June 29th. 
To keep our WISE USA prayers alive, the Gaiafield Project is presenting a new subtle activism series with the intention to uplift the hearts and minds of the American people in this critical election year. Register for the Gaiafield New Moon Monthly Meditation here: WiseUSA ~ We ThePeople 
With blessings and love for the Earth,
The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve / Flint Hills, Kansas  
~ Photo by Pam Bjork
This is the region where the ETV will be buried in Kansas:
"From the moment you step into the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, a spectacular panorama of hundreds of varieties of prairie grasses and colorful wildflowers unfold….Bison have been reintroduced to the preserve — the first to roam the preserve in over a hundred years — traditionally a critical part of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem. The prairie is sometimes called a sea of grass—pointing to the endless green expanse and the wavelike motion of the grasses. The Flint Hills is one of the few places in the United States where the prevailing agricultural system works essentially in tandem with an ancestral native ecosystem, preserving most of its complexity and the dynamic processes that helped shape it. The prairie roots tightly grasp the soil into which they have plunged and closely bind the earth and sky. Part of the pleasure of walking through the Flint Hills is sensing that coherence underfoot, the way the prairie roots have woven the soil together and anchored a stunningly diverse community above and below the soil line. Just how the prairie speaks to you depends on who you are….But like any ecosystem that remains more than a shadow of itself, the tallgrass prairie also reminds us how we should think about the life that surrounds us….Our old habits of seeing find in all of this a familiar simplicity, the kind you push past on your way to a more human future. But in the ancient prairie itself—in its diversity, its coherence, its community, its capacity for regeneration—there is a new way of seeing waiting to be found." 
Excerpted from National Geographic 
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