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Bunwell & Carleton Rode Coronavirus Support Newsletter

Issue 2, 18 May 2020


Tel. 0333 050 9604     (local call cost from landlines)

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter, with a refreshed 'feel'! There are five items in this edition.

1) A 'Thank You' To All Our Volunteers

We take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, particularly people who have helped leaflet and/or act as Area Co-Ordinators:
  • Sharon Ashdown
  • Paula Carter
  • Kate Clover
  • Mac Cobbold
  • Luciana Davila-Smith
  • Melanie Forrer-Pratt
  • Anna Goodley
  • Hannah Grainger
  • Rozie Harrison
  • Louise Hewitt
  • Sally Honour
  • Gemma Julie
  • Eve Moore
  • Suzanne O'Dell
  • Kelly Page
  • Anna Savage
  • Julie Wilson
We thank Tracey Scales-Douglas and Ali Collins for their absolutely vital work in collecting and delivering prescriptions from Attleborough Surgery/Dispensary and Wymondham Boots respectively. We thank Bunwell and Carleton Rode Parish Councils as well as Rev. John Madinda and Bunwell Parochial Church Council. We also thank Naomi Shulver and Barbara Howard of South Norfolk Council for their assistance.

Apologies for any omissions: the nature of how the support group was set up - both quickly and from the ground up - means that we have not kept detailed records of everybody who has helped. However, please let us know of anybody we have accidentally omitted and we will be sure to thank them in a future edition.

Finally a thank you to everybody who was engaged with our facebook group. The group has a real community feel with lots of good ideas and support being offered by the community on a range of things, large and small.

2) Calling All Scarecrow Builders

We hope some of you are thinking about joining in on the Scarecrow competition. Just remember it does not have to be anything special but the more we have the more fun the Scarecrow Hunt will be. Entry fees are entirely voluntary but any money can be donated via our JustGiving page with all proceeds going to the Norfolk & Norwich Hospitals Charity.

The Scarecrow can be built however you like, but how about building it around a theme such as ‘Scare Off Coronavirus’, ‘Thank You’ or a Rainbows themed Scarecrow?

When building your Scarecrow remember they can come in all shapes and sizes. You can build a traditional scarecrow or you can also opt for farm yard art made from materials around your house, a sculpture of papier-mâché or a hay bale scarecrow art installation.

Consider using a wide variety of materials such as:

Frame/Body  – wood cross frame, gardens stakes, bamboo poles, chicken wire, hay bales, old clothes,

Stuffing – straw, insulation, paper, old stockings, old clothing or cloths

Head and face - Plywood, polystyrene, pillow case, old stockings, papier-mâché, hessian. Print out a picture and laminate a well-known face

Hands and feet – gloves, socks, old stockings or tights, straw or soft-toy filling

Hair – wig, raffia, straw, wool, strips of fabric, old mop.
If you need any more inspiration check out this YouTube video:
Make a scarecrow
There are many other useful YouTube videos and there are these weblinks and many more!

3) Nature Crafts

Probably the third most common type of post in our facebook group - after posts about prescriptions and food for us or our pets - is ideas for how to keep children entertained during the lockdown. Last Friday I posted an idea for converting old food cans into bird feeders which came from Yellow Rose Nursery in Washington state, USA; via a friend of mine who is an NHS doctor and mum of two.
These ideas would definitely carry a Blue Peter 'Ask an adult for help' warning, please follow the suggestions in the photos comments such as using pliers to crimp any sharp edges.
A similar but far simpler nature craft idea comes from the Woodland Trust and was posted in the group by Shirley Abbott. This is for a Butterfly Feeder which requires only a paper plate (or plates), string, some over-ripe fruit and - of course - a pair of scissors!
Wishing you happy (and safe) crafting! :-)

4) 'A Taste of Italy' by Lorna Gledhill

For many years, my hubby, Phil, and I have been lucky enough to spend our summer holidays in the beautiful Italian resort of Sorrento. The place has a real buzz and vibrancy with lovely gardens, lemon groves, charming people and, most important, fantastic food and wine!

Due to the current situation it seems unlikely that we’ll get there this year, but that’s a small price to pay. However, I would like to share this recipe for the local speciality Chocolate and Almond Caprese Cake which was kindly given to me by the Pastry Chef at the Hotel Bellevue Syrene. Not only is it delicious, but it doesn’t require flour which seems to have disappeared from the supermarket shelves (Has now reappeared! Ed.) The Great British Bake Off has a lot to answer for!

Hope you enjoy making and eating it.

Take care of yourselves.

Best wishes,


Chocolate and Almond Caprese Cake


You'll need 2 lined shallow 8" cake tins.

Step 1 - mix these ingredients together.
  • 250g ground almonds
  • 250g icing sugar
  • 25g cocoa
Step 2 - mix these together in a food mixture.
  • 250g soft butter or margarine.
  • 6 egg yolks.
  • Few drops of almond essence (to taste).
Step 3
  • Melt 75g dark chocolate and cool slightly.
Step 4
Mix ingredients from step 1 and step 3 together.

Step 5
Whisk the egg whites until stiff then gently fold them into the other ingredients. Tip – it’s far easier to separate eggs cleanly if they are at room temperature.

Step 6
Bake for 20/25 minutes at 170°C or until the centre springs back when touched.

When completely cold, invert the cake onto a plate so that the bottom of the cake becomes the top. Then dust it with a good covering of sieved icing sugar.

The cake texture should be quite dense and moist. Eat at room temperature.

Buon appetito!

5) And Finally...

Where better to get the ingredients for the cake above than Bunwell Stores which has now reverted to its normal opening times of:
  • 7am until 8pm Monday to Saturday.
  • 8am until 5pm Sundays.
  • Post Office hours will remain at 7am until 12pm Monday to Saturday.
In World News: the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest was due to be held last Saturday, but was cancelled due to COVID. The BBC spent last week celebrating Eurovisions past and a highlight of this - in my opinion - was 'The Fizz' (formerly known as 'Bucks Fizz') performing 'Making Your Mind Up' accompanied by BBC Moscow Correspondent Steve Rosenberg on the piano!
Bucks Fizz perform 'Making Your Mind Up' accompanied on the piano by Steve Rosenberg of the BBC
I must confess to having not watched the replacement Eurovision programmes on Saturday. I think the contest rather lost its edge after the departure of the Late and Great Sir Terry Wogan. However, 'Waterloo' by Abba was voted the best Eurovision song of all time.
'Waterloo' by Abba, the best Eurovision song of all time
Until next time: stay safe!

Michael Crouch, Editor
Facebook Group
This email is from the Bunwell & Carleton Rode Coronavirus Support Group, a part of Bunwell Volunteers

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