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July 2019

Children of Promise
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Welcome, Dr. Michael and Heather Webb

by Dr. Paul L. Maxfield
Children of Promise welcomes Dr. Michael and Heather Webb, the new Executive Directors, to the Children of Promise office on August 1.  They will be transitioning with me and the staff as they begin the process of learning all that Children of Promise does and is for so many children around the world.

We are excited to embrace this new chapter, and the staff has been preparing and planning for this period of two months of transition, learning, and working together.

In addition to the extensive and intensive orientation and education in the US office in Anderson, Indiana, the Webbs will also travel with me to selected sites in Asia and South America to meet program directors, visit sponsorship programs, and experience interviewing the children and checking on programs.

The first trip with be Mike and me traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, on August 15.  Children of Promise has invited the Asian directors to a gathering to meet and plan with Mike.  We will be working on transition issues as well as issues specific to some of the individual programs.  The meetings will take place August 17, 18, 19, and 20 at the Bangkok Christian Guest House.  A full agenda is planned, and we are looking forward to this rich time of being together and getting to know one another and our ministries.

Mike, Heather, and I will leave August 25 for Peru, Paraguay, and Argentina.  On this trip, we will visit all three sponsorship programs, meet the directors, interview children, and learn how each program operates.  It will be an opportunity for Mike and Heather to see three programs up close, interact with volunteers and children, visit homes, and hear how the program is impacting communities in these countries.  We are grateful to Telvi Espinoza (Peru), Sandra Greve (Paraguay), and Monica Gallinger Fischer for their hospitality and assistance in these visits.

Special video call meetings have been scheduled with each of the other COP program directors who will not have the opportunity to meet the Webbs personally before September 30.  

The transition of leadership is a vitally important period in the life of Children of Promise.  There are additional costs in doing the transition well, and special gifts to COP from churches and individuals would be greatly appreciated.  .  Help us make this transition as smooth as possible.  You can give here: (Mark "Making It All Happen" and write "Transition" in the comment section) or by sending a check marked "Transition" to Children of Promise, PO Box 2316, Anderson, IN 46018.  You can also call our office at 765-648-2190 and donate over the phone.
Director's Perspective

Dr. Paul Maxfield
Executive Director


Thousands of Blessings
As I have sat with volunteers around campfires, in mud churches, on grassy fields, under palm frond lean-to's, in urban tenement churches, in island-breeze meeting rooms, hot and humid Asian gatherings, and cold, damp rooms in the Himalayas, I have marveled at the experiences I have been given as Executive Director of Children of Promise.  When my wife, Brenda, and I came to Children of Promise in 2003 as Co-Coordinators, we knew this would be an amazing experience.  But it has been more than amazing.  It has been incredible and challenging and miraculous and inspiring.

I have often asked myself when sitting in those faraway places, 'How did I come to be at this place with these people at this moment in time?"  "How did I come to have this incredible blessing of working with these precious folks?"

And when I have interviewed thousands of children, I've asked myself, "How did I come to have the privilege of participating in all these lives?"

I don't know, except that God called.  And we came.  And God blessed.  I am so proud of the thousands who were little kids just hoping to eat and go to school, and today they are teachers, pastors, doctors, nurses, accountants, tailors, business owners, lawyers, architects, Sunday school teachers, university professors, artists . . . and the list goes on. 

There are so many people I am grateful to who have supported COP during these years.  Sponsors and Donors - You are the essence of Children of Promise - we in the office just connect you to the recipients of your love and compassion.  Your commitment to your children makes all the difference in their lives.

The staff of COP has been incredible.  They have worked and sacrificed because they love the children, and they have jumped on board every time we've faced a challenge or expanded our vision.  I cannot say enough good about each of them.  They are amazing people, and I love them deeply.  Thank you.

The program directors and their volunteers overseas are heroes.  They live and work in difficult conditions, yet they place the welfare and care of the sponsored children at the top of their priorities.  They do the hard, daily work of taking kids to the doctor, making sure they are in school, buying and distributing food each month, praying for and mentoring the kids, keeping financial records, and standing by supporting and loving when families face hardship and tragedy.  Children of Promise ministry would not exist without you.  Thank you for the love, sweat, tears, and determination you have given to see that children have bright futures!  I love you all.

The Board of Directors has been an extraordinary group of people.  They have led the ministry well and supported in every way possible.  Thank you to the original "five" who made up the Board in 2002 - for taking that huge leap of faith and inviting two unknown but enthusiastic missionaries from Costa Rica to lead Children of Promise.  

