December 13, 2016 Full Moon Newsletter;
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December 13, 2016 Full Moon Newsletter
Solidarity, Prayers & the Return of the Light

Practice Opportunities: Weekly ~ Full Moon ~ Solstice Ceremony
Lama Tsultirm Zangpo’s Visit to Open Way Sangha
ETV Planted in Santa Cruz Mountains
Ripples out from Findhorn ETV
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Dear Friends,
I am looking forward to the return of the light here in the northern hemisphere on the Winter Solstice to bring a natural shift to the dark cycle we have been in. The sorrow I have been feeling for the loss of respect for life and human dignity in our collective dialogue pains me deeply. But even in this dark time, I begin to feel the voice of Mother Earth is being heard by more and more – thanks especially to the community at Standing Rock – and I take refuge in Her with renewed inspiration. The movement at Standing Rock so powerfully embodies all that we have prayed for on behalf of communities, bioregions and ecosystems all over the Earth. A commitment to nonviolence and prayer to protect the water and land and cultivate balance and harmony amongst ourselves – this is the work of our times.
With more and more of us seeing how we are together within the great interconnected web of life on Earth, the story of interbeing is being lived out now with more and more conscious awareness. I pray that our eyes see into each other's hearts, opening the way for Gaia to breathe in us, around us and through us all, for the waters to flow clear and clean and for the protection of all the living systems of this beautiful blue green planet that we call home. Standing like rocks for life and in love together may our collective intention fuel the great turning -- and may all of our prayers be realized.
Now, may we hunker down for the long haul and feed the spirit of peace and goodness, of kindness and compassion wherever we can find it. We will need to strengthen our capacity for calm abiding and clear seeing and our ability to respond with love no matter what. The support that comes from being together cannot be underestimated. This is why sangha is one of the Three Jewels the Buddha spoke of – individuals who practice in community receive the spiritual support they need to resist the pull of the collective nightmare and wake up to feed the spirit of a new story. This is what calls to me now. I hope some of our offerings will call to you.
With all my heart,
Practice Opportunities

~ Beginning Monday December 5th Open Way Sangha will be meeting once a week in Santa Fe at the Cerro Gordo Temple from 5:30-7:00 pm. I hope you will join us for meditation, prayer and simple sharing, supported by one of the first Stupas ever built in America to tap into the roots of our inner peace, conspire, and find the courage to meet the moment with love and equanimity.
~ The Tues December 13th Full Moon ETV Practice will be dedicated to Standing Rock. Please RSVP to this email if you will join us in person at Open Way Sangha in Chupadero at 5:30 pm. (Note new winter time of gathering). Otherwise join us from wherever you are and dedicate your prayers and meditation on behalf of the waters of life and all beings in gratitude to the protectors at Standing Rock who are showing us the Way. If you’d like a copy of our ETV Guided Meditation to support your practice, please contact us here.
~ On the Solstice, Wed December 21st we will gather at Open Way Sangha in Chupadero at 5:30 pm to celebrate the Return of the Light in ceremony. We will honor the darkness with great respect and open to the great turning that brings the growing light back in to our lives. Please bring your own candle and your full-hearted intention to carry your light forward into the world for the benefit of all.
~ In January we will begin anew with a monthly full moon ETV global conference call in collaboration with David Nicol and the Gaiafield Project. Stay tuned for exact details in January.
~ We look forward to working with more of you in the coming year who wish to Steward an ETV somewhere in the world. Working with the ETVs is a powerful way to connect with what we care about the most and plant a prayerful seed in the Earth that will contribute to the healing, protection and renewal we need. Contact us here if this practice calls to you.
Photo of Lama Ngawang Tsultrim Zangpo by Mark Sewards from upcoming ETV film
Lama Tsultrim Visits New Mexico
Ngawang Tsultrim Zangpo is a Sherpa lama in the Nyingma tradition of Nepal, whose primary teacher was H.E. Kushok Mangdon (Charok Rinpoche). In 1990, Lama Tsultrim introduced Cynthia to Charok Rinpoche and personally oversaw the production of the Earth Treasure Vases we have been working with ever since. In October, Lama Tsultrim visited Open Way Sangha and we were deeply grateful to be with this beloved teacher once again. We shared stories, received teachings and, in a special ceremony, re-consecrated the 2nd generation of ETVs to be stewarded to new locations in the ever-growing mandala for the Earth’s healing and protection.
