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Newsletter 123 The University stands by Anti-Vaccination PhD Thesis

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is standing by my PhD thesis that was published on the UOW website in January 2016. Whilst the Australian media has reported this fact they have also provided false and misleading information about this research that is being provided by professional lobby groups that are promoting industry interests in government policies. After researching the medical literature it is clear that the government's recommended childhood schedule of vaccines has not been proven to be safe, effective or necessary. Whilst the medical literature provides this information governments globally are implementing mandatory vaccination policies as a result of political strategies and powerful lobby groups with access to the mainstream media.The concerned public who have researched vaccines for themselves are choosing not to vaccinate their children (or to selectively vaccinate) and this is why it is necessary to maintain choice in the use of this medical intervention.

Here are the main points that are presented in my PhD thesis of the science and politics of government vaccination policies. Prior to doing my research I had vaccinated 2 of my 3 children:
  • Vaccines were not the most important factor in the decline of infectious diseases.
  • There is no independent or empirical evidence proving the safety or efficacy of many vaccines or the government's combined schedule of childhood vaccines.
  • The Australian government does not design Australia's immunisation program in response to the Australian situation. 
  • Government immunisation programs are designed by public-private partnerships in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) that includes influence from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  
  • In Australia vaccines are promoted to the public in the corporate model of health. This involves public-private partnerships whereby the government provides the funding and corporations have autonomy to promote vaccines through the media.
  • Many government representatives on vaccine advisory boards have potential conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies. This includes Terry Nolan who was the chair of ATAGI, Australia's vaccine advisory board from 2005-Dec 2014. He was also the deputy chair of the NHMRC, the medical board that allocates the funding for vaccine research. Some areas of research can be de-funded if the results are likely to be contrary to the interests of industry. This could include independent vaccine research.
  • Peter McIntyre and Robert Booy, the co-directors of the NCIRS (Australia's immunisation research and surveillance advisory board) from 2004 - 2016, declined to attend a public forum held at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in 2015 to discuss the introduction of the mandatory vaccination policies in Australia's social welfare policies. Here is the presentation I gave at this public forum titled 'Questions and Answers: No Jab No Pay/Play' that explains why they may not have attended. No reason was provided by these government officials or the other ministers and doctors who declined to attend. 
  • There is no legislation or regulation under any health act in Australia to support mandatory vaccination because the medical literature does not support this legislation. There is also no increased risk from infectious diseases in 2016 and the government has not justified the need for this extreme measure or the reason why it is limiting our human rights with this discriminatory legislation.
Judy Wilyman PhD
The Science and Politics of Australia's Vaccination Policies. 
The Gardasil Vaccine Medical Scandal
Please read this article by Dr. Gary G. Kohls 'The Gardasil Vaccine Medical Scandal' before you allow your daughters/sons to have this vaccine.

The Ingredients of HPV Vaccines
The government has not provided a reason why these ingredients are in HPV vaccines:

Sodium borate (causes infertility)
Polysorbate 80 (causes infertility)
225 micrograms amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (3x the aluminium found in other vaccines)
Yeast protein
Amino acids
Mineral salts

Contains 4 recombinant (genetically engineered) virus-like particles (VLP’s):
HPV types:
16 - 40 micrograms
18 - 20 micrograms
11 - 40 micrograms (non-cancer causing strain)
 6 - 20 micrograms  (non-cancer causing strain)
There are 15 high-risk cancer-causing strains of HPV but only 2 are covered in the Gardasil vaccine that was used in Australia from 2007-2015
Professional Lobby Groups promoting Industry Interests in Policy
Who are the Australian Skeptics Inc lobby group, SAVN and the Friends of Science in Medicine Lobby Group? These groups are downplaying and ignoring the risks of vaccines and this is not in the public interest. Here is an article that explains how powerful lobby groups are controlling the vaccination debate in Australia with abuse and ridicule, and here are some examples of how they have targeted my university research to present misinformation to the public.
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