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Newsletter 101: HPV Vaccines may be causing early Menopause

The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is committed to the health of children and they have recently become aware that one of the vaccines being recommended to all adolescent girls and boys globally is possibly causing premature ovarian failure or early menopause in teenage girls. HPV vaccines have not been tested on the human reproductive system before or after they were marketed to women and an accurate number of adverse events to vaccines is unknown because government regulators, e.g. the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), do not monitor the health effects of all vaccinated people and therefore do not know the types or frequencies of adverse reactions occurring in the population.  

That is why doctors and politicians are able to claim that 'serious vaccine adverse events are rare' and that many of these reactions are just a 'coincidence' because they have not funded the studies or a post-vaccination surveillance system that will provide causally related information on adverse events. If you don't collect the evidence then you can't prove the vaccine is the cause. 

Governments are not making claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines on evidence, they are making their claims on a lack of evidence. This is because the studies to prove or disprove the links are not being funded because industry sponsors most of the clinical trials and the TGA and the FDA are 100% funded by industry (chapter 6 of my thesis). The answer that it is a 'coincidence' after vaccination says "we do not know if it is linked because we have never funded the studies that would prove a causal relationship." A lack of evidence is being used by governments to make claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and this is explained in my thesis in chapter 8.

Please also be advised that many vaccines are being made in China now and here is a recent article describing the criminal behaviour in China that is leading to the production of poor quality and dangerous vaccines. The article is titled 'Fear and Anger as China hunts for Dangerous vaccines' (Philip Wen, SMH, 23 March 2016). 

In 2013 I had an article published in the journal Infectious Agents and Cancer that provided evidence that HPV vaccines have not been demonstrated to be effective, safe or necessary in the prevention of cervical cancer and the Australian media would not provide this published information to the public. The Australian media also did not inform the public that many countries are debating the safety and necessity for this vaccine. The Australian media is only interested in presenting this debate as a pro- and anti- vaccination debate and implying that all vaccines that are recommended by the government are 'safe, effective and necessary' and this is not the case. 

Dr. Judy Wilyman PhD 
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