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February 2020

Travel the World With Us

Meet Sanjay and Sanjukta, COP directors for one of our programs in Asia. This vibrant couple works hand in hand with local pastors and parents to care for 128 children. Despite increasing limitations on the expansion of Christianity in their part of the world, there is a great light visible in the Church of God through Children of Promise.
Sanjay and Sanjukta work closely with Church of God pastors and laypeople to care for the needs of sponsored children in their area of the world. 
Meet Immanuel, a COP sponsored child. Immanuel’s mother is passionate about Jesus and has instilled in her son that same passion for telling the Truth. I sat with Immanuel and his mother recently and heard her tell of how her son witnessed to his teacher who follows a different faith. The nine year old boy shared with his teacher about the contrast between a host of gods who require gifts and appeasement, and the One True God who cares for us and loves us.
Immanuel loves Jesus and is eager to share about his relationship with Him. 
Meet Samarpita, Director of a girls' home that works closely with Children of Promise. Sam is relatively new to this leadership position, but she lovingly and passionately cares for 83 young girls who live at the hostel.
Samarpita's deep well of faith radiates out of her onto the girls who live at the hostel that she directs. Sam is living a life of faith in front of these girls that if they follow her example, they will be following the example of Christ. 
Through Sam and the staff, these girls receive a safe place to live, education, nutrition, medical attention, spiritual nurture, and the love of a community in support of their development into godly women. Just look at those smiles!
A few of the 83 girls who currently live at the hostel that Samarpita directs. The joy and freedom that has come from living in a safe place, with food to eat each day, and the opportunity to be educated, shines through their faces. 
Did you know that you can travel with us?

Someone from our US team visits each sponsored child at least once every three years. It is our commitment to do so for the purpose of ensuring effective ministry, global connectivity, accountability, and finding necessary growth areas for our programs and our organization. We learn so much through these trips that enable us to improve our processes and ultimately the care of the sponsored children in 30 countries. 
Marcus Archer, pastor at Crosspoint Church of God in Natchez, MS, recently accompanied Mike Webb on a trip to Asia. While there, he got visit with Shraboni, the little girl that he has sponsored for a couple of years. Marcus writes: 

"Just in case you wondered....THEY’RE REAL! Those COP kids you sponsor are real. I got to reunite with Shraboni for the 2nd time tonight. Since I last saw her in Nov. 2017.......
-Her mom died
-Her father is on the verge of death
-She lives in a different place with a different person than when I last visited

"And that’s only the beginning.

"When asked 'what do you want to do when you grow up?' (A question every child is asked), she responded, 'Work for the LORD.'
This little girl, whose two brothers were sold by her father, whose mother then mentally lost it and tried to kill her, was rescued and is now thriving thanks to Children of Promise. I saw her report card. She is in the top of her class, she’s a Christian, and check out that smile! THIS is why I come to Asia. God is doing great things in her life, thanks to a Divine appointment 26 months ago in a tea garden."
Shraboni holding a photo Marcus and Mallory Archer, her sponsors. 
We are working on publishing our upcoming trip opportunities with more visibility and accessibility so that you can join us! Traveling with COP is a great way to experience other cultures, meet your sponsored child, and witness firsthand the local ministry to our children through their local congregations. Every trip serves as a reminder of God’s movement through Children of Promise to give hope to children, their families, the directors, the communities and the sponsors. It is our prayer that even as the children in Children of Promise are growing in wholeness, each of the people in the process are also being made more whole through their participation.
Join us! You will be moved. You will be blessed. You will be changed.

See you at the ChoG Regional Conventions! 

We’re so excited to announce that COP will have a special opportunity as a pre-convention elective to reveal the results of our rebrand and view Hope Emerges, the COP documentary filmed and produced by Kyle and Jessica Hayes.

The Children of Promise pre-convention elective will be on
  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Inglewood, CA
  • Wednesday, June 24, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Anderson, IN
  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Brooklyn, NY
Make sure to check out to register for the convention in your area, and please make sure you also register for this COP special event!

A Journey to Wholeness 

The following children live at the girl's hostel in Asia that is directed by Samarpita. These girls are all in need of a sponsor. Would you like to be a part of their stories and journeys to wholeness? 

Because they live in a residential program, the cost of their care is borne entirely by the hostel. Sponsorship for these girls is $50 per month. 

Email us at or give us a call at 765.648.2190 to sponsor any of these precious daughters of the King. 
Age: 7
Age: 10
Age: 9
Age: 6
Age: 6
Age: 10
Age: 8
Age: 8
Age: 10
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