November 2019

A Thrill of Hope

As Christmas approaches, we're entering a season where our eyes and hearts are tuned into the Hope of the Christ child's birth and what that means for us in our own lives. At Children of Promise, we see a thrill of hope all around us.

A thrill of hope in the lives of sponsors and their families as they come alongside a child in need and know that they are making a lasting impact.

A thrill of hope in the lives of children around the world who are able to go to school because their school fees have been paid. 

A thrill of hope in the lives of Children of Promise country directors who are able to meet the needs of the children in their community through sponsorship and extend the love of Jesus in tangible ways. 

We are surrounded by a thrill of hope

Throughout the month of December, be looking for specific stories from Children of Promise about how a thrill of hope is playing out around the world.

You'll be inspired.

You'll be encouraged.

You'll be drawn into the presence of Jesus. 

Hope = Eagerly Waiting 

The word, "hope" is really significant to our family. Mike and I struggled with infertility for many years and didn't know if we'd ever be able to conceive a child. One day, when I was feeling especially low, I came across this verse:

"But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it." Romans 8:25 (NASB)

Suddenly, the concept of hope took on a new depth of meaning for me. Hope was no longer a wishy-washy elusive dream. Having hope required perseverance, expectancy, and eagerness. We see this same biblical concept of hope all through Children of Promise, too. 

There are many children who are eagerly waiting with hope of being sponsored. Some sponsors find that a shorter term sponsorship commitment (3 years or less) is ideal for their personal situation. Others want to journey with a specific child throughout the child's growing up years. Whatever situation best fits you and your family, we'd be thrilled to match you with a child. 
Call our office (765.648.2190), email us at, or visit our website to sponsor a child and be a part of a thrill of hope for a child this Christmas. 
Oh, and by the way, about five years after Romans 8:25 jumped off the page and into my heart, our daughter was born. Her middle name is Hope. 

Christmas Gifts

Once again, you have been so generous to your sponsored children for Christmas. Thank you! We've received over $45,000 in special Christmas gift donations which means that we will be able to send a gift of $10 per child to each sponsored child around the world! 

Children in Malawi gathered in 2018 for a special Christmas meal and received new clothes. 
One of the beautiful things about Children of Promise is that each country director has flexibility in administrating the program in his or her own country in a way that’s culturally relevant. This means that each program will celebrate Christmas in a way that’s special to them. In some countries that means a group Christmas party. In others, a child might receive a new mattress or bath towels. In others, a child might receive a live chicken that the family can use for a special Christmas dinner. In other countries a child might receive an insulated thermos or some new clothes. 
Sponsored children in Ecuador were all smiles at their Christmas party. 
We've just sent Christmas funds to the directors around the world, and we're excited to hear how each director decides to use the funds to bless the children. Isn’t it beautiful that the Prince of Peace can be celebrated in so many ways?
We are grateful for your partnership with Children of Promise! Your sponsorship provides hope and helps children dream about the story that God is writing with their lives. Your sponsorship is developing leaders in the church today and for the church tomorrow. Thank you for making a difference! 

Mike & Heather Webb
Executive Directors
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