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Newsletter 137 Australian Health Officials: No Evidence for Mandatory Vaccination

The Australian government has not provided evidence for mandating 16 vaccines in a social services policy. This is a discriminatory and coercive government policy that breaches many human rights covenants. It is the government's intention to extend this policy to all adults in the near future. Yet the government has not provided evidence for mandating multiple vaccines in government policies. Here is a summary of the lack of evidence provided for this policy:
  1. 'Vaccine-created herd immunity' did not control Hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenza B, mumps or rubella because these vaccines were introduced after 1990 when these diseases were already considered a low risk to Australians. And cervical cancer and influenza vaccines were introduced after 2006, and chicken pox, rotovirus, pneumococcal, and meningococcal after 2013. Why have these vaccines been mandated in 2016 when the diseases were a low risk to Australians before the vaccines were introduced?
  2. Government regulators describe vaccines as "unavoidably unsafe" due to genetic variation in the population. Hence many countries have vaccine-injury compensation schemes. But not Australia.
  3. The Australian government has not investigated the link between combining 16 vaccines in children and the 5-fold increase in chronic illness that has occurred in Australian children since 1990. This correlation is a fundamental  scientific study that has not been done to claim that vaccines are 'safe and effective'
  4. Australia's Health minister in 2012, Tanya Plibersek, promoted this public health policy with a petition designed by lobby group activists using the News Ltd media and the Mamamia lobby group blog.
  5. Tanya Pibersek falsely claimed in media articles that the link between vaccines and autism has been disproved when she promoted mandatory childhood vaccination in the News Ltd media. The government has cherry picked the data to make this claim and has not used objective information.
  6. Prof Alison Jones, executive dean of University of Wollongong's Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health also falsely claimed that the link between vaccines and autism has been debunked in a News Ltd article that misrepresented that marking of my PhD thesis (Kylar Loussikian, 11 May 2016). Alison Jones also made false claims about my PhD thesis on a lobby group blog - The Australian Skeptics Inc. She claimed I was an "anti-vaccination campaigner". This is untrue. I am campaigning for choice in vaccination. She also claimed that my thesis, "doesn't represent the views of a science evidence-based approach". She made this comment without providing any evidence for her claim and without reading the complete thesis. The statement is clearly untrue because the University is standing by this thesis.    
  7. Dr. Heather Yeatman, was responsible for writing a comment in support of immunisation on the UOW website (that was reported on the Australian Skeptics Inc lobby group blog and signed by 60 UOW academics) immediately after my thesis was published on the UOW website. Heather Yeatman's comment does not address any of the evidence in my thesis. She is a specialist in nutrition, not immunisation, and has a potential conflict of interest in her role as a UOW Professor of Public Health and President of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA). The PHAA supports that pro-vaccine lobby group strategies that are suppressing scientific debate on vaccines, e.g. The Australian Skeptics Inc, the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN) and Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), that have run a 'relentless and abusive campaign against my research' since I started debating this topic in 2009.  
These actions by the government and university academics in providing misinformation about the evidence for vaccine safety and efficacy is endangering public health. The government has not provided the evidence for the need for mandatory vaccinations, and government ministers and health authorities have refused to attend a public forum in October 2015 to provide evidence for such an extreme measure in 2016 - before the 'No Jab No Pay' policy was introduced. This includes Peter McIntyre (NCIRS), Julie Leask (NCIRS), Robert Booy (NCIRS), Terry Nolan (ATAGI), Sussan Ley (Minister for Health) and Christian Porter (Minister for Social Services). 

If such an extreme public health measure is needed in 2016 for community health why is the government unable to provide evidence to support this policy at a public forum and why are health authorities falsely claiming that the link between vaccines and autism has been discredited? 

Dr. Judy Wilyman
The Science and Politics of Vaccination 
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