AmiKit 7 has been released on self-bootable Flash Disk!
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The Little Big Thing

Self-Bootable Flash Disk. Limited Edition.

The 7th major update of AmiKit has been released on a compact and sleek solid metal design flash disk. It easily attaches to your keys and provides a capacity of 8GB, with AmiKit pre-installed! It self-boots into special environment, called AmiPUP, which is a very small lightweight “live boot” Linux system. It works with almost any x86 computer (not including Macs) that can boot from CD or USB.

Buy AmiKit 7 on Flash Disk
The Flash Disk also contains new AmiKit 7 for ANDROID as well as for Windows, Mac, Linux and real Amiga. Enjoy!
AmiPUP and AmiKit in action!

Free downloads will be available later at Stay tuned!
© 2005-2014 AmiKit project is designed and maintained by Jan Zahurancik
Visual design, icons and other graphics by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.

Windows and Mac version by Jan Zahurancik
Linux port by Tom Newsom
AmiPUP port by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.
Android port by Lubomyr Lisen
Real Amiga port by Retrofan