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Newsletter 144: Australian Father sues after Vaccine Reaction left him Permanently Disabled

8 February 2017

If vaccines could be administered without side-effects then it would be acceptable to suggest that we could have as many as we like in order to prevent infectious diseases. But they cannot. They have been described by governments as "unavoidably unsafe" because like all drugs they have side-effects, many of which are serious and lead to permanent disability and disorders - and vary according to your genetic make-up.
In 2012 Ben Hammond was left physically, emotionally and financially crippled after receiving a whooping cough vaccine that a nurse informed him was mandatory in order to visit his premature son. This situation occurred at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Western Australia. The vaccine left him with an autoimmune disease causing irreversible spinal damage. Mr. Hammond was left without any feeling from the waist down and he now has memory loss and walking difficulties and was forced to give up his $280,000 job as a mine supervisor. This situation is also happening globally to many adolescent girls and boys who are receiving the HPV vaccine, (Gardasil and Cervarix) - a vaccine that has not been proven to be necessary, safe or effective. Now the Australian government is running free vaccine programs in schools (without medical assessments for students) for the new meningococcal vaccine - a disease which is not a risk to the majority of the Australian population. 

The Australian government is falsely claiming that serious adverse reactions to vaccines are 'one-in-a-million' or  'a rare event'. This is untrue and the Australian government cannot make this claim because the TGA, the Australian regulator of drug/vaccine safety, admits that it does not collect the data that would provide this information, that is, the health outcomes of all vaccinated individuals. This is the only data that would enable public health authorities to determine the frequency and types of causally related adverse events linked to vaccines - both short-term and long-term health outcomes. Instead, government regulators such as the TGA and the FDA, are relying on voluntary reporting of adverse events. That is, only those reactions that occur immediately after the vaccine is given even though it is known that many reactions occur weeks, months or years after the vaccination. This is a passive, not an active surveillance system, and this system cannot inform the authorities of the frequency of causally related reactions to vaccines in a genetically diverse population  (Ref: AG TGA 2013; US CDC VAERS 2013). This combined with the knowledge that governments have never compared large studies of vaccinated versus unvaccinated humans (or animals) with the combined schedule of vaccines makes this an experiment on the population.

The Hammonds have 5 children and Mr. Hammond is no longer able to financially support his family. After failing to obtain an ex gratia payment from the Government, the Hammonds are making a claim of negligence against the WA health minister. This is because, unlike many countries, Australia does not have a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). In the US, the VICP has paid out over $3 billion in compensation to vaccine injured children and adults since 1986. Further, in Australia, the Victorian Health Minister, Jillian Hennessey, has falsely claimed that there are "No risks to vaccinating your children". This is blatantly false and misinforms parents about the risks of using multiple vaccines in developing infants and children. In 2010, Saba Button was 11 months old and she suffered brain and organ damage after a doctor recommended that she get the Fluvax vaccine. The family eventually got compensation when a settlement was reached between the vaccine's manufacturer, CSL, and the State Government.  
Politicians and authorities who promote misinformation about the risks of vaccines can harm human health. In Australia, individuals who abuse their duty of care to the general public through misinformation, negligence or malfeasance of office, can be prosecuted for crimes of genocide and causing conditions of life intended to destroy (Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) S268).

Dr. Judy Wilyman
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