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Newsletter 132 False Balance in the Promotion of Vaccines to the Australian Community

Open Letter 
Producer ABC Illawarra 
Jennifer Courtney

Dear Jennifer,

Re: The ABC publication of the personal opinions of John Dwyer and John Cunningham, medical practitioners and lobby group activists for the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN), Australian Skeptics Inc, Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), is resulting in biased reporting of the benefits of vaccines and suppression of the overwhelming medical literature showing the risks of vaccines.
On 24 June 2016 you allowed a medical practitioner and lobbyist, John Dwyer, to present his personal opinion of the awarding of PhD's at UOW to be presented in the ABC media. In this article he associated his criticism’s with my PhD thesis and these comments were published without first confirming with UOW, prior to publication, whether his criticisms were correct. His unsubstantiated comments were not correct and they were not supported by the University of Wollongong (Judy Raper, UOW Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research).

The criticisms of my PhD by John Dwyer and other lobby group activists, have focused on disparaging the quality of the research, without providing any evidence to support the claims. In addition, there has been no discussion of the researched arguments in my thesis or interviews with me to present these arguments. The Australian media, including News Ltd and Fairfax media, have provided false and misleading information on the vaccination debate based on the opinion (and NOT scientific evidence) of lobby group activists. This has prevented a public debate on an important health topic: financial incentives to encourage the use of the full schedule of vaccines (a medical intervention) in a government policy; a policy that is targeting healthy people, not sick people. 

Why is the ABC, and other Australian media, presenting the false and misleading opinions of lobby group activists (SAVN, Australian Skeptics Inc, Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM)), instead of allowing debate of the researched arguments presented in a university PhD thesis? Or presenting the medical evidence demonstrating the detrimental health effects of vaccines?  

Other examples of this suppression of the debate include the articles written by John Cunningham, a medical practitioner and lobby group activist, who misused the University of Wollongong's investigation processes in July 2014 to provide false and misleading information to the public about my 2006 research project on the whooping cough vaccines (Judy Raper, UOW Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research). He also wrote unsolicited emails to the public and media in Feb/March 2014 that contained incorrect and disparaging information about my research, obviously intended to discredit, and he copied the email addresses of UOW academics into these letters even though he had no connection to the university at the time. On 20 January 2016 (a week after my thesis was published), John Cunningham wrote an article in the Australian Newspaper titled "Wollongong should never have accepted Judy Wilyman's thesis" . In this article he provides his opinion of the quality of my thesis without any supportive evidence for his statements and without addressing any of the researched arguments in my PhD thesis. 

Cunningham mentions in this article the issue of lobby groups providing financial awards to families that promote vaccines to the public. In 2010 the Australian Skeptics Inc lobby group provided a financial award of $1,000 to a family for promoting the whooping cough vaccine to the public. In 2015/16 another family is now promoting the whooping cough vaccine to the public. These cases, like deaths and disability caused by vaccine adverse events, represent anecdotal evidence - the story of one persons experience - and prior to 2000, doctors rejected the evidence of parents as being 'emotional' and not representative of the risk of the disease to the community. In 2012 I questioned whether it was ethical for the government to be allowing vaccines to be promoted to the public on anecdotal evidence when there are thousands of families whose children have been harmed from vaccines, and these families are not allowed to use their stories to prevent the use of vaccines in the community, or even to inform the public about significant risks associated with vaccines for many children.

The lobby groups – Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN), Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) and the Australian Skeptics - have a loud voice in the media and they have misreported my researched arguments and comments to the public. The Australian media is routinely presenting the myth that vaccine adverse events are "rare" and that all vaccines are "safe and effective". These opinions, are not evidence-based, and activists are being permitted, and even encouraged, by inducements of otherwise, to provide unbalanced and biased information to the public. This represents dangerous public health misinformation. The frequency of adverse events in the population is under-reported (and largely hidden), and the medical literature linking vaccines to the escalating chronic illness in highly vaccinated populations, is being ignored, hidden or suppressed. This represents a false balance in the promotion and reporting of the benefits of vaccines to the public. 

Directive to UOW Academics, Government Ministers and Lobbyists:

To date, Alison Jones, toxicologist and executive dean of the UOW Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, and Heather Yeatman, nutritionist and president of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) (an organisation that supports the lobbying activities of SAVN that are suppressing scientific debate on vaccination), have not provided any evidence for their statement supporting the government's immunisation policies on the University of Wollongong website. This can be considered an abuse of their duty of care to the general public, negligence and malfeasance of office and such parties can be prosecuted for crimes of genocide and causing conditions of life intended to destroy (Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) S268).

In particular they have not refuted the evidence that I have produced that contradicts their claims on immunisation on the UOW website. Here is the evidence that I have provided to UOW academics that refutes the claims made by Heather Yeatman about immunisation policy. Until UOW academics, the Australian government and the SAVN, FSM and Australian Skeptics Inc lobby groups, produce evidence to support the claims made by Heather Yeatman, then the Australian governments No Jab No Pay policy is invalid and the concerned Australian public does not consent to this policy. Further, the public health officials and academics promoting this policy, without evidence, will be held liable for any death, harm, destruction of life or communities that is caused by this policy.
Here is a short video clip from the US International Conference on Vaccinations held in Reston, Virginia in October 2009 that presents many medical doctors stating that many vaccines are not proven to be safe or effective, and that vaccine adverse events are not ‘rare’. I attended this conference in 2009 and presented my poster that demonstrates that the link between vaccines and the significant increase in childhood chronic illness in children since 1990 has not been investigated. My poster was also presented to health professionals at the Australian National Health Promotion Conference in Perth, May 2009.

The concerned Australian public does not accept the government's mandatory social welfare policies and we are requesting that this information is reported to the public and debated in a transparent manner. I look forward to your prompt reply to this letter in the interests of community health.

Judy Wilyman PhD
The Science and Politics of Australia's Vaccination Policies          
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