My wife, Brenda, has sacrificed and given more to Children of Promise than anyone will ever know.  She co-led the ministry with me during the first 3-4 years. During that time, she initiated many things that laid the groundwork for the growth and expansion of the ministry over the years.  And, she has supported me, in my role, and in so doing, has sacrificed many months of time while I was traveling the globe  Many were the weeks she spent alone without my support so that I could be out checking on children and programs.  I figured up the travel I've done since she left COP in early 2007, and it comes to a total of at least 434 days (could be more), which is 1.2 years of time.  I am in awe that she was willing to sacrifice a year of our life together for children in need.  Thank you, Brenda.  Thank you for supporting me and for supporting so many children through your unsung sacrifice.  You are my inspiration and love.

My prayer is that all of our sponsors, donors, and friends will wholeheartedly welcome the Webbs and join with them in taking Children of Promise to new heights, and children's lives to new levels of health, fulfillment, leadership, and Christian service.  Children of Promise WORKS - let's keep making it work for children who so desperately need it.

In closing, I want to share this video clip that was prepared for the Church of God Convention in Orlando this year.  It shares one of my favorite stories from my years at Children of Promise.

Dr. Paul Maxfield, retiring Executive Director,
shares one of his favorite letters from a child to her sponsor. 
You will chuckle!
  • COP at CWC:  Children of Promise will be at the Christian Women Connection Convention, October 10-13, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Stop by and visit our exhibit!
  • Please Pray:  For Mike and Heather Webb, new Executive Directors-Elect, as they transition from their leadership role in Africa with Global Strategy to their new posts at Children of Promise.  Pray also for the two transition trips to Asia and South America. Pray for the Webbs' daughter, Maddy, who is already adjusting to their new life in the States.
  • Directors Luncheon: We were excited to welcome directors or representatives from Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Myanmar, Lebanon, Jamaica, Russia, Honduras, and Bangladesh to our Directors' luncheon at Convention in Orlando.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship, memories, and getting to know MIke and Heather Webb.  Most memorable quote from the luncheon:  "The Webb's departure from Global Strategy is Africa's loss, but the world's gain."  (Rev. Mailes Ndao, COP Director, Zambia)  See photos below of the luncheon.
In the photos above, left to right: 
First row:  Rev. Tapan Borman, National Leader of the Church of God in Bangladesh shares, while Dale VanHoose, Chair of the Board of Directors looks on;  Heather and Dr. Mike Webb, new Executive Directors-Elect. 
Second row:  Rev. Donnie Allen, National Leader of the Church of God in Honduras.   Rev. Curtis Molapisi, National Leader of the Church of God, Botswana (our newest program). 
Third row:  Dr. Brenda Maxfield, former Co-Coordinator of Children of Promise.  Rev. Charles Nsengiyumva, National Leader and COP Director, Rwanda.
Check out our latest documentary above, just released in the last few weeks:  HOPE EMERGES.  The videography and production was done by Kyle and Jessica Hayes of the Good News Collective at
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Giving Promise
Kirk Bookout
Development Director

When I came to Children of Promise five years ago, I came because I thought it was a REALLY good organization for a great cause.  I underestimated it.  It is much better than I thought or knew! Children of Promise has built an excellent program, and now with the transition of leadership to Mike and Heather Webb, I believe that you will want it to continue growing, without taking any steps backward, without missing a beat or slowing down. I believe you want it to move forward in power. That’s why it is essential for the Webbs to work alongside Dr. Paul Maxfield to learn all they can.  It means our  expenses this year are higher.

Would you consider making Children of Promise your Thanksgiving or Christmas project this year? Ask you church, your class, or group.  It is not money wasted at all, but truly invested!

If you personally don't have a year-end cause in mind, would you consider Children of Promise? It’s a great ministry, and your gift will insure that we have the transition resources.

It’s the gift that will keep on producing!  Thank you.

Your love for children lives on through remembering Children of Promise in your will.
Contact Us. We are Happy to Help.
Dr. Paul Maxfield, Executive Director
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Dr. Michael Webb, Executive Director-Elect
Kirk Bookout, Development Director
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Vicky Creamer, Sponsorship Associate
Debbie Evans, Accounting Associate
Linda Mason, Assistant Director  
Carole Wheeler, Correspondence Associate 
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