Earth Treasure Vases at Consecration Ceremony  Photo by Jilann Spitzmiller
Our friend, Celeste Yacoboni, author of How Do You Pray? was with us and wrote this article for the Huffington Post: Earth Treasure Vases: A Healing Mandala For The Planet . Enjoy!
We are excited to be in the very beginning stages of a long-imagined film about the Earth Treasure Vase journey. Footage gathered from cultures and communities around the world is now being brought together by a wonderful team so our story of global healing can be told. Recent filming with Lama Tsultrim and other members of the ETV community was so beautiful. We are looking forward to transmitting the blessings of these stories to the wider world as soon as we can!
Lama Tsultrim and Cynthia with ETV film director, Alessandra Dobrin Khalsa
and Mark Sewards, cameraman. Photo: Jilann Spitzmiller
From Leslie Meehan:
Planting the Santa Cruz Mountains/Silicon Valley ETV
Leslie Meehan with the Santa Cruz Mountain ETV and friends
The Santa Cruz Mountains / Silicon Valley Earth Treasure Vase was planted in the Earth on October’s full moon during a powerful rainstorm. California is suffering from a drought, yet an unseasonal rain began to fall as we gathered for the closing circle. Just as we broke ground at the planting site, the heavens opened up in such a torrential downpour that it was hard to see our hands in front of our faces. We are so grateful for the bounty and blessings of Mother Earth’s water at this auspicious time.
The offerings to the vase were a beautiful symphony of love for our community, the region, and the whole Earth. The Santa Cruz Mountains sit between Silicon Valley next to San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean near Santa Cruz, California. The mountains are home to majestic coastal redwood forests, beautiful rivers, wild species like mountain lions, and small villages.
The vase received many local offerings including water from the ocean and the bay, seeds and leaves from different trees and plants, hair and feathers from beloved pets and creatures, and even an image representing technology with a big heart.
The vase was nestled in a box made of locally milled fallen redwood trees and surrounded by sacred objects from a variety of religions and places around the world representing every continent except Antarctica.
Based on years of "subtle activist" meditaion practice, the Santa Cruz Mountains appear to be a significant Earth energy center, anchoring the subtle heart of Silicon Valley and the whole south San Francisco Bay.  May the love beacon of this vase bring love, joy, and healing to the region and the entire Earth community.
Ripples Out From The Findhorn ETV   by Sharon Shay Sloan
Just over a year ago, the Findhorn ETV was buried in the Original Garden at Findhorn, in Northern Scotland. The day after the burial, when I returned to visit the vase, I could not find a visible trace. It was hidden, like a treasure, in the ground, a treasure made of prayer—prayers for Findhorn and new ways of living lightly and coherently with the Earth, prayers for new stories so needed in these times, and prayers for healing the legacy of the persecution of the healers, aka witches, in those lands and around the world.
When we completed the Findhorn ETV, a few hundred dollars remained from the few thousand raised to support that journey. With the one year anniversary, these funds are starting to flow—small seeds rippling out in multiple directions from a common prayer for wholeness, movement toward vision, and the continued healing of the legacies of power-over which fueled the persecution of the healer-witches, colonization of Indigenous Peoples and, today, the militant response at Standing Rock. These seeds are sown with gratitude for the many gifts given, to me, to us, and to support the Findhorn ETV. To those who helped make this possible, thank you. Your giving continues to give today. 
Daily 3-Minute Solidarity Prayer with Standing Rock  
Each day at High Noon (in your respective time zone), for three minutes, a network of activists engages in silent prayer and meditation—visualizing a stand of wild horses in a circle, standing still and adding spiritual strength and solidarity for peaceful, prayerful protection of the people, place and waters, that no unnecessary harm may befall any present on the ground. May the spiritual strength of the people grow stronger. Please join us in this practice of subtle activism!
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Photo by Jilann Spitzmiller 
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