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October 2017

Children of Promise
PO Box 2316
Anderson IN 46018
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Children of Promise Focuses on
Human Trafficking 
Dr. Paul Maxfield, Executive Director
Did you know?
...That 136 people are sold or kidnapped and forced into slavery every HOUR?  
...That is 1.2 million every year. (And that's just the reported cases - Statistics from Compassion International.)
...That most of these are children and that most of them are sold repeatedly for sex?
...Trafficking in children is a global problem affecting large numbers of children. There is a demand for trafficked children as cheap labor or for sexual exploitation.

As we visit around the world, we are encountering this situation more and more. We meet families whose children have disappeared or been sold. Children and their families are often unaware of the dangers of trafficking. When a stranger comes into their communities and promises to take their child to a nearby city or country where there will be work, and that the child can send money home to the family, the parents believe them. And, for a couple hundred dollars, a child is sold, and never heard from again. Boys and girls.  

Children of Promise is partnering with Church of God Ministries over the next two years in an initiative known as Trafficklight 2.0. Children of Promise is focused on stopping the  scourge of trafficking before it happens to our children. We are focusing on the fact that sponsorship offers children a trajectory of HOPE that is a huge deterrent to falling prey to trafficking.

Please join us in working to keep vulnerable children safe through sponsorship.  Contact us for more information on how you can engage in this effort.
Change a Life - Sponsor A Child Today!
 Call or go online today to sponsor a child. #765.648.2190

The children featured this month are all from the Tea Gardens area of West Bengal, India, one of the areas most affected by child trafficking.

Jibon ORAON (INSTG-046) India
Male. Age 10. Grade 1. Two brothers. Both parents work in the tea gardens.  $40 per month family income.  Sponsor Now.
Anupa ASHUR (INSTG-059) India
Female. Age 11. Grade 2. Father is a pastor, mother is a homemaker.  Monthly family income is $30. No electricity or restroom facilities. Sponsor Now.
Ishak MUNDA (INSTG-088) India
Male. Age 6. Grade: Nursery. No siblings. Parents work as tea garden workers.  Family monthly income:  $40.   Sponsor Now.
Arun ORAON (INSTG-065) India
Male. Age 11. Grade 5.   Father is a daily laborer in the tea gardens. Mother is a homemaker. Monthly family income:  $40.  
Sponsor Now.
Nabiya MURMU (INSTG-087) India
Female. Age 7. Grade:  Nursery.  Father is a daily laborer in the tea gardens. Mother is a homemaker.  Monthly family income:  $40. Sponsor Now.
Director's Perspective

Dr. Paul Maxfield
Executive Director

As you have probably noticed, this entire edition of @cop is addressing the issue of trafficking and our involvement with Trafficklight 2.0.

There is a sense of urgency as we look toward offering children HOPE in light of all the influences they face in their young lives.  As we partner with Trafficklight 2.0 in the effort to keep children from being trafficked and focused on a trajectory of hope, we are intent on getting the word out. We have 850 applications of children who are waiting to be sponsored in our office.

We will be happy to share this message with your church.  Contact us at the numbers or email below to schedule a speaker.
Phone:  765-648-2111 or Text 765-610-2729.

Giving Promise
Kirk Bookout
Development Director
In October 2016 while in India, I had the pleasure of interviewing a young man named Bishu.  He is happy, strong, has a vibrant faith, and wants to be a teacher.  That's great news for a young boy who had been sold into slavery.  We have shared Bishu's story in the past, but want to bring you up-to-date.  He is doing well and growing into a fine young man.

Children of Promise exists to help children in need around the world in 29 countries. We meet immediate needs, and provide hope for the future. Without Children of Promise, the trajectory of many children's lives could easily result in human trafficking.  Our dream is that through the strength and influence of their church family and the Gospel, coupled with education and health, that they will never know that tragedy and  instead experience a new trajectory of what life can become.

Steve Rennick, now the State Pastor in Colorado, tells the story of Bishu. You can view it here:
In the Trafficklight 2.0 emphasis, we will be focusing on PROTECTION. Sponsorship provides protection through close relationships with local Christians in the congregations of the Church of God where we serve. Children are monitored, cared for, and watched over. Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is an integral component of protecting their freedom to survive, grow, and develop.
The second point of focus in Trafficklight 2.0 is PREVENTION. The HOPE that is nurtured through sponsorship sets children on a positive life path. When children have HOPE, they have options. Despair begins to fade.  Sponsors put children on a path to a healthy, productive, and Christ-like future. This is a major key to preventing trafficking. Even for those children who are not lured into trafficking, it is a process that gives all kids a path, a direction, and a future. Let's PREVENT trafficking from happening to our Church of God kids by surrounding them with care and guidance.
Be PROACTIVE. By taking action NOW, we can make a life-changing difference in the lives of children and their futures. Rather than waiting until children are caught in the snares of despair, poor decisions, and possibly trafficking, let's take action now and put them on a path of HOPE and direction. As local Church of God congregations implement our program, they have in their hands the framework, the guidelines, the accountability, and the resources to set children on that positive path. We can protect and prevent our own Church of God kids, as well as those in their communities, from falling prey to trafficking or poor decisions. We can stop this before it happens to them. Let's disciple them, nurture them, and direct them to lives of significance and impact.  Let's Be Proactive!
You can protect, prevent, and be proactive by PARTNERING with Children of Promise. You are helping children become positive witnesses to the power of Christ's love, of His Gospel, and His Hope. These children need someone to help them. By partnering with Children of Promise, you are helping us stop negative spirals before children are caught in their traps. And you are a significant factor in their success. Without their sponsors, they could never access all these benefits and blessings.
  • Desperate Need - Please pray:   For sponsors for the nearly 850 children waiting.  So many are praying and hoping for help.  
  • Children of Promise Sunday: To register your church's participation in a COP Sunday, click here. ( To download materials, click here. ( ) Suggested date: any date that works for your church!
  • Christmas Gifts:    Funds will be sent in the November remittance.  Please consider giving to the Christmas Fund so that all children can enjoy a Christmas gift.
  • Upcoming Trip:  Travel with Dr. Paul Maxfield, Executive Director, to Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, and Malawi in March 2018.  Meet and interview children, visit homes, work with local volunteers, and worship with nationals.
Please remember to notify us when your phone number or mailing or email address changes.  We want to keep your information current.
Your love for children lives on through remembering Children of Promise in your will.
Contact Us. We are Happy to Help.
Dr. Paul Maxfield, Executive Director
Kirk Bookout,    Development Director
Stacy Bowen, Promotions Assistant
Danielle Brossart,  Technology Associate
Vicky Creamer, Sponsorship Associate
Debbie Evans, Accounting Associate
Marcia Lund, Office Associate
Linda Mason, Assistant Director  
Courtney Rice, Office Associate
Shelly Short, Executive Assistant
Carole Wheeler, Correspondence Associate 
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