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Newsletter 79 No Jab, No Pay, No Way! Freedom of Choice Rallies 20 September 

The Australian government has introduced a bill into parliament that will remove the right for some Australian parents to decide what vaccines are injected into their children's bodies. This policy is discriminatory and will affect children up to 19 years of age. There will be no choice for parents to choose how many vaccines are used if they require childcare assistance or some social welfare benefits. This contravenes the medical code of conduct that requires 'informed consent without coercion' for all members of the Australian population. The Australian media is not presenting this debate. 

The right to philosophical and religious exemption (if not formally registered) will be removed by this bill. This is not about anti-vaccination, it is about the right to choose all medical interventions and the right to know what is being injected into our bodies with each vaccine. 

There will be no option to selectively vaccinate your children and new vaccines are continually added to the national schedule. There are many more vaccines  than were required in 1990. This policy will also be applied to employees and health students in many workplaces - even though the government claims vaccination in Australia
is not compulsory.

The government has not proved that vaccines are not the cause of the significant increase in chronic illness that is occurring in the Australian population, particularly in children. This includes autism. The government is using selective evidence to make claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. This 6 minute video summarises the risks of vaccines and the myths that government's globally are promoting about vaccines.

Please attend the rallies in your capital city on 20 September 2015. Here are the details for the Freedom of Choice Rallies. The government does not provide the ingredients of vaccines on the Immunise Australia Program website or the serious adverse events to vaccines that are listed on the package inserts. 

Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate  

Selective Evidence is used for Government claims of Safety and Efficacy

Here is an article in the Australian National Review that illustrates how selective studies are being used to make claims about vaccines. This is supported by an investigative journalist and by my own research.
Petition to Prevent an Adult Vaccination Register
Please sign this petition to prevent an adult vaccination register from being established in Australia and support the rallies in your nearest capital city on 20 September to demonstrate your support for freedom of choice in all medical interventions.

Vaccine Ingredients for Infants Include:

Aluminium hydroxide
Aluminium hydroxide/phosphate
Aluminium phosphate
Borax ('sodium borate' - causes infertility and is found in HPV vaccines, hep A and flu vaccines)
Egg protein
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Thimerosal (50% mercury compound) (flu vaccine multidose vials and infanrix-hexa and hep B 2013)
Antibiotics: Neomycin, Polymyxin, Gentamicin, Kanamycin  
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